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Chu Yang and Tie Bu Tian walked out of the vault side by side and realised that the sky had already turned dark.

In front of the palace was Wu Qian Qian, who was holding two horses waiting. As soon as she saw Chu Yang emerge, she was filled with joy. She hastily said, "Minister Chu, please make some time to come back to Bu Tian Pavilion. Something has happened!"

"Bu Tian Pavilion is in trouble? What happened?" Chu Yang frowned.

"A group of powerful people clothed in black requested for us to hand over the person we captured the other day." Wu Qian Qian said worriedly, "even though we spent a long time explaining things, they refused to believe anything we said… We are currently on the verge of a physical confrontation… If you were still out and we were unable to find you, it is likely that this encounter might not end very well."

Chu Yang was filled with surprise. He immediately jumped on the horse and said to the prince, "your Majesty, this is an urgent matter that I will have to attend to; I shall take my leave." He then added, "please let the guards escort you back to your manor. Do not come to Bu Tian Pavilion. I am afraid it might be dangerous."

He then immediately took the mask and cloak from Wu Qian Qian. With a quick leap into the air, he put on everything with great speed and accuracy as he landed on the horse's back. At the exact same moment which he landed, he whipped the horse, instructing it to move.

Wu Qian Qian followed close behind. Both of them disappeared quickly into the night and from Tie Bu Tian's sight.

Tie Bu Tian's eyes widened as he yelled, "Back to the manor immediately; I have something important to do." At that moment, Tie Bu Tian decided that, no matter what, he had to let the two shadows go to Bu Tian Pavilion to see what was going on.

The Bu Tian Pavilion was in chaos!

In the great hall, there were fourteen seats, all of which had been taken up by the people in black. Chu Yang's main seat had also been taken by an arrogant veiled man with heinous eyes… The people did not care whether that this organisation was established by the prince…

There was a cup of hot tea placed in front of each of them. Wu Qian Qian had done her best in order to appease these men before she went off to look for Chu Yang.

Next to the great hall was a small courtyard which belonged to the Fierce Blood Hall. There were many intermittent moaning from the injured people who had tried to stop the people in black earlier…

These people in black were Chu Yang's most hated enemies. They were the culprits responsible for Mo Qing Wu's injury…

The people of Hei Mo clan.

They had finally arrived at his door!

That very same day, Chu Yang had given orders for Mo Cheng Yu to be brought to the Bu Tian Pavilion in front of many people. It would have been strange if these people remained unaware of it.

The sound of hooves was heard from the outside.

The eyes of the people in black brightened: Has the legendary King of Hell Chu decided to finally show himself?

The sound of hooves stopped at the gate… the sound of rapid footsteps could be heard as they echoed through the hallway. Finally, a person adorned with a black cloak and a ferocious mask quickly and calmly walked into the hall…

Two eyes shined under the night light with icy brightness, persistent and calm…

King of Hell Chu stood at the entrance of the great hall, slowly surveying the situation. Then he said gently, "You came to find me?"

King of Hell Chu's words was very warm and he had every intention to avoid a confrontation. His voice was calm with a touch of surprise as if he had no idea who these people were and what their motives were in coming here.

"You are King of Hell Chu? The minister of Bu Tian Pavilion?" The man in black sitting at the leader's seat asked, and laughed, "Such a big authority; you seem a little arrogant, too!"

Chu Yang's legs felt weak… However, this was not because he was afraid that because he had used too much of his energy to aid the Nine Tribulations Sword in its absorption of the medications inside of the vault. By the time the absorption process was completed, his internal energy was completely gone.

After that, he had to quickly return to Bu Tian Pavilion which had left him without any time to recover. However, given the current situation, this was perfect for Chu Yang's plan.

The timing was coincidental; Chu Yang also wanted to use these people to spread the rumor that he did not know any martial arts…

"Why would this lowly official dare to be arrogant in front of you highly esteemed seniors?" Despite Chu Yang wearing a mask, his voice made everyone cool and calm. The tone which he used was warm and inviting almost as though they were very good friends who had not met in many years.

He had intentionally called himself a lowly official to hint that he was an official of the royal courts and not a person from Jiang Hu! Moreover, this meant that since those people were talking to him, they should not use their Jiang Hu etiquette but rather treat him as an official instead.

"Huh?" The insight of a King level master was very great! The leader had his suspicions as he looked at Chu Yang and the current situation.

This minister is supposed to be the leader of the greatest spy organization in Iron Cloud Nation. How could he have at least a little bit of strength? Moreover, how is his spiritual energy so pathetic?

He is an ordinary person who does not know any martial arts!

When he was walking in, his legs were weak and his eyes were glazed. He had no muscles and his skin did not have the color a person who practices martial arts should have.

Could the rumors be wrong?

"All of you have travelled a great distance to get here and yet I still have not had the chance to know your names!" Chu Yang said as he cupped his hands together

"You don't need to know who we are!" The black outfits glared at him, "Today, we came to bother the minister so we could clarify a few things…"

"Haha, I know exactly why you are here!" Chu Yang casually walked into the great hall, surrounded by twelve Revered Martial Artists. Then he went to the side and quietly sat down.

"You know?" The leader looked at Chu Yang with a cruel gaze. Now that Chu Yang was sitting very close to him, he was extremely sure that Chu Yang was just an ordinary person.

"Two days ago, at the citadel's gate, this lowly official discovered two people that were severely injured. I felt sorry for them and brought them to Bu Tian Pavilion for treatment." Chu Yang's voice was full of sadness, but not the least bit of regret…

"Where are these two now?" The leader's eyes fixed firmly on Chu Yang; under the power of my gaze, forget about ordinary people, even a Revered Martial Artist's lie will be caught immediately!

"Haha, I am sure this senior already knows that our Iron Cloud Nation has always valued talent." Chu Yang sighed, "Many years of war has left the nation weakened and lacking in talent. Moreover, talents are becoming harder and harder to find. Much to the extent that it has become our nation's greatest concern. Since the prince has entrusted me with Bu Tian Pavilion, I have had many sleepless nights. This lowly official has been helpless in changing the situation…"

Chu Yang gently recounted.

There was a slight hint of impatience in the leader's eyes, yet he did not interrupt…

"That day, when I suddenly discovered a master in trouble right here in Iron Cloud…" Chu Yang smiled bitterly, "This lowly official immediately had the thought to welcome them…"

The moment he said these words, all fourteen people in black sneered. Welcome? Do you think he is an ordinary person? This was a person of the Mo clan; in addition to that, he is a King level master!

Even if he had suffered a serious injury, you people from the Lower Three Heavens people can't even get him to adopt you, let alone welcome him. But once Chu Yang said this, everyone knew what happened next…

So that was the reason why he chose to save those two! Right! If it was me in the position of Bu Tian Pavilion's minister, I would most likely have done the same…

Iron Cloud's current situation is dire.

"The truth is, I have taken far too much liberty…" Chu Yang sighed in failure.

"What happened to those two after that?" The leader asked as his eyes flashed behind the thin veil. He had not realised that his own voice had become much calmer than it was before.

He was just someone working diligently for his country and was unaware of the situation, how could he be blamed?

"That great man was fine; while he did have some major internal injuries, he recovered quickly after a short period of time. However, the young lady was not as well off. She was so young and terrified. Plus, she suffered a serious injury; we were almost unable to save her…"

Chu Yang said in a respectful tone, "Fortunately, the prince greatly valued talents, and brought those two to Senior Du Shi Qing…"

"However, her injury was too serious. Du Shi Qing was only able to temporarily keep her alive and wasn't able to completely heal it…"

The leader contemplated and nodded. He knew that with his single sword strike, even though it had been blocked slightly by Mo Cheng Yu, it wasn't something that a little nine-year-old girl was able to handle… This guy spoke the truth.

However, Chu Yang's words were only about ninety percent true. He had been truthful about everything other than his motivation. Naturally, this had made it easier for others to trust in his words…

"And after that?"

"Then that man… ahhh… he was really loyal and courageous. He was truly a good man." Chu Yang generously praised Mo Cheng Yu, "After realising the situation, he only took half a day to recover and immediately took the little girl to find another physician…"

"I tried to keep him here, but it was useless. I even offered him my minister position, but he remained unmoved." Chu Yang said in admiration, "His only condition was that we heal that little girl's injury. Only then would he agree to do as a favour. However, it is regretful that we were unable to accede to his request."

"Unable… Haha…" That leader laughed loftily. You people wanted to heal an injury caused by my Hei Mo sword's dark aura? You don't know your own limits.

"Hmmm… There still seems to be something that you are hiding and I can detect it in your words. You are lying to me!" The leader felt that while Chu Yang sincerely told the truth, there were some things he was still covering up…

"Your eyes are definitely skilled!" Chu said with admiration, and helplessly admitted, "Alright… That man said that while we were not able to heal his little miss, he still owed our Bu Tian Pavilion a favour. In the future, he would definitely repay our kindness."