Transcending the Nine Heavens
115 A Glimmer Of Hope
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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115 A Glimmer Of Hope

"Umm… When she wakes up can we change the way that she addresses me?" Chu Yang scratched his head as his face began to blush. "I'm actually only sixteen this year. Moreover, I'm not even that old yet. It isn't even my birthday. Being called an uncle isn't really suitable…"

"You're only sixteen?" Mo Cheng Yu was surprised. This youth seemed incredibly influential. Moreover, his actions were careful and discreet. Other than the fact that he seemed somewhat impulsive when it came to Mo Qing Wu, all his other decisions were calculated flawlessly. Mo Cheng Yu couldn't believe that such a young individual was only sixteen!

"Yes!" Chu Yang laughed.

"That isn't a problem!" Mo Cheng Yu agreed with Chu Yang as he felt that there was something strange about addressing Chu Yang as an uncle. Moreover, Mo Qing Wu was only nine. Thus calling Chu Yang uncle was not a big deal. Moreover, when Mo Tian Ji and Mo Tian Yun arrives, they would also be older than Chu Yang by many years… Should they be calling him uncle as well?

Both of them were brothers of little miss and were of the same generation…

Chu Yang also treated Mo Qing Wu so well and it seemed a little rude to call him uncle. He paid so much attention to how he was addressed and it makes sense to assume that he liked little miss a lot… However, it was also true that little miss was smart and loveable, liked by everyone she meets. Perhaps Chu Yang was no exception…

At this moment, Mo Cheng Yu could not help but feel proud.

Of course! No matter how hard he thought, Mo Cheng Yu would never expect Chu Yang to develop feelings for a nine years old girl…

This was simply impossible. No one would look at a little nine year old girl and develop romantic feelings for her.

However, little did Mo Cheng Yu know, Chu Yang was that kind of person…

However, this was because it wasn't just anyone. This was Mo Qing Wu…!

Chu Yang remained sleepless as he stood under the night sky. This was the first time he felt restless and was unable to calm his mind and cultivate. Instead, he stood there mixed with multiple conflicting emotions.

I was finally able met her, but she was injured… and still so young…

Chu Yang's head hurt from all the thinking. Ohhh, when will she grow up? How should I treat her? If I am too protective of her, she will see me as an elder. This is her most innocent age if I leave an impression of an uncle in her mind that would be a problem!

However, if I appear too distant, it might lead to resentment. If she doesn't like me from experiences when she is young, it would be another tough problem to solve.

And what should I do about her injury?

Chu Yang continued to think like that and made him feel as though his thoughts were all in a mess and was able to go mad.

"The Nine Tribulations Sword is able to heal her injury!" He was lost in thought when a voice suddenly rose in his head.

"Nine Tribulations Sword can heal her?" Chu Yang was overjoyed that he was able to find a solution to this problem which was causing such immense stress and discomfort.

"Yes!" The sword spirit sighed. It seems that this kid's mind is really stubborn. Because of a nine year old Mo Qing Wu, he becomes lovesick like this. Much to the extent that he even forgets about cultivation…

This is unacceptable!

"Don't forget that Nine Tribulations Sword has the ability to purify medicine. What's more is that Nine Tribulations Sword stores all the essence; this will be your lifesaving treasure." The sword spirit reluctantly told him, "Look into the sword hilt in your dantian…"

Chu Yang rejoiced and quickly began to focus his thoughts. In his dantian, at Nine Tribulations Sword's hilt, he faintly saw half a drop of something dark inside…

"This is it?"

"Yes, that is it. Once it becomes a full drop, you will be able to take it out and heal Mo Qing Wu." The sword spirit said, "However, there is a condition. If it only gathers essences of herbal medicines, it will never be effective. After you get the second Nine Tribulations Sword fragment and gather enough essence, only then will you be able to take it out."

"I will need to achieve this in the shortest possible time. Regardless of what I will have to sacrifice, I will gather all the elixirs I need in order to obtain the second Nine Tribulations Fragment." Chu Yang said to himself softly as his eyes narrowed.

"I will hope so. However, I should remind you that it will be tough to achieve your goal within a year. If you force the Nine Tribulations Pill before it is ready, it will not only be ineffective but might also have adverse effects!"

The sword spirit sighed and continued, "I would have been capable of pushing you along faster, but…"

"But what? I almost forgot that you are Nine Tribulations Sword's spirit; of course, you would be able to." Chu Yang said happily, "If you can push a little faster; wouldn't that help to settle everything even more quickly?"

"You fool! Don't you know that I exist in your consciousness? Moreover, the Nine Tribulations Sword is in your dantian. How can I push you when I am still not one with it yet?"

"One more thing, during this time period, your property seizures have helped you obtain many medicinal herbs. That along with what Nine Tribulations Sword was able to accumulate at Beyond the Heavens Sect resulted in the current half a drop. However, finding enough won't be easy. You were only able to gather the herbs commonly found in Iron Cloud Citadel. Even if a hundred times more of these were to be absorbed, it would still be insufficient for the Nine Tribulations Pill to be created!" The sword spirit had just doused Chu Yang with a bucket of icy cold water.

"Regardless of what it is, as long as there remains a glimmer of hope I shall try my best. Even if these medicinal herbs are insufficient, I shall find other treasures. Whether it be lying, stealing, robbing…, I will do whatever it takes. Even if I have to rob every powerful family in Middle Three Heavens, I will do it in order to create Nine Tribulations Pill!" Chu Yang said with conviction as he ground his teeth.

"You're gutsy, haha…!" With that praise, the sword spirit became silent and was vanished without a trace.

It seems that this youth now has more than enough motivation. Only being at the cultivation level of Martial Warrior and talks about robbing every powerful family in the Middle Three Heavens. The sword spirit could not help but praise Chu Yang.

The sword spirit was very pleased…

Chu Yang fell into deep thought.

He had never wanted to increase his strength with such urgency as he did right now!

Qing Wu is in danger!

I must protect her!

The very next morning, he carefully looked around Heavenly Armament Pavilion once before going to see Mo Cheng Yu. Seeing that Mo Qing Wu was still sleeping, he left quietly.

Upon arriving at Bu Tian Pavilion, Chu Yang saw Cheng Zi Ang sitting with a frown on his face. Seeing Chu Yang appear with a fierce expression on his face, he was startled and immediately stood up. It was as if he was caught doing something wrong.

"Was last night's mission unsuccessful?" Chu Yang snorted. He suddenly found this old man annoying to look at. His mood was already bad, and early in the morning, he was given the bad news that the mission had failed.

Seeing Cheng Zi Ang's sad and dreary face, Chu Yang understood right away that they did not manage to get anything of value last night.

"Yes! Last night, we put on our disguises and advanced into Tang Manor. However, we discovered that Tang Xin Sheng had already left. His wife and child were still in the manor. Therefore in order to avoid alerting them, we decided to keep watch without disturbing them!" Cheng Zi Ang said cautiously. Although Cheng Zi Ang's cultivation was Revered level, which was countless times higher than Chu Yang's, the moment Chu Yang glared at him, Cheng Zi Ang felt his whole body begin to tremble…

"Tang Xin Sheng disappeared, but his family was still in the manor?" Chu Yang grinned, "This guy is really cruel. In order to test his own suspicions, he paid no heed towards using his family as bait. We don't even know if his family is real or fake…"

"But it was not a total loss. At the first light of dawn, I was hiding nearby and uncovered an Invisible Falcon carrying communications into Tang Manor. It had been captured by my net…" Cheng Zi Ang said with some pride. Like a treasure, he pulled out a small bird.

Invisible Falcon was a type of bird that moved without a trace. Catching it was especially difficult. Not even considering a Revered Martial Master, even a Martial Emperor would not be able to chase it. Moreover, what made it more difficult was that it would have been camouflaged.

However, Cheng Zi Ang was a lucky bastard. He knew that if he did not capture Tang Xing Sheng, King of Hell Chu would give him an earful when he returns. Therefore he chose to patiently hide and wait.

As the light was just beginning to come from the east, the Invisible Falcon flew toward him. It had flown more than a thousand miles and was extremely tired by the time it got there. Moreover, at the early hours of dawn, the Invisible Falcon was still in its night camouflage. Therefore Cheng Zi Ang was able to spot it and capture it because of the morning light shining on it.

So as it turned out, Cheng Zi Ang sat back and waited, and eventually managed to catch it with one quick swoop.

"Very good! I can't believe that you always have a net on you…" There was a trace of cynicism in Chu Yang's voice.

Cheng Zi Ang's face blushed with embarrassment.

It was because Cheng Zi Ang had quite an appetite, and he especially enjoyed eating all different species of birds. From eagles to sparrows, he found all of them extremely appetising. That was the reason why he always carried a net with him. The more elusive the birds the more delicious they were.

Even at Bu Tian Pavilion, if a bird accidentally wandered in and Cheng Zi Ang was there, there would have been an extra bird dish on the table. He loved them flying creatures so much that he wouldn't even spare bats…

It was such a coincidence that the Invisible Falcon fell into his hands… This was heaven's will!

An unbelievable coincidence.

Chu Yang looked at the Invisible Falcon's leg; there was a tiny bamboo tubed tied to it. The inside was tightly sealed with sap.

Chu Yang gently squeezed, and the sap broke, revealing a tiny rolled up piece of paper. He carefully opened it and saw only two words: "Dangerous situation!"

Although there were only two words, these two words revealed many different things. The hooks on the strokes were sharp and hard like a scythe. Even though the writing appeared careless, it contained the mindset of the person who wrote it, firm and swift. There was a faintly visible inscription on the paper: "Diwu."

"This was written by Diwu Qing Rou's own hand!" Chu Yang's words made Cheng Zi Ang overjoyed.

"It seems we have underestimated Tang Xin Sheng's worth; it seems like he is one of the biggest fish ever!" Chu Yang's countenance became grave, as he carefully kept the note.

Golden Horse Riders Department had many people, yet Diwu Qing Rou wrote this note to Tang Xin Sheng with using his own hand. How could Chu Yang not understand the meaning behind that!

From this small piece of information, it showed how important Tang Xing Sheng was!
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