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111 She Is Your Weakness!

"Let's not discuss this anymore. What do you have planned for this lady?" Tie Bu Tian asked Chu Yang.

"We will talk about this again after we leave the palace." Chu Yang bowed to Du Shi Qing and said, "Thank you, Senior Du. I owe you once again!"

Chu Yang's choice of words was mysterious, he used the word "owe". Little did Du Shi Qing know that when he reached the end of his road, Chu Yang would bail him out and save his life because he made the promise to repay the debt that he owed!

Chu Yang was a conscientious man and in the future, he would remember that Du Shi Qing had saved Mo Qing Wu. Moreover, Chu Yang felt that Du Shi Qing was an elder worthy of his respect.

Du Shi Qing laughed and waved his hand dismissively. He paid no mind to it…

Walking out of the royal palace, Tie Bu Tian looked at Chu Yang who held the little miss like a precious treasure, and could not help but frown, "Minister Chu, what I am about to say might upset you but I feel that I am obliged to tell you that this little miss will become your weakness."

Chu Yang frowned and looked up at Tie Bu Tian. He asked, "What do you mean by that?"

"It is obvious that you are obsessed with this girl. However, if Diwu Qing Rou discovers this, I am afraid that she will no doubt be used as leverage! Elder Martial Brother Chu, please be careful!" Tie Bu Tian said sincerely.

"You're right!" Chu Yang was startled and became a little fearful. He had not thought about this before. He and Diwu Qing Rou were mortal enemies… Moreover, Diwu Qing Rou was infamous for his unscrupulous methods and underhanded tactics. It was quite likely that he would target Qing Wu! Chu Yang looked at Tie Bu Tian with a grateful expression as he said "Thank you for your reminder!"

With two lifetimes of guilt and his love for Mo Qing Wu, even if he was heartless, upon seeing his key motivation in life in front of him, how could he simply just pretend not to care?

Chu Yang sat on Tie Bu Tian's carriage and looked fondly at Mo Qing Wu in his arms. He was grateful to heaven and earth for allowing them to be reunited with one another.

Even though Mo Qing Wu is still a young girl, I can wait. We shall live our lives together for as long as we live!

The carriage stopped at a secluded spot and Chu Yang jumped down with Mo Qing Wu still in his arms. With a few flashes, he disappeared from Tie Bu Tian's sight.

Tie Bu Tian looked at Chu Yang holding this little miss and softly sighed…

Tie Bu Tian did not know who the lady was. Since Chu Yang did not volunteer to tell him this information, as a friend Tie Bu Tian would never force Chu Yang to do so. This was the level of trust and respect which was formed between the both of them.

However, Tie Bu Tian could feel the intensity of love and affection that Chu Yang had for the little girl and regardless of what advice he gave him, it would not change.

Or, even if he wanted to change, it was something he could not change…

Tie Bu Tian sighed and muttered, "I guess you are not a heartless person after all… I wish you luck!" He turned and said softly, "Let's go."

The carriage started to move once again.

In Tie Bu Tian's mind, even though Chu Yang acted like an impulsive youth, this was just some harmless fun; it would not have an effect on the big picture. When the time comes, Chu Yang would once again be a cold and calculating machine, without any emotions… Completely devoted to the end goal.

The killing was a natural thing for Chu Yang. That was why Tie Bu Tian maintained his belief that Chu Yang was a heartless leader who was capable of being decisive and making the right decisions in order to achieve his goals.

Moreover, he did not pay much attention to anything at all. Power, wealth and even the lives of people all seemed inconsequential to him. Much to the extent that if he got angry, he wouldn't even have cared whether he lived or died!

However, the appearance of Mo Qing Wu today gave Tie Bu Tian a glimpse of the affection and devotion of Chu Yang!

Although he did not know whether this was a good or a bad thing for Chu Yang, he felt very happy for him. He felt joy as his friend. It was then that it struck him. Chu Yang was not a heartless machine but rather a person of flesh and blood with the capability to love.

Chu Yang returned to Bu Tian Pavilion, went through a secret passage and entered his room. Wu Qian Qian was already inside, she was wearing a ferocious mask with a dark robe which covered her entire body. When she saw Chu Yang return with an unconscious girl she couldn't help but be surprised.

Upon seeing Chu Yang's current expression she decided not to ask any questions.

"Where is the person from this afternoon?" Chu Yang asked.

"Still unconscious." Wu Qian Qian said casually, "His injury is very serious."

"Good! As long as he's not dead!" Chu Yang said quickly, "Prepare a carriage for me. After dark, I will immediately bring them to Emerald Flow Lake."

The constructions at Emerald Flow Lake were now completed, and the condition of the living quarters was now habitable.

Wu Qian Qian nodded and added, "The prince said the matter regarding Tang Xin Sheng will be entirely up to you; there is no need to go through him."

With an "ah," Chu Yang said nonchalantly, "I already know. Notify Heavenly Secret Hall to stop investigating Tang Xin Sheng. Also, give out the orders to Fierce Blood Hall. They are to send to people to capture Tang Xin Sheng tonight! They should also make sure that they look like brigands or something else. Whether they succeed or fail, anyone who exposes his identity or the involvement of Bu Tian Pavilion will be executed… all nine generations of his family will be killed!

Wu Qian Qian shuddered and suddenly raised her head, exclaiming, "You… you are too bold!"

"Bold?" Chu Yang frowned and said, "Quite the opposite; I am worried that us taking action tonight might already be too late."

Chu Yang was feeling slightly regretful. He should have captured Tang Xin Sheng right after he read those documents. He had dealt with far too many officials that way and this would no doubt alert Tang Xin Sheng and keep him on his toes.

Tang Xin Sheng was capable of climbing to this position as a spy and he was also extremely intelligent. It would be no surprise if he was able to predict and sense the approaching danger!

Therefore, Chu Yang did not have much hope for the success of Fierce Blood Hall's mission tonight. He was instead thinking about what his next move would be if Tang Xin Sheng could not be captured.

Regardless of whether they could capture him or not, the next step was critical.

Originally, Chu Yang had wanted to go himself, but the appearance of Mo Qing Wu made him abandon that thought. Mo Qing Wu was still unconscious, and he wanted to be next to her and take care of her.

The affairs of the world are important, but next to Mo Qing Wu, they are considered nothing. No matter how important these affairs were… they were not as important to him as his wife…

Emerald Flow Lake.

Chu Yang carefully placed Mo Qing Wu on his bed. Then he sat on the side, resting his chin on his hand… watching dreamily.

I will try my very best to struggle against the heavens and go against fate. I would suffer ten thousand lifetimes just to be with you in this one! To compensate for all your sufferings…!

I love you!

Qing Wu…!

Even though they were not supposed to meet for another ten years, they had now met. Seeing the young face on his bed, Chu Yang sighed. In his heart, there was a bittersweet emotion. He was happy and, at the same time, confused about what he should do…

I have grown up, but she is still young like this… Qing Wu, when will you become the same Mo Qing Wu that I knew in my previous life?

One dance… one bitter life…

If that is the case… I would rather not ever be able to see your beautiful dance if in exchange you would be able to live happily…

On the other side of the wall, there was a moan, followed by rustling noises… a brawny figure appeared in the doorway. He asked with a hoarse voice, "How is little miss?"

Chu Yang quietly stood up and looked at the man in black who was standing at the door.

The man in black hastily rushed into the room. He looked at Mo Qing Wu lying on the bed… then he carefully put up his finger to check her breathing… afterward, his face relaxed as if a weight had been lifted. He sat down on a chair in front of Chu Yang and smiled, "Little miss is all right, thank the heavens!"

This man in black had strong steps and moved quickly. While his face was still pale, there were no serious issues… His injury had recovered well. Chu Yang could not help but lament… the healing ability of this King level expert was too strong…

This person looked at Chu Yang with eyes filled with gratitude. He said, "Thank you! Little martial brother; I was lucky that you were there today! I shall repay this great kindness in the future!"

"I did not help you because I was hoping for a repayment." Chu Yang smiled and said, "How are you?"

"I am fine, but my body is feeling a little weak." There was a strong hatred etched into the man's eyes, "At Connecting Cloud Mountain, we were attacked by Hei Mo's people. I did not expect that there would be two King level men amongst them… They managed to punch me twice because of a momentary mistake. However, that's not important; what I worry about is little miss. Ahhhhhh…."

"Connecting Cloud Mountain…" Chu Yang was shocked. Connecting Cloud Mountain was more than seven hundred miles from here. This person was seriously injured by Hei Mo's people… and yet he was able to run more than seven hundred miles within a day to get to Iron Cloud Citadel!

This was not even taking into consideration the time he spent asking for information on the road and navigate his way here… To know that Du Shi Qing was at Iron Cloud Citadel, he must have spent a lot of time listening and asking around…

This person was truly strong and resilient.

"Little martial brother, what family are you from? Why don't you look familiar?" The man took a few breaths before taking the teacup which was next to Chu Yang and drank it all. He wiped his mouth and asked.

"What do you mean family?" Chu Yang frowned.

"What family in Middle Three Heavens are you from?" The man in black opened his eyes wide.

"I am not a person of Middle Three Heavens." Chu Yang smiled helplessly.

"Then how do you know our little miss? Even her name? And Hei Mo?" This man was a crude person; so even with ordinary questions, his eyes still opened wide and his sideburns stood up.

"…" Chu Yang found it a little difficult to explain this. Perhaps he should just say, "I am your little miss's future husband who was born again…!"

If he had said that, Chu Yang was sure that, even though he regarded him as his savior, the man would still punch him a few times in the mouth.

"It is a long story!" Chu Yang sighed and quickly changed the subject, "Why have you come here?"

The man looked at Chu Yang's face and suddenly showed an understanding smiled, "Ah… So that's how it is; I understand; I understand. Hahaha… If that is the case, I won't ask anymore…"

Chu Yang was dumbfounded.

What do you understand? What's that? So that's what? I don't understand…

"I am an orphan; this is also a long story…" The man in black sighed heavily, "It can't be discussed in a few words… Do you have wine?"

Chu Yang was stunned. This man was really jumpy. A second ago he was sighing, and now he asked for wine… In addition, he still sustained a serious injury…

It was as though the man saw through Chu Yang's hesitation and understood his concerns. He beat his chest and said, "It's fine. If you have wine, go ahead and bring it out. There is nothing to worry about. Even if this makes my injury worse, I have to drink… It is to drown away my sorrows…"

Chu Yang's face twitched; Retard, you can even say that… With such an injury and you want to use wine to chase away your sorrow… more like send you to the grave…