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110 Bitter? Not Bitter!?

As he saw Chu Yang's serious countenance, Tie Bu Tian's heart palpitated. He remembered what Chu Yang had once said before, "She is my life!" Was it at all possible that the one lying in front of him was his life? This little miss was evidently more important to him than his own life!

Who could this little miss be? His little sister?

Tie Bu Tian would never have imagined that Chu Yang would develop feelings for a little girl. She appeared to be just ten years old, how was that even possible?

He observed Chu Yang taking one big mouthful of medicine and keeping it in his mouth for a moment for it to cool. Subsequently, he carefully fed the medicine to her; each moment was filled with such immense love. Tie Bu Tian could not comprehend why his heart was beating so inconsistently!

He was no longer able to witness the two and turned his head in a different direction.

With the last drop of the medicine entering her body, Chu Yang immediately got on his feet and turned to ask the saintly physician, "Senior Du, how many more doses of this medicine does she have to consume?"

"Just once today is sufficient. After the medicine enters her body, you have to help her to clear her meridians to ensure that the medicine can be distributed to the rest of her body faster. Hopefully, she will be able to wake up by tonight." Du Shi Qing tilted his head up towards the afternoon sky to estimate the time.

"During this period of time, I will prepare some medication for her to recover quickly. Based on my prediction, her life will no longer be in danger and she will be back to normal after around seven to eight days. All her injuries will be healed except for the injury at her Three Yin Meridian… My hands are tied."

Du Shi Qing looked at Chu Yang as he continued, "There is currently no physician or medicine in this world that can treat this internal injury. You should not waste your efforts…"

Of course, Du Shi Qing knew what Chu Yang was thinking of. He knew that if he had not emphasized this enough, Chu Yang might do something rash. He could tell that Chu yang would go to the ends of the earth just for this little miss. Other people might not, but Chu Yang most definitely would!

Anyone could tell that Chu Yang's love for this little miss was so extreme to the point of desperation.

While Du Shi Qing might not have been an expert in any other things, his expertise in medicine was so famous that even the Upper Three Heavens recognized him! Just based on his own diagnosis, it was clear that there was really no treatment available for Mo Qing Wu's internal injury.

Chu Yang understood this very well and he also understood Du Shi Qing's words, "You've been through so much hardship to get to where you are at today; you should not ruin your life to treat this illness!"

"All the legendary rarities… can't do anything as well?" Chu Yang asked dejectedly. Nonetheless, there was still a tiny ray of hope inside him.

"Perhaps you have no idea what this poison is, but I am absolutely sure that it's the legendary poison of Hei Mo. If this poison had not reached the Three Yin Meridian, my medicinal skill would have been able to heal her without any problem. But now that it has seeped into the Three Yin Meridian, not even gods will be able to do anything!"

Du Shi Qing said solemnly without any hesitation, "Even if you could gather all nine of the great legendary herbs from under the heavens now, you will still be unable to cure it completely!" Du Shi Qing paused for a moment to look at Chu Yang before continuing to speak gently, "Chu Yang, what I can do is to help her regain consciousness and prevent the injury from affecting her mortality. Subsequently, she can still marry and have a family without any health problems. If she's lucky, she will even live to a hundred years old! The only issue would be that she will not be able to advance in martial arts!"

"As a female, this should be normal for her, just like how other females spend their lives." Du Shi Qing explained sincerely.

Chu Yang sighed heavily and his head drooped, "Gathering all nine of the great legendary herbs still won't cure it completely…" These very words dealt the greatest blow to Chu Yang, destroying every last bit of hope that he had.

While this might have meant nothing to any other women, he knew that it was absolutely unacceptable for Mo Qing Wu! If it weren't for this damned condition, Mo Qing Wu would not have been ambushed and slaughtered in the previous life.

Even though Mo Qing Wu never mentioned her family to him, Chu Yang was certain that she had come from a powerful family. How could anyone cultivate such grace and elegance as hers if one was from a humble background?

In the previous life, Mo Qing Wu would rather spend her time wandering all over Jiang Hu than to go home. Why was this the case? It must have been somehow related to her injury. Or perhaps, Mo Qing Wu simply did not want to go home because her family did not treat her well. Otherwise, she could have been disowned by her family for some unknown reason.

However, if a daughter had a Three Yin Meridian, she should be treated like a precious treasure. Why would her family disown her? Unless… they disowned her because her Three Yin Meridian was injured!

In other words, everything that materialized began from today!

This injury would eventually lead to Mo Qing Wu's tragedy. If she had not suffered this injury, she would not have left her family or met Chu Yang. Subsequently, she would not have been ambushed and killed!

Hence, Chu Yang could not accept this! He could bear to see Mo Qing Wu suffer from this injury for the remainder of her life. Even if he could stay by her side and protect her, he knew that he could not be right by her side all the time. No! Mo Qing Wu must have the ability to protect herself! In this way, Chu Yang could then be assured.

"Chu Yang, who is this little miss to you?" Tie Bu Tian had finally opened his mouth and asked. Tie Bu Tian always carried himself confidently, thus it was rare to see him curious like this.

Tie Bu Tian's query caused Chu Yang to drift out of his deep thoughts.

"She is my…" The moment Chu Yang opened his mouth, his face suddenly grimaced, "Bleh… Bleh… Senior Du, what's in this medicine that made it so bitter? I… I… Bleh…"

Chu Yang felt as if his mouth was filled with herbal medicine.

This bitterness was extremely unbearable!

Chu Yang's face displayed a look of agony as he rolled his eyes.

"Well, didn't you feel that it was bitter earlier on?" Tie Bu Tian and Du Shi Qing asked simultaneously, astonished.

Chu Yang paused for a moment. Earlier on, he was fully concentrated on Mo Qing Wu. As he realized that she was able to swallow the medicine, he continued to feed her with the medicine without even noticing if it was bitter or sweet…

Now that they were talking about it, he could taste the absolute bitterness of the medicine. Yet, at the same time, he remembered Mo Qing Wu's poem.

A lifetime does not make a gentle dance, a dance is a lifetime of bitterness;

My entire life, I will dance for you;

Even in bitterness, I will dance for an entire lifetime…

Bitter? Chu Yang could not help but smirk. How was this bitter? Was this bitterness at all bitter when compared to the bitterness that Mo Qing Wu had to endure in the previous life? It probably could not even compare.

"You… You're really…" Du Shi Qing could not help but admire the young man in front of him more and more. Chu Yang was truly a caring person. This made him feel that he was not wrong in his judgment of Chu Yang…

In order to save a life, he had not even paid attention to himself; this was truly a selfless sacrifice…

Meanwhile, Tie Bu Tian had a completely different train of thought. He realized that Chu Yang's greatest weakness was this little miss! It would be disastrous if the enemies learned of his weakness.

This information had to be kept a secret!

However, what was this little miss's background?

"Senior Du, I hope that you will not let even the slightest piece of information regarding your treatment for this little miss today slip out." Tie Bu Tian smiled as he reminded Du Shi Qing politely.

Du Shi Qing hesitated for a moment before he immediately understood what the prince meant. He replied swiftly, "Your Highness need not worry; no one else will know about this."

After a short period of time, Mo Qing Wu's face slowly became rosier. Gradually, her breathing started to normalize. She appeared to be sleeping soundly. Upon seeing this, Chu Yang became more at ease and there was less bitterness in his mouth…

At the same time, he was getting more curious. Since he was already here, he started to look around this legendary royal palace.

"Is this really the royal palace? It's definitely magnificent and luxurious…" Chu Yang said as he looked around the palace with deep interest, "I feel that it's somehow a little desolate."

"Of course it's desolate." Tie Bu Tian sighed deeply as he explained, "In order to get my work done, I don't normally stay in the royal palace. Furthermore, most people were sent out of the royal palace, except for a few ladies who are required to take care of my father and some custodial staff. At this present moment, there are hundreds of things that require attention in Iron Cloud… A large expenditure would be incurred to maintain everything in the palace."

Chu Yang instantly said, "Oh." He indicated that he understood what he meant, but he continued to ask in curiosity, "What about your younger sister? Do you not take care of her?"

Chu Yang instinctively remembered the young lady at Heavenly Heavenly Armament Pavilion calling Tie Long Cheng 'second uncle'. Even though those two words 'second uncle' might have meant nothing when used with other people, it was most certainly not ordinary when used to address Tie Long Cheng.

Before his arrival at Iron Cloud, Chu Yang had no knowledge of the royal family. However, after entering Bu Tian Pavilion, he had learned that the emperor only had one brother, Tie Long Cheng.

Since that was the case, the young lady had to be Tie Bu Tian's sister!

"My little sister?" Tie Bu Tian appeared surprised as a troubled look appeared in his eyes. He chuckled and continued calmly, "That troublesome girl… Have you met her?"

"Ah, she came to Heavenly Armament Pavilion once before." Chu Yang nodded.

"That little girl is such a headache…" Tie Bu Tian smiled and said, "But she is also very cute. Minister Chu has suddenly brought her up… Hahaha… Don't tell me that Minister Chu has feelings for my little sister?"

Without waiting for Chu Yang to respond, Tie Bu Tian laughed and continued, "Minister Chu is an honorable person. If you do have feelings for her, I will not mind match-making the two of you."

Chu Yang laughed along because he knew that Tie Bu Tian was just pulling his leg. He replied, "I am but just a commoner, how can I be suitable for the princess? I was just really curious when I met the princess of Iron Cloud; she seemed to be very mysterious."

Tie Bu Tian blinked his eyes and behaved as though he was covering some deep emotion. He explained, "No one knows about the existence of my little sister as it is a secret. In the year that she was born, Great Zhao had sent assassins continually to kill the members of the royal family. My little sister's birth was hidden from everyone to protect her. Soon after, my father got injured, hence I didn't dare to announce this to the world. If the enemies had found out and came to assassinate her, wouldn't this big brother be held responsible?"

Tie Bu Tian continued solemnly, "It is very unfortunate to be a female in a royal family. It is even more unfortunate to be born in times of war. There are already very few of royal blood. With the repeated onslaught, everything is just worse. All I can hope is for my little sister to live a peaceful and normal life. It was a precautionary measure to conceal her identity and keep her safe and sound. If on the off chance that Iron Cloud falls one day, she could at least still keep her life. Even if it means living as a commoner somewhere, at least she's still alive."

He took a deep breath as if he was trying to hold back the emotions that were growing within him.

There was silence in the air for a while as Chu Yang felt as if there was some hidden meaning in Tie Bu Tian's words. He said, "That's true. Being born in a royal family might mean that you could be leading a luxurious life that ordinary people can only dream of, but at the same time, it also means living under such great pressure that it could potentially crush you to death. Your little sister is so fortunate to have such a great elder brother like yourself. That is her good fortune."

Being affected by the solemn atmosphere as well, Du Shi Qing let out a sigh.

It had always been the case that daughters of the royal family were used as pawns to establish diplomatic ties under the guise of marriage. It typically did not matter what the princess thought for everything was done in the interest of the nation...