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97 The Power of Gentle Water

Gu Du Xing racked his brains but could not find the right word to describe Chu Yang! This guy had gone beyond the level of 'human'!

The higher your level, the harder advancements in martial arts levels became. Each level was divided into nine grades, with each grade divided into the top, middle and bottom. Was it not always the case that people broke through each level one at a time, slowly increasing in their cultivation?

Although Martial Warrior level was still low and it was not unusual for one to use elixirs to advance by multiple sub-levels at a time, not using any elixir and advancing multiple times during cultivation was unheard of. The living legend, Limitless Extreme Saber Liu Yong Xiang of Upper Three Heavens broke through the ranks of Martial Warrior in just four days during his youth. This record had not been broken by anyone!

However, today, Gu Du Xing had seen with his very own eyes, a freak who broke through from the bottom to top grade in just two hours! He had actually witnessed such a phenomenon!

Gu Du Xing swallowed his saliva. He felt extremely inferior.

Ahhhh… God! And he's still not done! Gu Du Xing's eyes widened yet again as he felt Chu Yang's energy fluctuate once more.

Mid-level grade five Martial Warrior!

No words could describe the shock and horror that Gu Du Xing was experiencing right now. He was dumbfounded!

Top-level grade five Martial Warrior!

The peak of grade five Martial Warrior!

Grade six!

Mid-level grade six!

Ahhhh… God! Thank goodness he's finally stopped leveling up! If not, I would most probably vomit blood. He had stopped at the peak of grade six! Gu Du Xing banged his head on the floor as he thought to himself, "Living with such an extraordinary person really hurts one's self-esteem! I… I am also a… a… talent, ah… Compared to him, I… I… I… might as well bang my head against the wall and kill myself.

Chu Yang had gone up by two grades in less than four hours… Gu Du Xing felt as if he were in an incredible, bizarre, yet ridiculous dream!

Finally, Chu Yang emerged from his miraculous state.

At the moment that he awoke, the voice of Nine Tribulations Sword rang in his head, "You have finally come to understand the power of heaven and earth!" The voice was filled with immense delight.

"The power of heaven and earth?" Chu Yang asked skeptically, "Is this the power of heaven and earth?"

"Hmm… This is still lacking substantially when compared to the power of heaven and earth. What you have just experienced was one of the hundred thousand types of the power of heaven and earth, Gentle Force of Water. That was a lucky occurrence. Your previous life was filled with so much hardship, making you preoccupied with seeking revenge, hence you were unable to see anything else in life. I cannot believe that you were able to experience one type so early in this life."


"Water is divided into tangible and intangible forces. Tangible energy force includes Roaring Sea Force, Flash Flood Destructive Force, Heaven's Water Force, and Heaven's Violence Force. What you just experienced was the Gentle Force of the tangible forces."

"What is the use of this force?"

"Conquering with gentleness." The voice explained, "It's all up to you to figure out how to use it. There is nothing that the Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique cannot use."

"I see. In that case, do mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes, forests, dirt, wind, lightning, rain, snow, and clouds all carry different types of forces?" Chu Yang asked.

"There are forces that you cannot even imagine. It would be your good fortune to be able to experience them. If you had no chance to experience them, then anything I say will be futile. It is all up to chance and understanding." The tiny voice disappeared slowly.

"Hmmm, Isn't the purpose of your existence to show me the way to these opportunities?" Chu Yang asked.

There was no answer for it seemed that the voice had fallen asleep once again.

Chu Yang knew that Nine Tribulations Sword was not a cure-all. He had to depend on himself if he wanted to reach the peak of his cultivation. No one could replace the actual person in cultivation, be it Nine Tribulations Sword or Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique, even if the sword spirit was around.

Nine Tribulations Sword would only tell him the necessary details once he reached a certain specific point in his cultivation using his own effort. If he did not work hard, then yielding the most powerful weapon in the world would be the same as holding onto a rotten piece of wood!

Chu Yang pondered for a moment. That little reminded earlier on was sufficient to open his eyes to the vast infinite nature of martial arts!

Before this, Chu Yang had cultivated by sticking to a small and narrow path. However, he could now see the vast open space and blue sky; an endless universe.

With a sigh that had a hint of excitement, Chu Yang stood up. His joints cracked. It was not until he looked up at the morning sky that he became surprised. Evidently, he had been sitting down for less than four hours. How could such an unusual thing happen? He was definitely not fatigued. However, one would normally have to sit for an entire night for his joints to crack in the same way the Chu Yang's did!

In the past, when he sat down and cultivated throughout the night, his joints would crack since he was fatigued. Today, on the other hand, he was feeling refreshed, as if he had been freed from shackles and his body felt so light that it could fly. It was as if he had a great night of sleep instead of cultivating.

He tried to activate a little bit of his energy. Suddenly, energy surged from his dantian and flowed through his meridians. Chu Yang felt something amiss and immediately tried to activate the energy flow for another round. His jaws dropped. Normally, his energy could not reach two consecutive points at once. Yet, it was unexpectedly unhindered this time around.

Could it be a breakthrough?

Chu Yang could hardly contain his excitement. He could not believe that he was able to breakthrough two grades only after four hours of cultivation. This was too remarkable!

Chu Yang felt completely relaxed when a person appeared in front of him. As he looked at Gu Du Xing, he noticed that he had a drained look and he was staring at him with bloodshot eyes. While his facial expression was horrifying, the cold dead look that he normally carried on his face was nowhere to be found.

"Huh, what's wrong with you?" Gu Du Xing gritted his teeth and let out a low growl, "What do you have to say?"

Chu Yang scratched his head and asked in annoyance, "Is there something important?"

Gu Du Xing lost his cool and went insane. He jumped up and roared, "How did you do that?!"

"How did I do what?" Chu Yang asked, puzzled.

"You… You… Are you even human?" Gu Du Xing circled Chu Yang with quick paces. He then bent down towards Chu Yang, his nose almost touching Chu Yang's, "You… You… Are you going to tell me? How did you… Ahhh… How did you advance two grades in just four hours? Ahhhh…!"

Gu Du Xing nearly cried out. Motherf*****, this guy is pretending to be innocent!

"Ah, you're talking about this?" Chu Yang scratched his head innocently, "To tell you the truth, I'm not sure about this either. I only realized that I had advanced two grades when I came to. I am still secretly happy about it."

Are you not sure about this? Secretly happy? All Gu Du Xing could see were blue and red stars holding hands and dancing in front of his very eyes; his whole world was spinning. He let out two moans and stared at Chu Yang in disbelief. Eventually, he slammed his foot down and took a deep breath to suppress his rising blood pressure. Suddenly, he realized that perhaps such an occurrence was not within Chu Yang's control either.

When it came to Martial Warrior rookies like Chu Yang, it was even more likely that he had not a clue. This was simply his good fortune! Everything had happened from a state of unconsciousness. It would have been impossible for Chu Yang to be aware of what was going on…

"I really don't know!" Chu Yang exclaimed innocently, "I was just cultivating when I just suddenly broke through…"