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95 Emerald Flow Lakeside

After everything at Bu Tian Pavilion was being finalised, Cheng Zi Ang immediately headed off to the Prince's manor as fast as he could using a secret tunnel. His conversation with the Prince was extremely short and concise. Moreover, he came back as discreetly and quickly as possible after. He wasn't even gone from Bu Tian Pavilion for fifteen minutes!

However, somehow Chu Yang was aware of everything which he did and waited in anticipation for him to arrive back from the manor. Even if Tie Bu Tian had notified Chu Yang in secret, it was impossible for it to have been that quick!

It was at that moment that Cheng Zi Ang understood. The youth which was in front of him had a brilliant mind with excellent insight. His intellect was so great that it seemed that no one would be able to hide anything from him!

Although he did not say much, he had clearly come looking for me.

His underlying meaning behind his actions was that regardless of where Cheng Zi Ang would go, Chu Yang would be aware. This also bore a warning that if Cheng Zi Ang ever had the intention to switch loyalties, he would be found out in an instant.

Cheng Zi Ang let out a deep sigh as he watched Chu Yang leave.

Chu Yang felt refreshed as he the night wind blew past him. He had always paid attention to Cheng Zi Ang because he was certain that he was Tie Bu Tian's representative at Bu Tian Pavilion and reported directly to the Prince.

Although Cheng Zi Ang was a highly skilled expert, he was not suitable for a leadership position. He was only able to climb to the position of Pavilion Lord because of his martial skill and the trust that the Prince had in him!

If not, Tie Bu Tian would have never let an outsider hold the position of Pavilion Lord of Bu Tian Pavilion as easily as that. Moreover, even though Tie Bu Tian was the founder of the Bu Tian Pavilion, he did not hold a single responsibility within the organisation. This showed that his leadership position and part in the Bu Tian Pavilion was simply a title.

However, this was only the case because Tie Bu Tian trusted Cheng Zi Ang.

Chu Yang believed that Tie Bu Tian would not abandon Bu Tian Pavilion so easily. Thus after noticing that Cheng Zi Ang disappeared after everything, Chu Yang knew that he was reporting the situation to Tie Bu Tian.

This was because Bu Tian Pavilion had undergone such a major change and he was obliged to notify Tie Bu Tian immediately!

So Chu Yang immediately went into Cheng Zi Ang's room and waited.

Chu Yang was not entirely satisfied with the end result of what he had achieved. What he wanted was to fully control Bu Tian Pavilion and not have an informant taking note of everything he does all the time. Chu Yang felt unsettled. However, getting rid of Cheng Zi Ang entirely was currently out of Chu Yang's ability. Therefore, Chu Yang wanted to use this threat to pressure Cheng Zi Ang as much as he could!

It is alright if you report directly to the prince. However, this is my territory! Regardless of who you are, you will have to play by my rules. Don't you dare to create any trouble without my permission!

Just because you are trusted by the Prince doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want! As long as I control this place, this is part of my territory!

Chu Yang went "hmm… hmm…" in deep thought before he let out a ferocious laugh. The terrifying voice was carried by the night wind into a home which was next to the road. The aura of the voice stopped the cries of a baby and it became completely silent…

Upon arriving at Emerald Flow Lake, Chu Yang was dumbfounded by the scene before him!

The lake was completely surrounded by a fortified wall which blocked vision from all directions. Emerald Flow Lake was famous for its tranquillity but now the atmosphere was deafening as construction disturbed the peace of the area.

There were a large number of strong and large supervisors who held their leather whips while standing on the side, making sure no one slacked off. There was a gazebo which was constructed in the middle of the lake. Gu Du Xing stood motionless in the centre as he crossed his arms watching everything around him, his gaze as cold as ice.

He continued to stay like that without moving and somehow made it the atmosphere around Emerald Flow Lake cold and chilly as though it was the end of autumn.

There was a mess that could be seen on the ground of the gazebo. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that they were bodies of people! They were not dead but rather half dead from all the fatigued. None of them dared to yell out but the occasional feeble moans from them were heard.

One of them groaned a little too loudly, and Gu Du Xing, seemingly relaxing above, yelled coldly, "Noisy!"

"Bam…" Half of the tile fell down from the roof and hit the wound on the man's leg. A painful wail rose. That person wanted to cry more but dared not make any more noises. He just held it in and kept quiet, suffering in silence.

Everyone around him shuddered in fear

Still, in his dumbfounded state, Chu Yang ran closer. He smacked his own head and said, "It's all my fault… I did not tell Gu Du Xing clearly that I only wanted the center island. Now, this guy has taken over the entire lake!"

"You have arrived?" Gu Du Xing flew down from the pavilion like a cloud and landed in front of Chu Yang. With the exception of that previous drunken incident where his face was a little friendly, the sober Gu Du Xing's expression was a cold as steel.

"Ah, you did these things?" Chu Yang pointed to the surrounding area.

"Uh huh. I took over all of Emerald Flow Lake!" Gu Du Xing said coolly, "We have a lot of money, and we needed to be fast, so I employed all of the construction teams and told them to work here."

Chu Yang was reeling, "What happened to those people?" He pointed to the bunch of people who got their limbs broken by Gu Du Xing.

"It is just a minor incident, nothing worth mentioning at all." Gu Du Xing said calmly, "I heard that this area originally belonged to some officials and these are their people. Most of them are housekeepers. However, if there was anyone who came up to cause trouble, I gave them a beating and sent them running away in fear!"

Gu Du Xing rolled his eyes and said coldly, "Just a few officials, and they dared to interfere with our work. They really are gutsy!"

Chu Yang rubbed his forehead and asked cautiously, "Did you kill anyone?"

In his heart, he was quietly hoping that Gu Du Xing did not kill too many people. If that was the case, it might be hard to clean up after him. Even with Tie Bu Tian on his side… it would still seem a little too unreasonable. Taking over people's properties and killing them would make them appear as criminals.

He looked around a little and saw a large number of injured people. However, there did not seem to be any dead bodies.

"Don't worry. I have self-control." When Gu Du Xing said this, Chu Yang relaxed quite a bit. However, he almost buckled over in surprise as Gu Du Xing continued, "I only killed a dozen or so people. It isn't much of a big deal, but having dead bodies here is unlucky, so I had people dispose of them."

Chu Yang's body trembled and his face darkened. Finally, he raised his thumb and said: "You are really ruthless!"

"A weak tolerance does not make a gentleman; No man can become great without being cruel!" Gu Du Xing said casually, "Only those who are cruel can survive in this world!"

Chu Yang was silent. He finally waved his arm and said, "I am going to sleep."


"What is it?"

"It's your turn to watch for a while. I have been watching all day. Now I need to practice my sword work and rest." Gu Du Xing did not bother turning back and just walked off. Before leaving, he left these words, "There is no place to sleep here. I had all the old structures destroyed. You should just make do by finding someplace to sit."

Chu Yang, "…"

Chu Yang had all the injured people brought over to the lake's side. At this point, Gu Du Xing was already nowhere to be seen.

Chu Yang stood quietly for a while before shaking his head in resignation. After that, he found a secluded place near the lake and sat down with his legs crossed. He then activated Nine Tribulations Transcending the Nine Heavens Technique.

For Chu Yang, the best time for cultivation was around night time. He definitely did not want to waste that precious time.

He then shifted his mind into a meditative state and entered his subconscious. Chu Yang focussed on removing impurities. Everything between heaven and earth suddenly became peaceful. And just like that, he slowly rid himself of all distractions as his heart became like a quiet lake surface.

The construction site was currently noisy and bustling, but it did not seem to have any effect on his cultivation.

From a distance, Gu Du Xing was in a frenzy, practicing with his sword. Suddenly he looked into Chu Yang's direction; his mind was in shock.

How could this be? He is only a fourth grade, Martial Warrior?!

Even though Gu Du Xing was practicing his sword arts, he never stopped paying attention to Chu Yang's movements. Since the day the word "brother" was spoken, Gu Du Xing felt as if he had a place to lean on. He felt as if he had a family member, Chu Yang!

Although they both never talked about their ranks, Gu Du Xing knew that Chu Yang was younger than him. Even though he and Chu Yang had never met before, he gave him a home and helped him when he was left with nothing He even promised to help him reach the pinnacle of his cultivation…

Since the day Chu Yang said that he would help him so that he would not betray Gu Miao Ling's love, Gu Du Xing already viewed Chu Yang not only his savior but also a brother! A brother who he would share life and death with!

Because my brother understood me, knew everything about me!