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93 Tie Bu Tian“s Wai

"Great! Official Chen is truly a great man." Chu Yang praised happily

Then as though something jolted his memory, he spoke with sincerity, "Official Chen, the Heavenly Secret Brigade is something that has to be handled extremely carefully. Every single piece of information has to be verified because I want us to be absolutely sure of its accuracy. It is only then that I would be able to send our brothers from Fierce Blood to complete their missions. If there is on the slight chance that… Well, the responsibility of the Heavenly Secret Brigade is not small at all. Official Chen, all of these lives in Bu Tian Pavilion will be placed in your hands. This is responsibility is not something that should be taken lightly at all."

Chen Yu Tong almost choked with anger.

This guy spoke as though he was a righteous and morally upright person, but actually, he was clearly trying to seize power! Complete certainty! There is no one who can be completely certain about anything he wants! Forget about sneaking behind the enemy's lines and assassinating their general. Even in simpler things such as marriage, there are times where you would second guess your own decision!

"Once we have information, this brigade leader will discuss it immediately with Minister Chu. That way, we will be able to analyse everything carefully and come up with a perfect plan together." Chen Yu Tong suppressed his anger and continued, "I hope that when the time comes, Minister Chu will be able to set aside some time from his busy schedule to deal with such urgent matters. In addition, perhaps join in the intelligence gathering work of the Heavenly Secret Brigade for the safety of all our martial brothers."

Cheng Yu Tong had lost his position and prestige of Deputy Pavilion Lord in a rather painful manner. The words that he said were almost the same as him handing over his position as intelligence leader as well. At this point, he was simply no different than any of the other members.

"This…" Chu Yang pretended to be conflicted and showed that the decision that he was making was a tough one as he said, "Official Chen does not need to do that. I only what I said without any hidden meanings. Besides, I am in charge of both Iron Blood and overseeing the whole operation. I am afraid that I would be extremely busy and will not be able to have the time…"

"I hope that Minister will carefully reconsider his decision for the sake of the greater good and well-being of our martial brothers!" Chen Yu Tong was extremely nervous but as he said this, he was cursing Chu Yang because of what he was doing. You clearly forced me to hand over my privileges and power yet now you are putting up false pretences!

"Hmmm…" Chu Yang sighed and began to speak with reservation, "Well if that is the case… I shall take a chance then."

Below, a number of people pursed their lips.

"I now officially announce the three leaders that we have for the brigades!" Chu Yang had managed to deal with the two Pavilion Lords without using any force. Now that he held all the power in his hands, he could not help but feel exhilarated.

Next, Chu Yang took the opportunity to hand out assignments without any reservations, almost as though he knew which individual was suited to each particular task he had for them. Who was good at what, who was bad at what, who was best suited for what brigade so that they would be able to showcase their full potential…

Each member was assigned according to how well they were suited to each position and task. The three brigades in the great hall were just formed and they were immediately divided into their groups, each of them with well-outlined responsibilities and what they were supposed to be in charge of. It was clear that because each of them was assigned tasks based on their talents and shortcomings, the strength of Bu Tian Pavilion would increase tremendously!

Although Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong were critical of Chu Yang, they could not help admire the way he arranged his counterparts.

He did not even waste a single ounce of strength and yet, he managed to take control of the entire Bu Tian Pavilion!

Chu Yang looked at Heavenly Secret Brigade and immediately thought of Gu Du Xing. He wondered how things were progressing over on his end.

Within the Prince's manor.

Tie Bu Tian frowned as he looked at the two officials in front of him, "Wait a moment."

He sat opposite both of them who were dressed in their court attire with worried expressions on their faces. The two of them had come to consult the prince because of the incident involving Gu Du Xing taking over Emerald Flow Lake. They did not dare to act rashly because of the way Gu Du Xing behaved and how he mentioned that it was by order of Prince Tie Bu Tian.

They had not expected that when they visited the prince in the late afternoon that they would have to wait until midnight. Moreover, they did not know how the Prince felt towards the issue. He simply told them to wait but neglected to tell them whether they should stay or leave. As a result, they continued to wait.

Wait a moment more… It has been a few dozen times since Tie Bu Tian said "Wait a moment more," this made the two unable to leave. They had been sitting there for an extremely long time and every time they tried to talk, the prince would say, "Wait a moment."

These two pitiful men sat in that spot for so long that they became antsy. They did not even dare to go to the bathroom and their stomachs began to make sorry gurgling noises.

Finally, there was an announcement at the door, "Your Highness, Official Cheng is requesting to see you!"

"Send him into the side hall."

Tie Bu Tian slowly stood up, and turned to the two people, "Please wait a moment. I will be back shortly."

The two officials quickly nodded. They smiled and said, "Your Highness is busy, please feel free to go."

Tie Bu Tian nodded and walked out.

In the side hall, Cheng Zi Ang paced back and forth. After performing his ceremonious greeting with Tie Bu Tian, he seemed as though he had wanted to say something but hesitated.

"What's wrong?" Tie Bu Tian asked quietly.

"… Your Highness has a keen eye for people!" Cheng Zi Ang finally managed to squeeze out one sentence after suppressing his emotions for half the day, "Bu Tian Pavilion is right now under his sole command!"

"What? Did he use force to control everyone?"

"It was not the case. He had managed to dig out nine spies from within Bu Tian Pavilion! From beginning to end, he used the facade of a weak scholar to take care of everything. Finally, he managed to take away Chen Yu Tong's and my power." Cheng Zi Ang sighed, ashamed.

"What?" Tie Bu Tian was shocked, and murmured, "So fast?"

"Yes. Moreover, all the martial brothers at the pavilion respect him completely!"

"Respect…" Tie Bu Tian stood up and walked a few steps back and forth. Of course, he had faith that Chu Yang was capable of controlling Bu Tian Pavilion. What he had not expected was for it to be that fast. Moreover, he did not use force to achieve his goals.

This made him view Chu Yang's and his capabilities in a whole new light.

After contemplating for a moment, he said, "You may go."

Looking at Cheng Zi Ang leaving, Tie Bu Tian faced the heavens deep in thought. He then muttered, "If he has such capabilities, then I have to give him Emerald Flow Lake. What's there to hesitate about? Without trust, this person can't be used; if the person is being used, there should be no suspicions."

It was true that Chu Yang had an existing agreement with Tie Bu Tian, but that was for part of Emerald Flow Lake only. However, Gu Du Xing took over all of Emerald Flow Lake. Furthermore, the area that he took over was much larger than what was agreed upon…

Even though this was outside of his original expectations, Tie Bu Tian patiently waited. He was waiting to see if Chu Yang could control Bu Tian Pavilion… That was all.

If he did not have the ability to control Bu Tian Pavilion, he would not have gotten anything. However, Chu Yang had demonstrated his abilities and showed that they surpassed everyone else's! Even if he asked for the whole world, Tie Bu Tian would acquiesce if he could!

The two officials in the great hall exchanged gazes. They had a bad feeling and felt that perhaps the prince had already made some promise with regards to Emerald Flow Lake. But… if that was the case, the Prince only needed to say so and this whole issue would have been settled. However, why did he hesitate like this?

"I have made you two wait a little too long." Tie Bu Tian slowly walked forward, smiling as he spoke, "I have been caught up with so much work that it could not be helped. Please forgive me."

The two hurriedly said they did not dare.

"You were talking about Emerald Flow Lake, is that correct?" Tie Bu Tian rubbed his brows, and said sadly, "My memory is not that good."

"Yes, it's about that Emerald Flow Lake. We wanted to know if the Prince has any orders."

"I heard that person's attitude was very bad?" Tie Bu Tian frowned and asked with some displeasure.

"Your Highness, that young man had no reason! He isolated the entire Emerald Flow Lake and turned it into an area completely off limits to the public, essentially making it into part of his own personal property. Moreover, he had announced that it was the Prince's idea. This commotion caused dissatisfaction among the people. If we don't intervene in time, it might cause a great upheaval in the citadel." In front of Tie Bu Tian was a middle-aged man with a big position in the royal court. Tie Bu Tian's less than happy attitude gave him the hint that the prince was not pleased with that person, so he immediately made a big deal out of it.

"The people's anguish has reached a breaking point? Might cause a great upheaval?" Tie Bu Tian mouth's curved up showing a mocking smile, "Official Wang, you are the head scholar of the court. When I was little, I was also taught by you. From you, I learned many valuable ideas. But these words 'the people's anguish reached the breaking point' that you have said really disappointed me."

Official Wang was momentarily stunned, "This lowly official does not understand the prince's words!"

"Five years ago, this Emerald Flow Lake became your family's property!" Tie Bu Tian used a calm and peaceful voice, enough to lull people to sleep. He said lightly, "Official Wang, your nephew is Wang Bao Ping. That year, he helped the son of You Xiang take over Emerald Flow Lake. Afterward, You Xiang was killed by Royal Uncle in the golden hall, and all his properties were confiscated. And the person in charge of confiscating that property was you, Official Wang!"