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91 Carrot And Stick

This guy stepped out, looked at Chu Yang and gave him a thumbs up as he began to praise him. "Minister, you are great! I am a spy and although I only knew the identity of one of the other spies, you had managed to find all of them. What is more admirable is that you did so only by looking through documents. This power of insight alone is worthy of my respect!"

"Oh really?" Chu Yang closed the documents and waved his hand as he looked at him.

This time, Chu Yang didn't need to say a single word. Chen Yu Tong just took the documents from Chu Yang's hand without him needing to say anything. Only a single day had passed but Chu Yang had already managed to establish absolute authority over the people in Bu Tian Pavilion. Notwithstanding anything else, the existence of these spies meant that Bu Tian Pavilion could have fallen at any time. Moreover, as long as they had not shown any big flaws, they could have continued to spy indefinitely!

What Chu Yang had done was equivalent to saving their lives, far more than once!

Neglecting Chu Yang's age and his cultivation level, his insight alone was unmatched in this world!

Chu Yang did not even bother to lift a finger or show his cultivation. His keen insight alone was sufficient to exert dominance and get the people of Bu Tian Pavilion to respect his authority.

"Are you also a spy? It is great that you've confessed of your own accord. You saved me the trouble." Chu Yang smiled, "could it be that you have something that you wanted to tell me?"

That person smiled and said, "You did not ask those before me. Now that I have stood up on my own, you should not even ask."

Chu Yang nodded in agreement. When he saw the composed way when the man had identified himself, Chu Yang had already given up any hope of him talking. This man clearly already accepted his fate and was ready to die.

Chu Yang gently tapped his finger on the table, "I understand. Most of you people are faithful to Diwu Qing Rou while the rest are being blackmailed by him, as he uses the lives of their family as leverage forcing them into submission. Currently, we lack the power to save them and we are in no condition to recruit you. You may go ahead and kill yourself if you want."

"Bu Tian Pavilion has indeed found a good leader. Minister Chu's intelligence, slyness, and insight are different from the legendary Official Diwu. I would have wanted to see both of you fight till the end as I am curious which one would be able to prevail against the other. It is a pity that this is no longer possible!" That person smiled as black blood began to run slowly down the side of his mouth. He had bitten the poison sac within his mouth.

"In fact, we have never even seen Diwu Qing Rou…" That person looked at Chu Yang with his blank eyes. His body remained erect but his breathing had stopped. It was not for a while later that his body fell to the ground.

His last words had held some hidden meaning.

The great hall was flooded with the smell of fresh blood and the tension that remained in the air was immense as silence filled the hall.

Cheng Zi Ang and his subordinates were stunned. Out of all the spies, none of them switched sides. While some of them were captured and killed, a majority of them had committed suicide.

What kind of methods did Diwu Qing Rou employ in order to produce a group of highly loyal and trained professionals as such? Especially the last spy who confessed of his own accord despite knowing he was going to die remained calm and smiled.

Chu Yang looked at all the bodies which laid on the ground and his countenance was grim. How many more of such people did Diwu Qing Rou still have at his disposal? He suddenly realised how great Diwu Qing Rou and how large of an obstacle he would be.

Although he was already aware that Diwu Qing Rou was incredibly intelligent and powerful, after today's events, he was forced to re-evaluate Diwu Qing Rou even more highly!

He was truly an unprecedented rival!

Chu Yang smiled faintly and began to gather his thoughts. He looked at the remainder of his people and said, "Those who are still here, there is… Well, the evidence that I currently have is still far too inadequate so we will put a pause to the purge today. In any case, there will not be any missions in the near future. I hope that the remainder of the spies will leave Bu Tian Pavilion on their own. As for those who are currently in contact with Diwu Qing Rou's compatriots but still remain undecided on their decision on who to support, I hope that you will make it swiftly!"

He took a small pause and slowly continued, "Bu Tian Pavilion was only founded recently. The reason that you people had come here was to use your own effort to make your own fortune and help your families live a better life. However, spying might not be such a wise decision to do. If you leave on your own now, I shall not pursue any further. However, anyone who comes to me of their own volition will not only not be punished but will be rewarded! I guarantee it! Other than not pursuing the matter any further, I will ensure that those people will keep their secret!"

At this point, his gaze swept over the dozens of people below. One by one, as his gaze fell upon them, they felt as if they were being watched by a poisonous snake!

This sent a cold chill down their spines.

"I will only give each of you from now until midnight." Chu Yang said without a hint of emotion, "From the Pavilion Lord onwards, two people will come and have a chat with me every quarter of an hour. By dawn tomorrow, those who still remain on the fence will be eliminated. There will not be any mercy!"

"Pavilion Lords, do you have anything to add?" Chu Yang turned and asked.

His question was simply a false courtesy to appease the two. He did not expect both of them to say anything. However, Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong immediately stepped forward and answered, "Whatever the minister decides, we will follow!"

Chu Yang smiled with satisfaction, "If that's the case, let's start. I will be waiting inside."

With that, he casually stood up and walked away.

After Chu Yang left, everyone simultaneously stood up with all eyes on his back.

"This Minister is really powerful!" someone whispered.

"True, this insight and this intelligence are really incomparable. I might not have done anything against my conscience, yet when he looked at me, I felt guilty."

"Yes! Yes! I also had that feeling."

"What is his cultivation level?" one person wondered.

"Forget it. Don't try to poke into things you don't understand! With just his intelligence alone, would it matter if the Minister did not know any martial arts? Do you not see Diwu Qing Rou?"

"You're right!"

"Having said that, it seems that the Minister does not even know any martial arts. His appearance seems gallant, but also weak. I am quite sure he will grow to become a handsome individual. Despite having such a weak physique, one glance was enough to send chills over the whole body!"



Everyone was still deep in conversation when Cheng Zi Ang stood up and walked into the room that Chu Yang entered. Behind him, everyone was guessing how many people would remain after the purge was complete.

"It is impossible to guess! Nine of them were spies and all of them dead! Also, all of those nine guys lived in the same place as us every day, and yet I failed to notice anything suspicious."

"Ahhh… To be completely honest, this minister has really saved our lives. When I went out on missions… Ahh…"

"You got that right. After hearing what you said, a chill ran down my back!"

A short while later, Cheng Zi Ang emerged from the room and his gaze shifted back and forth. Chen Yu Tong then sighed and went in after.

"Look, it seems that the two Pavilion Lords have yielded. Since the founding of Bu Tian Pavilion until now, they have not submitted to anyone other than Prince Tie Bu Tian. This minister is really no ordinary individual…"

"Are you kidding? Currently, the whole world is fighting for power. An individual's strength can only rule one region, but superior intelligence can rule the world. How could these two things even be compared? Being subservient to someone like the Minister, at least we won't die in vain!"

"Well said."