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68 Absolute Sincerity

Chu Yang nearly fainted.

All I wanted to do was to use these blades as bait. How did it turn into me selling the dreams of the warriors across the entire world? There's no need to be this serious, right? If I were to simply sell these blades, then I would become the enemy of all the world's martial artists?

If that were the case… then this life would be no longer worth living!

Chu Yang was quiet for a moment. He finally came up with an idea, "Gu Du Xing, why do you wish to pawn your beloved sword?"

"I… I need to eat!" Gu Du Xing had no idea why his other side began to show as his mind was slow to react.

"Yes, you need to eat, hence you wanted to pawn the very sword that you treasure more than your life." Chu Yang nodded and pointed at himself, saying, "What about me? Did you consider that I have to feed myself as well? I will die of hunger if I were to not eat as well! Do you understand that I'm just like you?"

"I have no other skill. If I don't sell swords, where would I get the money to feed myself? Am I supposed to eat other humans?" Chu Yang questioned furiously. He felt more dignified with each sentence. The shouting got louder and his saliva nearly got onto Gu Du Xing's face.

Unbeknownst to Gu Du Xing, Chu Yang was spouting nonsense! How could he be worried about feeding himself when the plaque outside his door was made from pure gold and silver? Gu Du Xing had either failed to notice the plaque or remember it. He was at a loss for words as he noticed Chu Yang's distressed appearance.

It was only then, did he realize that this man, who was standing right in front of him, had to feed himself.

"Even though you have not displayed your martial prowess, I can tell that you have a certain set of skills." Gu Du Xing finally came up with the words to speak, "Why do you not steal or rob using your skills? That would at least allow you to fill your stomach, right? That is much better than selling these divine weapons!"

"Your mother's fart!" Chu Yang bellowed with indignation, "Am I, Chu Yang, one of those? Your words are an insult to my existence and spirit! It is a slander to my determination and a defamation of my character! I thought that you were a nobleman, but I never knew that you were such a person! Bah!"

His last words were practically 'sprayed out' of his mouth.

Gu Du Xing's face was covered with Chu Yang's saliva.

Gu Du Xing had just questioned Chu Yang's worth in the same way that Chu Yang had questioned his initially. Previously, Gu Du Xing had told him off for questioning him. However, it was now his turn to repay him back with interest for the question that he had just asked him! Chu Yang couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction in his heart.

Goddamn, who would ever dare to criticize the Soaring Dragon Sword King as such in his previous or current life? I actually dared to!

In an instant, Gu Du Xing became slightly ashamed of himself as he recalled his previous reply to Chu Yang. Needless to say, one should not do things to others, what one would not do to oneself. How could he have expected this honest youth to do what he would not do?

What Gu Du Xing didn't know was that the shop that he was sitting in, from head to toe and from the interior to the exterior, was funded entirely by the money that Chu Yang had stolen. He could not help but admire him. Chu Yang was seen by him as a real man with conviction and resolve!

Afterall, was there not a saying that goes, 'on no road, are you alone'? Who said that my beliefs are foolish? Isn't this a fellow traveler in front of my very eyes? Out of nowhere, Gu Du Xing felt that he could get along really well with the youth before his eyes though he had been chided aggressively by him.

It was the feeling of meeting a kindred spirit.

But… even if it were for food… Gu Du Xing looked at the blades and his felt an extreme pain in his heart. The thought that such divine weapons had to be sold tore at his heart and his facial muscles twitched.

This was not a pawnshop. The weapons would be completely gone once sold.

"This… how about adopting a greater perspective?" Gu Du Xing asked carefully, "Elder Brother Chu, the least we could do is to seek a good home for these precious swords since we are people who love swords, assuming money is not that tight as of yet. I mean, if you can at least still keep living…"

Chu Yang rolled his eyes and exhaled.

"Otherwise, what do you think should be done?" Gu Du Xing was dazed.

"How about this? I will give you custody of these weapons and you could sell them on my behalf." Chu Yang suddenly had a moment of inspiration. He could not help but become exhilarated at the idea, "You have nothing to do anyway. Why don't you just become my employee here? In this way, you wouldn't need to pawn your sword anymore, while being able to fill your stomach and having a roof to live under. Most importantly, you can find a suitable master for these divine weapons, instead of letting them gather dust here. This is a win-win situation for the both of us. Elder Brother Gu, what do you think?"

"Uh?" Gu Du Xing was puzzled. He could not fathom how he was about to become someone else's employee with just a few words.

However… this seemed like a feasible plan. His reason for leaving home alone was simply to escape. Since his purpose was to escape, did it not mean that escaping to any place constituted to escaping nonetheless?

As he thought about the reason why he ran away from home, Gu Du Xing let out a deep sigh. Ahhh… what should I do now?

"What? Do you not agree?" Chu Yang asked nervously.

It's not that I don't agree, but…" Gu Du Xing appeared to have something that he could not share.

"Since you don't disagree, then it's settled." Chu Yang interrupted him and continued, "Elder Brother Gu, we are one family from henceforth. Everything you say will count in this store! We will sell the weapons to whoever you decide we should sell them to. Ah, you see, I don't actually know much about this line of work anyway…"

Chu Yang's remark was the truth, for he didn't quite comprehend this line of work. Furthermore, he had no qualms in making this comment to compel Gu Du Xing to stay.

How can you ever run out of the center of my palm so long as you stay? Will you be able to not care about the store if something happens to it? Should you dare to not care about the store, then I'll see to it that your heart aches as you observe me hand these swords to some beggars! With the Nine Tribulation Sword in my hands, my heart will not ache. I can make as many more swords as I want…

As a result, Gu Du Xing was misled by Chu Yang's honeyed words and outrageous lies. He decided to stay and became Chu Yang's employee. Although he was already this old, this was the first time that he had ever left his home. Furthermore, he had sneaked out and had no Jiang Hu experience to rely on. There was no other path for him, for he had fallen into the trap set by Chu Yang, an old fox who had experienced two lifetimes.

One had to agree that the young ones were really good… hehe, good and easy to dupe…

The ultimate reason why Gu Du Xing was easy to deceive was that he simply could not see through Chu Yang's cultivation. Naturally, anyone whose cultivation could not be seen through by Gu Du Xing had the skill level that was higher than his own. Considering that he had become the employee of an expert and had achieved his purpose of escaping from his family… it didn't seem to be all too bad and it was not shameful either.

As he devoured the food that Chu Yang had brought out for him, Chu Yang had neatly prepared a room for Gu Du Xing for the night.

Only after the night had passed, Gu Du Xing was puzzled and asked Chu Yang, "There's something that isn't right…"

"What is it?" Chu Yang rubbed his temples and thought, could it be that this guy's brain started working out of nowhere?

"Elder Brother Chu, besides providing food and shelter, what about my wages? Gu Du Xing gazed at him and continued, "You can't expect me to work for free right? After all, I'm a sword… uh, at least I deserve a few silvers every month right?"

It appeared that deep down, Gu Du Xing was still reluctant…

Chu Yang was perplexed for a moment, before he said," Elder Brother Gu, there are two cabinets in your room, did you notice them?"

Gu Du Xing nodded his head.

"All my belongings are in those cabinets and they're not locked." Chu Yang displayed a look of sincerity. "Elder Brother Gu, although we've only just met, I am entrusting you with all my lifelong belongings since we could hit it off from the very beginning."

Gu Du Xing hesitated for a moment, then turned and ran into the room.

After a short moment, screaming sounds came from the room.

The young master of the Gu family was utterly touched and ran out with shaky hands, "Elder Brother Chu… you, you actually trust me this much…"