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Transcending the Nine Heavens

Author:Fenglin Tianxia

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Updates:Chapter 723: The Calculative Mo Tian Ji

Chu Yang, the Ninth Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, sacrificed almost everything he had for the sake of improving his martial arts, including the love of his life. After spending three years locating the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, he was ambushed by all sides at that very place. Mortally injured with no means of escape, Chu Yang executed a sacrificial technique by plunging the Nine Tribulations Sword into his very own heart. “With the blood of my heart, ten thousand tribulations will collapse!” After witnessing the death of all his ambushers, Chu Yang’s vision began to darken. At a distance, moments before his death, he saw the mastermind who had plotted his downfall — Mo Tian Ji, the elder brother of his beloved. With that, his eyes finally closed. However, with a start, Chu Yang once again awoke to find that he had returned to when he was sixteen years of age! Furthermore, the Sword Spirit of the Nine Tribulations Sword now resided within his Dantian, the energy center of his body! From that very moment, Chu Yang would then begin to right all of his past regrets, and carve his very own legend by fulfilling his destiny as the final Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and defeating the Heavenly Devils beyond the realm of the Nine Heavens Continent.
《Transcending the Nine Heavens》 Text
Chapter 1 – Should there be another life, we will dance under the Heavens
Chapter 2 – From the beginning once again, how much of the good and beautiful can I not let go?
Chapter 3 – Hypocrite
Chapter 4 – Secret Behind The Nine Tribulations Sword
Chapter 5 – The Heavens And Earth Do Not Shift, Neither Does The Stone Turn Amidst The Flowing River!
Chapter 6 – A New Opportunity For The Spring And Autumn Elixir After Twists And Turns
Chapter 7 – Eldest Martial Brother Has A Stomach Cramp?
Chapter 8 – Golden Blood Herb
Chapter 9 – The True Master of Nine Tribulations Sword
Chapter 10 – I am not as petty as you
Chapter 11 – I’m the victim, right?
Chapter 12 – The Grievances of the Victim
Chapter 13 – Woes fall on another
Chapter 14 – What does this have to do with me?
Chapter 15 – Perilous Situation
Chapter 16 – Plum flowers bloom in the frost
Chapter 17 – Sword training is for killing
Chapter 18 – Mysterious Origin
Chapter 19 –Pure Purple Jade Essence
Chapter 20 – Trouble finds it way
Chapter 21 – How about you let me help you?
Chapter 22 – Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique
Chapter 23 – Ulterior motives
Chapter 24 – Finding happiness in helping others
Chapter 25 – This disciple was not ordinary
Chapter 26 – Honing skills in Jiang Hu
Chapter 27 – Crown Prince Bu Tian
Chapter 28 – Overbearing Supervisor
Chapter 29 – Wolf’s heart and Dog’s lung
Chapter 30 – In this life, there are some mistakes you should not make
Chapter 31 – Breakthrough
Chapter 32 – Meridian purification
Chapter 33 – Mole
Chapter 34 – Impossible to unravel
Chapter 35 – Diwu Qing Rou
Chapter 36 – Why can’t history be changed?
Chapter 37 – Invert Fate
Chapter 38 – Killed too soon
Chapter 39 – Chu Yang’s Condition
Chapter 40 – Seven Shades Congregation Grounds
Chapter 41 – The Sword Point Has Returned Home
Chapter 42 – The World Was in Shock
Chapter 43 – Activating Cold Energy
Chapter 44 – Divine Chi Gathering Fish
Chapter 45 – On this road, I will certainly overturn the Nine Heavens!
Chapter 46 – It Starts Now
Chapter 47 – Oscar Winning Performance
Chapter 48 – Controlling the Power of Fire, the Divine Clan
Chapter 49 – Incredible Sword Move
Chapter 50 – Bring the Killing into the Forest
Chapter 51 – Capture the Leader to Defeat the Enemy
Chapter 52 – You kill him and I’ll kill him
Chapter 53 – The Nine Tribulations Sword’s Contempt
Chapter 54 – Breakthrough Once Again
Chapter 55 – Not long at all, eighteen thousand years should be enough
Chapter 56 – There’s nothing it cannot swallow
Chapter 57 – Reaching Iron Cloud
Chapter 58 – A meeting outside of fate
Chapter 59 – A duel
Chapter 60 – The prince’s tears
Chapter 61 – Pirate Ma Tuo Zi
Chapter 62 – Easy money
Chapter 63 – Heavenly Armament Pavilion: Only Open to Those with Money
Chapter 64 – Strange Youth
Chapter 65 – Investigate Chu Yang
Chapter 66 – Gu Du Xing
Chapter 67 – Are you still human?
Chapter 68 – Absolute sincerity
Chapter 69 – One clap creates a legend
Chapter 70 – The story of Gu Miao Ling
Chapter 71 – Revered Berserker Sword Technique
Chapter 72 – Strange young lady
Chapter 73 – Buying it with your life, is it enough?
Chapter 74 – The real meaning of “heavenly armament”
Chapter 75 – Step by step revelation
Chapter 76 – Diwu Qing Rou’s strength
Chapter 77 – An unbelievable cooperation
Chapter 78 – Right or wrong, let history be the judge
Chapter 79 – Even if it has already scarred over, it must be uncovered
Chapter 80 – What’s a brother?
Chapter 81 – The prince’s invitation
Chapter 82 – A head to head with the prince
Chapter 83 – To end foreign invasion, internal pacification comes first
Chapter 84 – As long as you are useful, I will meet all of your demands
Chapter 85 – Adjunct Minister
Chapter 86 – The new official must show off his authority
Chapter 87 – In the future, we won’t stay here
Chapter 88 – Finding spies
Chapter 89 – Spinning silk from cocoons
Chapter 90 – Cleaning out Bu Tian Pavilion
Chapter 91 – Hard and soft
Chapter 92 – Fully seize power
Chapter 93 – Tie Bu Tian’s wait
Chapter 94 – Defeated
Chapter 95 – Emerald Flow Lake’s side
Chapter 96 – Breakthrough, breakthrough
Chapter 97 – Gentle Force of water
Chapter 98 – To kill or not to kill
Chapter 99 – Bu Tian Pavilion in action
Chapter 100 – Minister Chu
Chapter 101 – King of Hell Chu
Chapter 102 – Too clean, not good
Chapter 103 – Suspicions everywhere
Chapter 104 – Dark Night Challenger
Chapter 105 – Just do it
Chapter 106 – Undecipherable
Chapter 107 – Make the move! Slaughter the Sun
Chapter 108
Chapter 109 – She is my life!
Chapter 110 – Bitter? Not bitter
Chapter 111 – She is your weakness
Chapter 112 – Mo family clan
Chapter 113 – Uncle Chu Yang
Chapter 114 – Chu Yang’s impulsiveness
Chapter 115 – A glimmer of hope
Chapter 116 – Diwu Qing Rou’s note
Chapter 117 – Grave situation
Chapter 118 – Staying won’t work, leaving is not okay
Chapter 119 – Calculating to death
Chapter 120 – King of Hell Chu’s Fury
Chapter 121 – Reminder
Chapter 122 – Would you dare to make a bet?
Chapter 123 – The mind of a powerful person
Chapter 124 – Strategy! Would Diwu Qing Rou fall for it?
Chapter 125 – Flirting with girls is too difficult…
Chapter 126 – Asking for a betting debt
Chapter 127 – Minister Chu is as bright as a full moon
Chapter 128 – Glib tongue
Chapter 129 – King of Hell Chu is loyal until death
Chapter 130 – Breakthrough to Martial Artist
Chapter 131 – Cursing and flattering
Chapter 132 – Archenemy
Chapter 133 – Hotshot
Chapter 134 – Dreaming of a gentle dance, who needs earthly fame and fortune
Chapter 135 – A small gift for little sister
Chapter 136 – Who has the advantage?
Chapter 137 – Gu Du Xing’s invitation
Chapter 138 – I won’t be the only one defrauded!
Chapter 139 – King of Hell Chu’s origin!
Chapter 140 – Information extraction
Chapter 141 – Captured
Chapter 142 – Escape
Chapter 143 – The real master appears
Chapter 144 – A battle of Kings
Chapter 145 – Mutual destruction
Chapter 146 – If you’re going to leave, leave quickly!
Chapter 147 – Boom! Boom! Boom!
Chapter 148 – One spot of cold light radiates over a vast area
Chapter 149 – Suspicion
Chapter 150 – Diwu Qing Rou’s deduction
Chapter 151 – Studious Minister Chu
Chapter 152 – Coming right to the door to get hustled
Chapter 153 – Set the net and wait for fish
Chapter 154 – Gu Du Xing returns
Chapter 155 – Rebellion
Chapter 156 – Based on what?
Chapter 157 – A gamble
Chapter 158 – The “intelligence” of Saber King
Chapter 159 – Grieving Saber King arrives
Chapter 160 – Diwu Qing Rou’s miscalculation
Chapter 161 – Extreme breakthrough is that easy!
Chapter 162 – Initial persuasion
Chapter 163 – Cousins
Chapter 164 – I want true martial brothers
Chapter 165 – I hope to have…
Chapter 166 – Kong Shang Xin in action
Chapter 167 – Prison raid
Chapter 168 – Fighting “hard”
Chapter 169 – How could this be?
Chapter 170 – Battle report
Chapter 171 – Playing a little
Chapter 172 – You are all currently in grave danger
Chapter 173 – Two schemes to lure snakes out of their holes are deployed at the same time
Chapter 174 – Intentional bump
Chapter 175 – Three King level masters lose together
Chapter 176 – Brother Chu Yang, did you feel anything yet?
Chapter 177 – A man’s ambition in life is to control the world!
Chapter 178 – Scheming cannot beat a great change
Chapter 179 – Working with thugs to search the whole citadel
Chapter 180 – Blow the water of Nine Heavens dry with my purple jade flute
Chapter 181 – Master the world
Chapter 182 – I have my own way
Chapter 183 – I would like to invite you for a drink
Chapter 184 – A single promise
Chapter 185 – For you, I will trample the Nine Heavens
Chapter 186 – Get drunk for you
Chapter 187 – The frightening King of Hell Chu
Chapter 188 – You Yun’s luck
Chapter 189 – Start the operation
Chapter 190 – Flood King level leaders out
Chapter 191 – Even with nothing left, we will not hesitate to fight!
Chapter 192 – Surround and kill King level leaders!
Chapter 193 – The end of the road
Chapter 194 – Don’t let me die with regrets
Chapter 195 – Wrong and right
Chapter 196 – Tormenting Tie Bu Tian
Chapter 197 – Unexpected robbing and killing
Chapter 198 – King of Hell Chu roars
Chapter 199 – The Emperor’s summon
Chapter 200 – Number one beauty, pinnacle of power, wealth of a nation… stay
Chapter 201 – Be a free person of the mountains and the rivers
Chapter 202 – Robbing on the road
Chapter 203 – Domineering second young master Luo
Chapter 204 – Abnormal strength
Chapter 205 – Deadly threat
Chapter 206 – Holding hands and being friends
Chapter 207 – A powerful force unexpectedly comes
Chapter 208 – Successive breakthroughs
Chapter 209 – Fresh hot third brother
Chapter 210 – We will be together
Chapter 211 – The brotherhood forms
Chapter 212 – I don’t mind!
Chapter 213 – A lifetime of searching in regret
Chapter 214 – Emperor level master
Chapter 215 – Battle of words
Chapter 216 – Mo Tian Yun
Chapter 217 – A clan conference, the nightmare begins
Chapter 218 – My saber…
Chapter 219 – A heavy blow
Chapter 220 – I want Brother Chu Yang
Chapter 221 – An eye for an eye
Chapter 222 – House of Exceptional Beauties
Chapter 223 – The mysterious person in blue
Chapter 224 – Three masters, one zither master
Chapter 225 – One melody to see reincarnation
Chapter 226 – Reincarnation, lost love
Chapter 227 – Three questions to stir the leader
Chapter 228 – Minister Chu? Big Brother Chu!
Chapter 229 – We are Bamboo people
Chapter 230 – You are not worthy
Chapter 231 – King of Hell Chu makes another move
Chapter 232 – A great gift
Chapter 233 – This failure was well-deserved
Chapter 234 – Was it King of Hell Chu?
Chapter 235 – A series of deadly ploys
Chapter 236 – Breakthrough
Chapter 237 – Nine Tribulations space
Chapter 238 – The second fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword, sword edge
Chapter 239 – That damn Nine Tribulations Sword master
Chapter 240 – Nine tribulations fate?
Chapter 241 – I have to go to Great Zhao!
Chapter 242 – Dong Wu Shang returns
Chapter 243 – Chu Yang’s killing intent
Chapter 244 – Sharpening blades and aiming at the center of the continent
Chapter 245 – This situation cannot be removed
Chapter 246 – Changes at Beyond the Heavens Sect
Chapter 247 – Tan Tan’s power
Chapter 248 – Life and death crisis
Chapter 249 – Gu Du Xing’s speculation
Chapter 250 – Don’t belittle forever
Chapter 251 – Hanging by a thread
Chapter 252 – Thunderous attack
Chapter 253 – This cannot be…
Chapter 254 – This is a parting
Chapter 255 – Ask the Heavens Sword Saint’s sword, Underworld Saber Saint’s saber
Chapter 256 – Wind and rain from all directions gather at Continent Center
Chapter 257 – Adding fuel
Chapter 258 – Deep foresight
Chapter 259 – Diwu Qing Rou’s headache
Chapter 260 – Chaos
Chapter 261 – The fantastic Ask the Heavens Sword
Chapter 262 – Ahwooh…
Chapter 263 – Strange swordsman
Chapter 264 – Envy and hatred
Chapter 265 – Emperors of two nations
Chapter 266 – Diwu Qing Rou’s big opportunity
Chapter 267 – I was wrong about this
Chapter 268 – Welcoming honored guests
Chapter 269 – The heirs of Middle Three Heavens
Chapter 270 – Mo Tian Yun’s counterattack
Chapter 271 – Chu clan’s young masters?
Chapter 272 – You want to try? I also want to try.
Chapter 273 – Eternal splendor, sun and moon shine together
Chapter 274 – The great clans react
Chapter 275 – Beyond the Heavens Sect is not well
Chapter 276 – The black robe is still here, you are still here
Chapter 277 – Two powers collide (1)
Chapter 278 – Two powers collide (2)
Chapter 279 – Two powers collide (3)
Chapter 280 – Detonation
Chapter 281 – Chaos in Continent Center
Chapter 282 – Evil move
Chapter 283 – A sword like thunder
Chapter 284 – You fight, I take
Chapter 285 – He died; I killed him!
Chapter 286 – Truly a good saber…
Chapter 287 – Getting out in time
Chapter 288 – Such brothers are hard to find
Chapter 289 – The big move: Capture King of Hell Chu
Chapter 290 – Where is he?
Chapter 291 – Little people change history
Chapter 292 – King of Hell Chu’s letter is priceless!
Chapter 293 – The sword’s chaos begins
Chapter 294 – The Sword pierces through the Golden Horse Riders Department!
Chapter 295 – Destroying the base!
Chapter 296 – The origins of Bright Moon Lake
Chapter 297 – Diwu Qing Rou’s purging
Chapter 298 – Brothers bid farewell
Chapter 299 – Xiao Wu, you must stay happy!
Chapter 300 – Blast! Full on blast!
Chapter 301 – My heart has been frozen sealed!
Chapter 302 – The deeds of my brother, If I don’t assume it, who will?!
Chapter 303 – Gu Miao Ling!
Chapter 304 – Sister Xiao Miao, be my wife!
Chapter 305 – For the sake of love, I’ll wait! I’ll fight on!
Chapter 306 – Woah! Master!
Chapter 307 – Hero saving a Damsel in distress
Chapter 308 – A peculiar composition
Chapter 309 – A truly domineering woman!
Chapter 310 – A daughter drinking Nu’er Hong
Chapter 311 – Tie Bu Tian’s resolution
Chapter 312
Chapter 313 – Who is best at disguise?!
Chapter 314 – Young Master Yu
Chapter 315 – I must know this! –
Chapter 316 – The history of the Nine Tribulations Sword
Chapter 317 – Hypothesis? What Hypothesis?
Chapter 318 – How Can This Be Possible?
Chapter 319 – Your Road is Already Different!
Chapter 320 – You’re my Fourth Master?
Chapter 321 – King of Hell Chu receives presents!
Chapter 322 – Divides the Booty
Chapter 323 – To the heart’s content
Chapter 324 – Respective Breakthroughs!
Chapter 325 – At just the right time
Chapter 326 – This Wound is Very Strange Ah?
Chapter 327 – Made a fortune! So refreshing!
Chapter 328 – Only this group — no other
Chapter 329 – For Gentleman a Word, For Swift Horse a Whip!
Chapter 330 – Diwu Qing Rou’s fury!
Chapter 331 – Who Says That This Life is Without Regrets?
Chapter 332 – Who Would Dare Stop Me If I Were to Murder You?
Chapter 333 – A freak combination of circumstances
Chapter 334 – Because She Cannot Stand Such Opponents!
Chapter 335: The Demonic-sounding King Level Master Jun Qing Yang
Chapter 336: Breakthrough — Once Again!
Chapter 337: Diwu Qing Rou in action
Chapter 338: Clouds of War Linger
Chapter 339: This is Diwu Qing Rou!
Chapter 340: Poisonous Flood Dragon!
Chapter 341: Slaughtering the Flood Dragon!
Chapter 342: Nine Tribulations Sword — the Third Fragment!
Chapter 343: Sword Spine’s Homecoming!
Chapter 344: The Stars Change their Positions and the Blue Dome of Heaven is Dyed Blood-Red!
Chapter 345: Complete Chaos
Chapter 346: Tan Tan’s Predestined Love
Chapter 347: Chance Encounter
Chapter 348: Luo Ke Di and Tan Tan Meet for the First Time
Chapter 349: Surname ‘Tan’ — Given Name ‘Tan’
Chapter 350: Strange Three Stars Divine Clan
Chapter 351: Making The First Move Is An Advantage
Chapter 352: Spirit Control Method
Chapter 353: He Must Do It
Chapter 354: Bitterly Tricked
Chapter 355: Infiltrates!
Chapter 356: Insidious!
Chapter 357: Kill Chu Yang Today; Start Conquering the Land Tomorrow!
Chapter 358: Orchid Heart Chasing Soul — The Fragrance That Floats For Five Thousand Kilometer!
Chapter 359: Watch How I Ride-Away With Your Mighty Force!
Chapter 360: Even the Death Will Not Be In Vain
Chapter 361: You Are a Spy
Chapter 362: Life or Death — One Must Be Courageous!
Chapter 363: Brazenly towards the First Mountain Pass!
Chapter 364: Disappearing into the Mountain-Forest to Search for Elixirs
Chapter 365: Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng!
Chapter 366: The only way out!
Chapter 367: What Harm is there in Slaughtering the Entire World?
Chapter 368: A Sword Charges at Ten Thousand Soldiers!
Chapter 369: Don’t Restrain the Blade when Beheading the Entire World!
Chapter 370: A Man, a Sword and Easy Work
Chapter 371: Jing Meng Hun Arrives Late
Chapter 372: Killing a Person is Fine; Committing Such an Outrageous Act is Out of Question!
Chapter 373: Wolves!
Chapter 374: The Clouds of War Gather!
Chapter 375: What to do!
Chapter 376: Initiates Attack On His Own Accord!
Chapter 377: The Misery of Bai Chang Tian!
Chapter 378: A Four-Thousand-Kilometres-Long-Road of Life and Death
Chapter 379: I’ll Stay Alive, and I’ll Toy with You Till You Die; Believe Me or Not?!
Chapter 380: Supreme Commander, I’m Being Wronged...
Chapter 381: Tie Bu Tian Waits
Chapter 382: Diwu Goes to War!
Chapter 383: The Enemy is Close
Chapter 384: Staggering at Every Step
Chapter 385: Mysterious Ice Jade Paste; Nine Tribulations Pill Accomplished!
Chapter 386: Innate Body!
Chapter 387: King of Hell Chu’s Influence
Chapter 388: Accomplish the Whole Task at a Stroke?!
Chapter 389: Rush… Rush… Rush… ah...
Chapter 390: Burn the Mountain to Burn the Imminent Doom
Chapter 391: A Treasure from Head-to-Toe
Chapter 392: An Unexpected Disaster
Chapter 393: An Unexpected Rescue from Danger
Chapter 394: Guard the Icy Heart… for whom? For whom are these Jade Bones?
Chapter 395: Deliberate Misunderstanding!
Chapter 396: Friends?
Chapter 397: She is Unique and Unmatched!
Chapter 398: A Failed Hero Often Sighs, and A Young Woman’s Heart Often Experiences Twists and Turns
Chapter 399: I’m a Sword King!
Chapter 400: Withdraw your Soldiers… Be Obedient and Withdraw your Soldiers
Chapter 401: What Do You Mean?
Chapter 402: Doesn’t it look like…? Doesn’t it look like…?
Chapter 403: This is the Backstory!
Chapter 404: Heaven Shakes and Earth Moves
Chapter 405: The Gods Fight… the Mortals Suffer a Calamity?
Chapter 406: You Can Rest Assured… We Will Take Good Care of Her
Chapter 407: Push… Push…
Chapter 408: Everyone Buried Alive
Chapter 409: Sword Spirit Wakes Up
Chapter 410: Mysterious Yang Jade Essence
Chapter 411: King of Hell Chu Commands the Army!
Chapter 412: Calling Me ‘Daddy’ is Useless!
Chapter 413: What Does It Mean to Get Rid of Somebody Once He Has Served His Purpose?
Chapter 414: Thank Heavens for He Came Back!
Chapter 415: Isn’t This What You Want?
Chapter 416: I’m Already a Legend!
Chapter 417: Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin
Chapter 418: Unusual Transformation in the Sky’s Appearance!
Chapter 419: The Minister is Shocked!
Chapter 420: Stupid C*nt, Are You Tired?
Chapter 421: The Moment of Decisive Battle?
Chapter 422: What is Diwu Qing Rou Doing Here?
Chapter 423: Let’s Talk Frankly and Openly!
Chapter 424: Condition!
Chapter 425: A Foolproof Plan!
Chapter 426: The Decisive Battle Begins!
Chapter 427: Diwu Departs
Chapter 428: Who Was the One Who I?
Chapter 429: Bu Tian Pavilion Vs Golden Horse Riders Department
Chapter 430: Proposes Marriage?
Chapter 431: I Become Your Wife, and You Also Become My Wife?
Chapter 432: How Can Such A Thing Happen in the World?
Chapter 433: The Hero who Controls the World Dreams to See Soldiers and Swords No More
Chapter 434: She Was Called Little Tian Tian
Chapter 435: Leaves on a Long Journey!
Chapter 436: Arrives in the Middle Heaven
Chapter 437: Mo Qing Wu's Last Hope!
Chapter 438: Big Brother Chu Yang, Please Come Soon ah...
Chapter 439: The Middle Three Heavens is in Chaos!
Chapter 440: Botches the Blame onto Someone Else!
Chapter 441: Meets Chu Fei Ling for the First Time
Chapter 442: The Path of the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master!
Chapter 443: Obey Me, and Prosper; Defy Me, and Perish!
Chapter 444: Saber Emperor Wages War!
Chapter 445: Taking Drastic Measures to Deal with a Situation!
Chapter 446: What Harm is there in Slaughtering the Entire World? Slaughters a Saber Emperor!
Chapter 447: Who’s the Murderer?
Chapter 448: I’m the Murderer; What of It?!
Chapter 449: What a Coincidence… We Are Both Surnamed Chu...
Chapter 450: Isn’t it Just the Mysterious Yang Jade? Thought it’d be Something Great…
Chapter 451: Became Sworn Brothers?!
Chapter 452: A Gift for the First Meeting
Chapter 453: Your Son is Definitely Handsome, Confident and Dashing...
Chapter 454: A Timely Meeting with the Second Master Ji!
Chapter 455: Ji Mo's Romantic Outlook and Love Affair
Chapter 456: Noisy and Chaotic...
Chapter 457: Mo Qing Wu Leaves Home
Chapter 458: I’m Called Jun Xi Zhu!
Chapter 459: It’s Impossible? Even For a Supreme?!
Chapter 460: The Best Treasure of the Nine Heavens?
Chapter 461: My Principle is to Make a Profit!
Chapter 462: I Must Ask Elder Brother Chu Yang...
Chapter 463: I Don’t Feel Any Regret Deep down!
Chapter 464: Whose Child Is It?
Chapter 465: Such a Silly Girl!
Chapter 466: Ruo Lan, Go and Teach That Bastard A Lesson!
Chapter 467: Brothers Reunite!
Chapter 468: Battles Meng Luo!
Chapter 469: Force You to Reveal Your Hidden Trump!
Chapter 470: Breaking the Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique!
Chapter 471: Terrible Rumors
Chapter 472: Whose Victory Are You Betting On?
Chapter 473: Wow! I Want to See Elder Brother Chu Yang!
Chapter 474: King of Hell Chu Participates in Gambling
Chapter 475: I’ll Make You go Bankrupt!
Chapter 476: Tangled and Complicated
Chapter 477: Do Such Brothers Really Exist?
Chapter 478: Saint Level Sparring Partner… Worth it!
Chapter 479: The Power of Dark Bamboo Rules the World!
Chapter 480: Discord Between Brothers
Chapter 481: Cheated You? But How?
Chapter 482: Chu Yang Becomes Furious!
Chapter 483: Reunion
Chapter 484: Elder Brother Chu Yang, I’m so happy
Chapter 485: “Snatch the Wife, Snatch the Wife...”
Chapter 486: Gao Sheng, Do You Dare to Marry?
Chapter 487: Dong Wu Shang versus Li Xiong Tu!
Chapter 488: Gu Du Xing, A Decisive Battle?
Chapter 489: You Got Duped!
Chapter 490: Mo Tian Yun’s Tragedy
Chapter 491: Second Master Ji Enters the Arena!
Chapter 492: Ji Mo’s Decisive Battle!
Chapter 493: You’re My Wife Ahwooh…
Chapter 494: Demands the Gambling Debt!
Chapter 495: Humiliates Mo Tian Yun!
Chapter 496: Various Situations
Chapter 497: The Heaven Armament Pavilion Opens in the Middle Three Heavens!
Chapter 498: Yang Ruo Lan Arrives
Chapter 499: An Accident Arises From Many Causes
Chapter 500: Lets Someone Else Do His Dirty Work
Chapter 501: Cruel and Ungrateful!
Chapter 502: Worse Than A Beast!
Chapter 503: Mo Clan Starts a New Day, and Lets Go Off The Past
Chapter 504: Crap, I Made a Fortune!
Chapter 505: Deal! Deal! All Deals Are Finalized!
Chapter 506: Chu Yang Promises!
Chapter 507: The Real Jasper Flower
Chapter 508: Challenges the Entire Clan Alone!
Chapter 509: Break through at the Same Time!
Chapter 510: Breakthrough to Fourth Grade Sword King!
Chapter 511: She Would Be the Masked Sovereign!
Chapter 512: Lan Mei Xian is Shocked!
Chapter 513: Murderous Intentions and Conspiracies!
Chapter 514: Seeking Riches and Honor in the Middle of Danger!
Chapter 515: Returns with a Full Load!
Chapter 516: Please don’t Hold Back!
Chapter 517: Ambushes the Emperor Level Experts!
Chapter 518: Emperor Level Experts Can Be Killed! A Notion!
Chapter 519: I will become Sister-in-law, Ok?
Chapter 520: Who is the Hunter? Who is the Prey?
Chapter 521: Three Stars Divine Clan? Star Race?
Chapter 522: Ji Mo’s Trap!
Chapter 523: Use Poison against Poison!
Chapter 524: Decisive Battle with Emperor Level Experts!
Chapter 525: Fight for Life and Death!
Chapter 526: Hatred and Kindness in the Heart
Chapter 527: Chu Clan’s Chu Fei Long
Chapter 528: My Sworn Little Brother is Very Ferocious!
Chapter 529: Son? This Can’t be Said so Casually!
Chapter 530: Transcending the Nine Heavens… Starts from Today!
Chapter 531: Tan Tan and the Divine Chi Gathering Fish!
Chapter 532: Young Master Yu’s Misery!
Chapter 533: Heavenly Orchid!
Chapter 534: Super Doomsayer!
Chapter 535: Is it Worth it to Trade Gold for Steamed-bread?
Chapter 536: Saying ‘Don’t Want’ Won’t Work!
Chapter 537: This is a Tragedy
Chapter 538: Two Great Gifted Scholars!
Chapter 539: It’s Your Problem Even If You Regret!
Chapter 540: What is the Way of the Sword Master?
Chapter 541: Heavenly Yin Body, Innate Spiritual Meridians!
Chapter 542: The Goal is Accomplished!
Chapter 543: Green-Rainbow-Blood Snake!
Chapter 544: Indescribably Strange!
Chapter 545: Reforms the Heavenly Armaments!
Chapter 546: Experts Gather!
Chapter 547: So Powerful!
Chapter 548: Unexpected Arrival of Supreme Level Experts?
Chapter 549: The Anger of Supreme!
Chapter 550: Stroke of Luck!
Chapter 551: I’ve Decided to Receive this Apprentice!
Chapter 552: Wind Fox Acknowledges its Master!
Chapter 553: Little Girl Becomes an Apprentice
Chapter 554: Heavenly Armament Pavilion’s Influence Rises in the Wilderness
Chapter 555: Dragon Meat Falls From the Sky!
Chapter 556: I am Looking for a Wife, Not Meat to Eat!
Chapter 557: Kill People in a Way That No One Hears a Sound!
Chapter 558: This Sword is the Best of Ancient and Modern Times!
Chapter 559: I Will Handle Them!
Chapter 560: Behead the Whole World Without Intention, Slaughter the World For No Reason!
Chapter 561: Spare None!
Chapter 562: The Pain of Love
Chapter 563: Tan Tan’s Transformation
Chapter 564: A Wisp of Sword Spirit!
Chapter 565: Battle of Sword Spirits!
Chapter 566: Soul Quenching Spring
Chapter 567: Previous Life and This Life
Chapter 568: Undoes the Knot in His Heart, and Breaks Through!
Chapter 569: The Astonishment of Meng Chao Ran
Chapter 570: Three Strangers!
Chapter 571: King?!
Chapter 572: Super Spendthrift
Chapter 573: Master and Disciples Part Ways
Chapter 574: Brothers, I’m Proud of You!
Chapter 575: Tan Tan and Rui Bu Tong!
Chapter 576: I Will Also Achieve it if you Guys Have!
Chapter 577: Rui Bu Tong’s Breakthrough!
Chapter 578: Magical Nirvana!
Chapter 579: Vent the Anger
Chapter 580: Who is Creating Chaos?
Chapter 581: Tian Ji’s Strategy!
Chapter 582: The Terrifying Master of Calculation and Manipulation!
Chapter 583: Wouldn’t It Be Quick?!
Chapter 584: Kill Yun!
Chapter 585: Panic Permeates!
Chapter 586: The Strong Wind Blows and Causes Ripples in a Spring-Time Pond
Chapter 587: Homeward Bound!
Chapter 588: Ao Xie Yun’s Escape
Chapter 589: Journey to the North!
Chapter 590: Strange Ambush?
Chapter 591: Pissing Leads to Tragedy!
Chapter 592: This is a Misunderstanding!
Chapter 593: Others Are Here!
Chapter 594: Collision with the Domain!
Chapter 595: Wu Shang’s Epiphany!
Chapter 596: Sword Emperor and Saber Emperor
Chapter 597: Please Kill Me if That Day Really Comes!
Chapter 598: Emotional Swordsman’s Heartless Sword!
Chapter 599: The Ultimate Escape Limitation
Chapter 600: Thousand Souls Perish and Scatter
Chapter 601: I Will Make You A Man!
Chapter 602: Ingenious Plan to Cross the River
Chapter 603: You Are A Good Person!
Chapter 604: I Will Take You to the Top of the Nine Heavens!
Chapter 605: Bragging to Swindle
Chapter 606: Escapes Alive From Mortal Danger
Chapter 607: Cross the River and Not Destroy the Bridge Afterwards? Just to Keep You?
Chapter 608: What Offense Did I Commit Against You?
Chapter 609: Cheeks Streaming with Tears!
Chapter 610: Where is the Spark?
Chapter 611: A Storm Rises!
Chapter 612: Bu Tian Gives Birth to a Child
Chapter 613: This is a Nine Tribulations Pill!
Chapter 614: Yang Ruo Lan’s Intuition!
Chapter 615: It Can’t Be So Coincidental, Right?
Chapter 616: Blames Those Heartless Parents!
Chapter 617: Your Sworn Brother!
Chapter 618: I Must Have the Prestige of a Big Brother!
Chapter 619: Son? Grandson?!
Chapter 620: How Can I Destroy Your Happiness!
Chapter 621: Mission 'Caressing Ou'!
Chapter 622: King of Hell’s Banquet!
Chapter 623: I Shall Turn You Into A Ghost. What do you say?
Chapter 624: Are You Watching?
Chapter 625: I’ll Come Up if You Don’t Come Down!
Chapter 626: I Will Trick You to Death!
Chapter 627: Destruction of Ou Clan!
Chapter 628: Such a Quarrelsome But Loving Couple
Chapter 629: The Best Husband and Wife
Chapter 630: The Respective Highlight of One’s Life
Chapter 631: Parting Ways
Chapter 632: Warning
Chapter 633: People of Ao Clan
Chapter 634: I’m the Emperor of A Million Swords!
Chapter 635: You Will Pay the Price for Daring to Provoke my Black Devil Clan!
Chapter 636: The Ones Who Bite the Hand That Feeds Them Must Be Killed!
Chapter 637: “Black Devil! So, It Turned Out To Be You!”
Chapter 638: Mean and Shameless Black Devil!
Chapter 639: Poison!
Chapter 640: Beats Them At Their Own Game, And Exterminates to the Last Man!
Chapter 641: I Regret It A Lot!
Chapter 642: Guide to the World of Poisons
Chapter 643: Gu Du Xing, Let’s Fight!
Chapter 644: Tu Qian Hao’s Epiphany!
Chapter 645: Already Unruffled by the Time I Want to Look Back!
Chapter 646: Sister Xiao Miao, I Came Back!
Chapter 647: Where Am I Fat?
Chapter 648: This Kind of Happiness Doesn’t Come Easy!
Chapter 649: Gu Clan’s Jubilation
Chapter 650: So Passionate and Sincerely Devoted!
Chapter 651: Scolding You to Vent My Anger!
Chapter 652: Two Wins Out of Three Matches!
Chapter 653: Planning Strategies!
Chapter 654: Mo Tian Ji’s Information Network!
Chapter 655: Wu Lei and Wu Shang!
Chapter 656: A Man's Thoughts are Impossible to Get a Grasp On!
Chapter 657: Wu Shang’s Premature Death!
Chapter 658: I’m Heartless Since You’re Immoral!
Chapter 659: The Assassination of Saber Emperor!
Chapter 660: Black Devil! Lurking Behind like an Oriole!
Chapter 661: You’re Not a Hero!
Chapter 662: Life and Death, Elder Brother and Younger Brother!
Chapter 663: Dong Wu Lei’s Negotiations
Chapter 664: Do You Regret?
Chapter 665: Hothead!
Chapter 666: I Appoint you as the Military Advisor of Heavenly Armament Pavilion!
Chapter 667: True Transformation of the Master of Calculation and Manipulation
Chapter 668: A Pair of Beasts!
Chapter 669: Who Will Compensate For My Youth?
Chapter 670: Brother Chu, This Must Be Very Difficult For You
Chapter 671: The Two Supremes Who Hamper a Student’s Progress
Chapter 672: The Battle for the Middle Heavens
Chapter 673: Two Messages
Chapter 674: Father-in-law and Son-in-law Must Not Speak of this Tale…
Chapter 675: Who Provoked the Nine Tribulations Sword Master?!
Chapter 676: Must Feel Proud… Whether in Life or Death!
Chapter 677: No One Can Even Think of Harming Her As Long As I’m Alive!
Chapter 678: You Owe Me Happiness. How Would You Make Up For Its Deficiency?
Chapter 679: Who Dared to Hurt My Brothers?!
Chapter 680: Who Besides Me Is Referred To By This Name?
Chapter 681: Fierce Battle!
Chapter 682: I Focus on What’s Before My Eyes When I Can’t Attend to Everything Simultaneously!
Chapter 683: A Real Man Must Not Take A Wrong Step In His Journey!
Chapter 684: Insidious Minister
Chapter 685: Devil King! Awakens!
Chapter 686: Give Me Back My Tan Tan!
Chapter 687: The Five Killer Tools!
Chapter 688: I Would Rather Rely On Myself Than To Depend On The Heaven, The Earth Or The Ancestors!
Chapter 689: Crazed Sword Spirit!
Chapter 690: Wounded Soul!
Chapter 691: All I Want Is To Be Peaceful
Chapter 692: I'm Sure We'll Meet Again Someday. It’s A Deal!
Chapter 693: “A Good Sword!”
Chapter 694: Devil King and Sword Master
Chapter 695: Who Are You, Who Am I, and Who Is He?
Chapter 696: The Heaven’s Design is in Chaos; Sword Heart is Broken!
Chapter 697: Tian Ji’s Calculation
Chapter 698: Reprieved From Death On The Road To Disaster
Chapter 699: Black Devil’s Wrath
Chapter 700: Met On The Road; The Battle Of The Saber Emperor!
Chapter 701: These Are The People Of Ao Clan!
Chapter 702: Sharing Trials And Tribulations Is Easy, But Sharing Riches And Honor Is Difficult!
Chapter 703: How Can We Not Avenge Our Sons?
Chapter 704: Such a Double Act!
Chapter 705: It Can’t Be That Coincidental, Right?
Chapter 706: Negotiations and Alliance!
Chapter 707: No Choice But to Kill!
Chapter 708: Everyone Has Their Own Take
Chapter 709: The Path of Life and Death, Netherworld Pass!
Chapter 710: I Want to Marry Dong Wu Shang!
Chapter 711: Daughter’s Tears, Black Demon’s Heart!
Chapter 712: In Near Panic!
Chapter 713: Lake of Death, Supreme Awe!
Chapter 714: Girl in White, Mo Lei Er
Chapter 715: All for One More Smile
Chapter 716: Pre-War Preparations, A Terrifying Normalcy
Chapter 717: The Ye Family and the Ye Family
Chapter 718: Waves of Turmoil!
Chapter 719: The Nine Great Clans Are All Here!
Chapter 720: Who Cares About Victory or Defeat? All that Matters Is Life and Death!
Chapter 721: Come and Die!
Chapter 722: If You Respect Me, Kill Me!
Chapter 723: The Calculative Mo Tian Ji