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Trafford is Trading Club

Author:White Jade Of Sunset Mountain

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Updates:Chapter 458: Little Cheese, Hard Life

Luo Qiu became the boss of a ‘club’ by chance. It was a weird club that sold strange items and with a servant girl that had 300 years of working experience. Countless people with dreams, hopes and ambitions came to the club to exchange anything precious they own for what they want. They would offer their lifespan, items, and even their soul. Every successful ...
《Trafford is Trading Club》 Text
Chapter 1: Purchase and Sale
Chapter 2: The Green Hand
Chapter 3: The First Sale
Chapter 4: The Movement
Chapter 5: The Burning Black Card
Chapter 6: Fulfillment of the Transaction
Chapter 7: Welcome to Trafford’s Trading Club
Chapter 8: The 29-year-old Good Mother
Chapter 9: The Mantis Monster and The Jade Token
Chapter 10: The Monster was afraid of Mankind
Chapter 11: The Mantis is Coming!
Chapter 12: The Insect Wasn't a Vegetarian
Chapter 13: The Eclosion
Chapter 14: Graceful Dance
Chapter 15: Gu Yue Zhai (The Antique Shop)
Chapter 16: The Jade Lock and the Black Card
Chapter 17: The Mask
Chapter 18: The Clown with a Black Cane
Chapter 19: It’s Time to Make a Choice
Chapter 20: A Passable Encounter
Chapter 21: The White Jade Token 1st
Chapter 22: The White Jade Token 2nd
Chapter 23: The White Jade Token 3rd
Chapter 24: The White Jade Token 4th
Chapter 25: Generation after Generation
Chapter 26: People Should...NOT Trust Each Other
Chapter 27: Leaving After Acting Cool Is Really Exhilarating!
Chapter 28: Journeys to A Movie King
Chapter 29: Dance Floor and the Black Soul
Chapter 30: Having an Enemy Isn't Always a Bad Thing
Chapter 31: Immemorial Words and Doctors
Chapter 32: The Tremble
Chapter 33: This Is Luo Qiu’s Style
Chapter 34: Black Soul Tai Yinzi
Chapter 35: A Spectacle Evoked By Abundant Imagination
Chapter 36: Go to Hell You Idiot Driver!
Chapter 37: Three Kowtows and the Scene At the Office
Chapter 38: The ‘Martial Artist’
Chapter 39: The Remaining Years
Chapter 40: Ziling
Chapter 41: Tutor Luo Qiu
Chapter 42: Self-Discipline
Chapter 43: Loss of Humanity
Chapter 44: Storage
Chapter 45: The First Workday for the Adorable and New Tai Yinzi 1st
Chapter 46: The First Workday for the Adorable and New Tai Yinzi 2nd
Chapter 47: Would You Like to Hug My Son?
Chapter 48: Giving You the World
Chapter 49: A Romantic Memory
Chapter 50: The Past Appeared to Be A Dream
Chapter 51: The Master Taking Action
Chapter 52: The Replacement
Chapter 53: The Perfume
Chapter 54: Loss of Humanity (The Follow-Up)
Chapter 55: The Account book
Chapter 56: The Girl in the Stuffed Steamed Bun House
Chapter 57: The Young Butterfly, the Young Boss, and the Old Boss
Chapter 58: Don’t Feed A Real Butterfly Monster!
Chapter 59: I’m Just Having a Look
Chapter 60: Once upon a Time, There was a Club That Specially Ate Disobedient Little Monsters
Chapter 61: Addiction
Chapter 62: Have You Had a Taste Yourself?
Chapter 63: No. 18
Chapter 64: The True Meaning Behind the Black Card
Chapter 65: No Choice but to Walk down the Path of a Devil
Chapter 66: Preference
Chapter 67: This Time, I’ll Protect You Instead
Chapter 68: Support
Chapter 69: The Doughty and Well-Informed Mass of Chaoyun Area
Chapter 70: Mo Xiaofei
Chapter 71: I Want to Be a Hero
Chapter 72: Resolution Transfer
Chapter 73: If You Like Him, Say It Out Loud!
Chapter 74: Judgment
Chapter 75: Year after Year, Simple Days
Chapter 76: Castle Amidst the Sea of Flowers
Chapter 77: The Ancient Last Words
Chapter 78: The Vesper
Chapter 79: A Nun Equipped with a Gun is So Cool!
Chapter 80: Entombment
Chapter 81: This Unfair Society, Let Me Maintain Its Justice!
Chapter 82: Small Business
Chapter 83: Can You Get Stronger Without Recharging?
Chapter 84: A Paper Crane is not Able to Fly
Chapter 85: Unanticipated Honey
Chapter 86: The Personally Customized Prison
Chapter 87: Actions Follow the Setting Sun
Chapter 88: Self-Discipline of the Good Servant Girl
Chapter 89: The Accident
Chapter 90: The Criminal Police from France
Chapter 91: The Comforting Place--- A Sixteen-Year-Old’s Sky
Chapter 92: Do… or Do Not?
Chapter 93: That was The Thing, Called Courage
Chapter 94: Bear Those Sins and Move Forward in Awe
Chapter 95: Bones and Singing
Chapter 96: Perhaps that is Heaven?
Chapter 97: An Immortal-Like Lady
Chapter 98: Lifelong Love
Chapter 99: You Are My… Princess
Chapter 100: The Initial… Final Dance
Chapter 101: The Other Side of Prosperity is Loneliness
Chapter 102: Who Stole My Big Gun!
Chapter 103: Breaking the Tao
Chapter 104: Thriving to The Peak
Chapter 105: The Loathed Zhuge
Chapter 106: Human Forming
Chapter 107: A Wonderful Girl from the Sky
Chapter 108: The Missing Professor
Chapter 109: The Friction
Chapter 110: The Horrifying Door
Chapter 111: Let’s Go, to the Steppes
Chapter 112: Take It Easy
Chapter 113: Abrupt Arrival of Business
Chapter 114: Light Wolf
Chapter 115: Double-Deck Underground Palace
Chapter 116: A Leap of Faith
Chapter 117: The Soul in the Bones
Chapter 118: The Clone of Wen-Chi’s Captivity and Return
Chapter 119: Only Wishing to Accompany My Husband Forever
Chapter 120: The Thing that Needed to be Taken Back
Chapter 121: Cutting Meat
Chapter 122: Don’t Get Lost in the Next Life
Chapter 123: Magical Stone
Chapter 124: Burial
Chapter 125: Buying the Time for Staying By Your Side
Chapter 126: Countless Cupid’s Arrows
Chapter 127: Niddering Slave, Go Die
Chapter 128: As Time Passed
Chapter 129: Sitting By My Side
Chapter 130: She’s NOT…Human
Chapter 131: Shattering
Chapter 132: Fairness
Chapter 133: “I Only Care About You”
Chapter 134: The Man with Hope
Chapter 135: I Really Want to See You
Chapter 136: We Will Take Away Your... Soul
Chapter 137: Diamond
Chapter 138: Master Luo
Chapter 139: Pretending to be a Supernatural and… Ghost
Chapter 140: The Weather that Monsters and Demons Love
Chapter 141: The First Night
Chapter 142: Transaction of Kinship
Chapter 143: Half A Hanba① Maiden
Chapter 144: The Second Night, Ghost of The Heart, The Second Ghost
Chapter 145: Reincarnation
Chapter 146: The Penny-Pinching Yang Taizi
Chapter 147: Sound of Ball-Tapping in the Aisle
Chapter 148: The Endless Stairway
Chapter 149: Repetitive Nightmares
Chapter 150: Chasing
Chapter 151: We Had a Promise
Chapter 152: Treasures of 4:15
Chapter 153: Since It’s A Puppet, It Definitely Needs To Be Maintained
Chapter 154: Maintaining You Ye
Chapter 155: You are Too Young
Chapter 156: Encountering Long
Chapter 157: Golden Rule
Chapter 158: Lost Kid
Chapter 159: Finding A Person is Easy
Chapter 160: It’s Not Easy to Find the Heart
Chapter 161: Trials and Hardships
Chapter 162: A Far But Near Place
Chapter 163: The E-mail Received from the Past
Chapter 164: A Sense of Being Fooled
Chapter 165: Brave Japanese Car, Become a Scapegoat!
Chapter 166: This Foreigner is Suspicious
Chapter 167: The Soul that is Worth Being Fond of
Chapter 168: Michael Club
Chapter 169: Craziness
Chapter 170: The Individual Blown Away by The Wind
Chapter 171: The People Blown Away by The Wind(Follow-Up)
Chapter 172: Vanity Fair
Chapter 173: Presence
Chapter 174: Concerto D’Amour
Chapter 175: Moral Principles
Chapter 176: 20 Years’ Road of Trials and Hardships, With This Ditty, Child Go Home
Chapter 177: Good Omen
Chapter 178: Outer Heaven and Freedom
Chapter 179: Downfall
Chapter 180: An Awesome Eristic
Chapter 181: Come From the Same Origin
Chapter 182: Gold and Silver Card
Chapter 183: The Right Method to Operate Cubs of Monsters
Chapter 184: The One with A Heart of The Devil
Chapter 185: The Missing 10 Seconds
Chapter 186: Might Be Gay
Chapter 187: The Fourth Key and the Last True Dragon
Chapter 188: The Only Winner
Chapter 189: Newcomer
Chapter 190: Topnotch Express Delivery
Chapter 191: 26,280 GMT Hours
Chapter 192: Sentiment Is the Most Effective Weapon
Chapter 193: Only For Making This World A Better Place
Chapter 194: Dim Lights
Chapter 195: Its Descendent
Chapter 196: Malevolence
Chapter 197: Kneel Down, Kowtow
Chapter 198: The Fear from the Past Memory
Chapter 199: I’m Good At Utilizing The Dagger
Chapter 200: Wait For the Sunrise
Chapter 201: Come Again
Chapter 202: Two Letters
Chapter 203: The Best Undercover Agent
Chapter 204: A Treasure Blade Does Not Age
Chapter 205: Who Are You!
Chapter 206: Reason for Living
Chapter 207: Customer, Are You Satisfied?
Chapter 208: Thank You…
Chapter 209: Reunion and Separation
Chapter 210: Must Be A Lovely Girl
Chapter 211: Legend& Let Me Make Her Drunk
Chapter 212: Sea, The Aged, and Picture
Chapter 213: Family
Chapter 214: Senior, Hold On Please!
Chapter 215: This was Exactly the Martial Artist's Style!
Chapter 216: Legend 1st
Chapter 217: Legend 2nd
Chapter 218: Taboo
Chapter 219: The Object Covered by the Red-On-White Flag
Chapter 220: We
Chapter 221: Human Hearts are the Coldest
Chapter 222: ‘Curse’ Reappears
Chapter 223: Ways are ALL Blocked
Chapter 224: Panic 1st
Chapter 225: Panic 2nd
Chapter 226: Wickedness and Turbidity
Chapter 227: Smile
Chapter 228: Capture
Chapter 229: Senior’s Wish
Chapter 230: I Plan to Help You
Chapter 231: Insidious Yiyun
Chapter 232: Rescue
Chapter 233: Mutual Trust
Chapter 234: Culprit
Chapter 235: The Truth Hidden in the Past
Chapter 236: The Gap between Now and the Past
Chapter 237: Human Heart is also the Warmest
Chapter 238: The Second Meaning of the Flowers
Chapter 239: Ancient Turtle
Chapter 240: Ancient Civilization
Chapter 241: Protection Fee
Chapter 242: Antonio didn’t Want to Talk to Boss Luo, and Threw a Piece of Mud toward Him
Chapter 243: Leaving Home from Young
Chapter 244: Bigger, Taller and Stronger
Chapter 245: When Antonio met Nikita
Chapter 246: Being Together For A Long Time
Chapter 247: A Man's Promise
Chapter 248: Madman
Chapter 249: The Best Player
Chapter 250: The Lying Mr. K
Chapter 251: I Want To Beat You!
Chapter 252: Unawareness of the Opposite Guy
Chapter 253: We are All Weak
Chapter 254: Too Young, At That Time
Chapter 255: Duel between the Father and the Son
Chapter 256: Sleepy
Chapter 257: Coming Out of the Cage
Chapter 258: The First Day---Moscow
Chapter 259: The Second Day in Russia, Priest
Chapter 260: Take This As A Pleasure
Chapter 261: If Nobody Knows, It’ll be Good for Everyone, Is That Right?
Chapter 262: Would You Like to Eat A Chocolate Bar?
Chapter 263: Blissful Glazed Color
Chapter 264: Black Swan
Chapter 265: Freedom and Clown
Chapter 266: The Magic of You Ye
Chapter 267: Disappearing Painting
Chapter 268: Lots of Money
Chapter 269: Beauty is a Catastrophe
Chapter 270: Failed Witchcraft
Chapter 271: A Lost Aristocrat
Chapter 272: Disguise The Authentic with The Fake
Chapter 273: Masquerade Ball
Chapter 274: The Second Black Swan Seducing Boss Luo
Chapter 275: Urey's Revenge
Chapter 276: Another Auction
Chapter 277: The Vera that Bit Fingers
Chapter 278: Morning Jogger
Chapter 279: Spilled Water
Chapter 280: Start
Chapter 281: A Cat on Hot Bricks
Chapter 282: Clown and Clown
Chapter 283: A Sky-High Price
Chapter 284: Turning Into A Demon
Chapter 285: Wolf’s Tail
Chapter 286: Then, Goodbye
Chapter 287: Suffocation
Chapter 288: Anna
Chapter 289: Net
Chapter 290: Truth Mingled with Falsehood
Chapter 291: Three Gunshots
Chapter 292: Real Avenger
Chapter 293: Member Service
Chapter 294: The Matter Which The Boss Does Not Recommend
Chapter 295: The Wild Werewolf in Front
Chapter 296: Balance 1st
Chapter 297: Balance 2nd
Chapter 298: Scar
Chapter 299: Cover-Up
Chapter 300: ‘Anna’
Chapter 301: An Office that Wasn't Leveled Up.
Chapter 302: Former Site of the Club
Chapter 303: Is This Why You Become A Rich Woman?
Chapter 304: Heresy and the Story on the Train
Chapter 305: Cottage in the Forest
Chapter 306: Weird Man
Chapter 307: Silent Night 1st
Chapter 308: Silent Night 2nd
Chapter 309: Silent night 3rd
Chapter 310: Silent Night 4th
Chapter 311: Silent Night 5th
Chapter 312: Silent Night 6th
Chapter 313: Silent Night 7th
Chapter 314: Late Night Talk 1st
Chapter 315: Late Night Talk 2nd
Chapter 316: Monster
Chapter 317: There is a Monster in Everyone’s Heart
Chapter 318: Beneath the Skin
Chapter 319: No One is Worse Off Than Others
Chapter 320: Lake Water Before the Dawn
Chapter 321: For the New World
Chapter 322: High Weeds around the Grave
Chapter 323: Reasonable Boss Luo
Chapter 324: Border Gate
Chapter 325: Studious Butterfly Monster
Chapter 326: Cram School
Chapter 327: Which Deity You Are
Chapter 328: The Fifth Suicide
Chapter 329: Boss Luo and the Little Butterfly
Chapter 330: Investigation
Chapter 331: Resurrection
Chapter 332: A Formal Visit
Chapter 333: An Impudent Person
Chapter 334: Meeting Long Again
Chapter 335: Conflict
Chapter 336: Hedgehog
Chapter 337: Compassion
Chapter 338: The Vanishing Cancer Cells
Chapter 339: Famous Detective Luo Qiu
Chapter 340: I’m Zhu Li, Please Call me Lizi
Chapter 341: Palpitation
Chapter 342: The Way Black Souls Work
Chapter 343: Bronze Sheet and People in the Rain
Chapter 344: Building an Equal and Peaceful World
Chapter 345: To Be Continued
Chapter 346: Alone
Chapter 347: Criminal Suspect and Officer of the Provincial Government
Chapter 348: Supercilious Person
Chapter 349: The Devil In The Heart 1st
Chapter 350: The Devil Inside 2nd
Chapter 351: Breakthrough
Chapter 352: Decomposing
Chapter 353: The Feeling of Seeing the Walking Dead
Chapter 354: Twins
Chapter 355: Father
Chapter 356: The Soul's First Movement
Chapter 357: Touch
Chapter 358: Grievances in His Heart
Chapter 359: The Soul Would Die
Chapter 360: A Little Life
Chapter 361: Happy Heartbeat
Chapter 362: An Agonizing Feeling
Chapter 363: Interrogation Carried by Wang Yuechuan
Chapter 364: The High Walls Of Prison
Chapter 365: Wonderful Performance
Chapter 366: It Would Be Better Not To Meet
Chapter 367: Cost Saving
Chapter 368: Wedding Dress
Chapter 369: Shadow
Chapter 370: Uncommon
Chapter 371: Don’t Know Each Other
Chapter 372: Dicey Prison
Chapter 373: From Now On, I’m The Boss Of This Place
Chapter 374: Collecting Scraps
Chapter 375: Abandoned People
Chapter 376: Master's Business
Chapter 377: A Place to Belong
Chapter 378: Witch
Chapter 379: Past dreams & The Book of the Dead
Chapter 380: Long Long Ago
Chapter 381: Sealing
Chapter 382: Behind the Human World
Chapter 383: The Picking Party
Chapter 384: Merry-Go-Round
Chapter 385: A Never-Withering Flower
Chapter 386: Relic
Chapter 387: Gem Flowers
Chapter 388: A Blood Bath
Chapter 389: Revisiting Hometown
Chapter 390: Kidnapping
Chapter 391: Unexpected Consequences
Chapter 392: Time for Poetry
Chapter 393: Mistake and Compensation
Chapter 394: Lose
Chapter 395: Rising Fog
Chapter 396: Buried Memories
Chapter 397: Father and Daughter
Chapter 398: Let It Go
Chapter 399: Phoenix-Pattern Dress
Chapter 400: A Crescent Moon
Chapter 401: Be A Playboy without Ambitions
Chapter 402: The Order of the Boss
Chapter 403: ‘Elysium’ Pub
Chapter 404: Humph!
Chapter 405: Just Like An Idiot
Chapter 406: Brother Xiaosheng and Gui Qianyi
Chapter 407: I Didn’t Know The Expert
Chapter 408: Breaking Into Pieces
Chapter 409: Broken String
Chapter 410: ’Paranoid’
Chapter 411: A Magic Guitar
Chapter 412: In Front of the Door
Chapter 413: Hangover
Chapter 414: Laughter
Chapter 415: News of Shu You's Death
Chapter 416: Xiang Liu
Chapter 417: Let's Go to the Boss!
Chapter 418: A Strand of Hair
Chapter 419: Please Do Not Randomly Bite The Boss
Chapter 420: Every Dog Has His Day
Chapter 421: Monkey’s Face, Sura’s Face
Chapter 422: Learn The Natural Sciences Well And You Will Never Be Afraid!
Chapter 423: Gaining A Little Power
Chapter 424: Helper
Chapter 425: The Marks of The Land
Chapter 426: Anomaly
Chapter 427: Demonic Lance
Chapter 428: In the Name of Xuanyuan
Chapter 429: Auntie
Chapter 430: The Person Who Bears The Curse
Chapter 431: To Be A Good Manager
Chapter 432: Fierce Waving Flame
Chapter 433: Beheading
Chapter 434: It
Chapter 435: The Sound of Love Rose Up
Chapter 436: Luxuriant Imageries
Chapter 437: The Man Floating Along The River Current
Chapter 438: The Woman in the Little Town
Chapter 439: Embracing for Seven Hundred Years
Chapter 440: Thousands of Burial Mounds---Penglai
Chapter 441: If There Is A Widow, There Must Be A Scoundrel!
Chapter 442: I Want to Stay Here
Chapter 443: The War
Chapter 444: Unworthiness
Chapter 445: It Died
Chapter 446: ‘Legend’ in the Crowd
Chapter 447: A Guest or An Outsider
Chapter 448: The Strongest and the Most Vulnerable Relationship
Chapter 449: Yuba and Betrayal
Chapter 450: A Part of Reality
Chapter 451: Benefit Partners
Chapter 452: Fragrant Lily
Chapter 453: A Bubble Gum Lady
Chapter 454: Not A Tyrant
Chapter 455: An Old Friend That Came Back
Chapter 456: An Unknown Evolution
Chapter 457: Strangeness
Chapter 458: Little Cheese, Hard Life