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Total Adaptation - War And Evolution
Author :Hijaw
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10 10.A Shrimp II

'Minis, can you manage the cells I sent outside?'


'Good, give me the list of actions possible through Infect.'

[Action List: Survey-Life Steal-Communication.]

'Hmm, Survey seems simple enough to understand to me. What does Life Steal do?'

[Life Steal: Corrupts the area around spy cells in an attempt to steal certain components or properties of the infected entity.]

'Uh... Communication then?'

[Communication: Tries to establish a means of telepathic communication between host and infected entity. Warning: that entity will immediately realize it has been invaded by foreign cells and might reciprocate with violence more often than not.]

Leaving aside the risk, can shrimps even communicate? I guess there is only one way to find out. It's either this or Life Steal, and I honestly do not believe I can steal or kill so much inside the shrimp's body for it to die within my remaining lifespan.

'Okay, communicate with this shrimp!'

[Understood. Establishing a link...


'Oh come on! You never said it'd take this long! I'm still in danger here!]

[Time remaining till decomposition: 3minutes.]

'...Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall... Whatever that is. I should have just tried to Life Steal as much as I could when I had some time.'



[Link established successfully! You are now telepathically communicating with 'Mantis Shrimp'.]


"Oh. Um, hello. Can you please eject me out of your stomach before we start talking?"

"...What are blop you? blop."

"I am just some liquid with special talents you sucked into your stomach."

"... Me can eat you blop so me eat you blop."

"Um, the fact that you can eat me does not mean that you should eat me."


Okay, it looks like he has decided to completely ignore me. If so, I can only hope this will work...

'Minis, use Sacrifice(Life Steal)!'

[Sacrifice removes all spy cells from organism to operate actions more quickly and effectively. Confirm?]

'I know that already so yes, hurry!'


Sacrifice, like Infect, is another skill from the Virus Root. It completely uses up the lifeforce of the cells sent into the foreign entity to make do actions at twice the effectiveness and speed.

Suddenly, I feel myself growing livelier. Whereas I was anxious and tired a few moments ago, I now feel full of life!

[Size is increasing...]

[Congratulations! Stole vision cells from Mantis Shrimp.]

[Congratulations! Stole protective membrane cells from Mantis Shrimp.]

[All spy cells died. Sacrifice has been forcefully stopped.]

I don't have the time to be happy over my gains as I have under a minute of time to stop this liquid corroding me. Life Steal failed to kill this shrimp, but I can only hope it planted a shadow of fear.

'You might die if you keep me in your stomach any longer.


Release me!"

"...Okay, blop."

"I am not kidding- Wait, what?"

I suddenly feel a strong force pushing me from above and then I feel myself in a free fall while bumping into some walls, before finally finding myself in that same environment I first woke up in. The sea... Although I still can't see it yet.

[Danger status removed.]


"... You out blop. Good blop."

"Did I really just get out like...poo, whatever that is? For some reason, I feel awful now."

"... Blop? Me not understand you blop."


'Minis, since I stole vision cells from him, does that mean I can now see and he has gone blind? Why is everything around me still dark?'

[Stealing through Infect does not rob the opponent of the cells stolen. More similar to copying the cells. Host can now choose to create those cells or not to create them.]

I see... That makes a lot of sense. After all, how could the cells themselves be sent back? What was stolen was maybe their... DNA? code or something. Eh, I can think about this later.

'Create vision cells!'
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