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Tyne, Eiji and Tama were ready to go at the crack of dawn.

The inn was quieter and lacking the festive vibe from the night before. Rather it carried an air of being a place to conduct serious business. 

So it was, when they saw Sean, Ricky and Kei already seated at a table with a few black suited heavy hitters standing behind Ricky's back. On the other side of the table next to Sean was a young local maid with her hands bound behind her back. Her head was hanging low. From between strands of her long-hanging hair, she didn't look pretty due to the number the men had done on her face. 

"Harigawa-san. Think about who she represents. You do this. It may spark a territorial war if what Kei said is true. There's already one war going on. Do you want to make it two?" Sean calmly and carefully voiced his reason towards a conversation Eiji and Tyne were yet to be privy on. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Gentlemen. Why don't you take a seat." Ricky diverted his response to acknowledge Eiji and Tyne who soberly made their way to the two cushions next to Sean.

"You should be aware of yourselves. She was spying on you, was she not?" Ricky returned to Sean's question.

Tyne and Eiji gave Ricky the same surprised expression.  Ricky raised his brows with realization they were probably good soldiers or doctors, but not good with espionage games. Except for Sean.

"Well, Kei, your car is full and ready for your leave." He soberly closed doors on further conversation he would have with the men. "I suggest you leave now for your businesses, gentlemen."

Sean tensed, but let out a sigh. He faced the woman with concern, but realising her fate was out of his hands.

"It was fun. Thank you for the good time." Sean rose to leave, giving Ricky and his men a respectful bow. And a cocky wink to Ricky as his parting gift of thanks.

The other three reluctantly followed suit, pulling Eiji away before he could open his mouth and change the decision of their exit.

As Eiji braved a glance back to the woman, he saw the men stand around her and Ricky looking ready to interrogate her.

"What's going on, Sean?" Eiji hurried after Sean's fast pace. His shoes kicking up gravel and dirt towards the car parked before them.

"Not here Eiji. Just get in the car." Sean warned him.

They kept to their silence. Even when they entered the car and Kei drove them up the inn's dirt road and onto the main highway bound for Hiroshima.

It was only when Sean felt they weren't being followed and at a safe distance from the inn that he began to fill in Eiji and Tyne.

Tyne's face paled with worry and anger at himself for being so careless. For it seemed they had a kunoichi spy, planted by a rival "family", on their door step the whole night. This spy was also working for the imperial navy.  

It was Sean who noticed her when he momentarily left his "good time" with Ricky to call a girl for drinks. His keen sense of people's quirk made him question her proximity to the room Tyne and Eiji slept in. Her posture was too upright to be of a common maid.

A moment of quick thinking.  He had returned to the room with an excuse and physical apology that pleased Ricky. Then shared his discovery of the girl.

Ricky had called the maid over on pretence of ordering drinks. Keeping note of the quirks Sean had mentioned. Convinced that Sean was telling a truth, he let her go and called it early with his time with the man.

Both men had dressed for business. Ricky left the room to issue an immediate order to his men. They had caught the woman before she was able to flee the inn by boat hidden on the shoreline.

Sean stayed out at the main (public) area of the inn to keep watch of activity and ensure no one else was going to loiter around Kei and Tyne's rooms to do worse than spy.  

Ricky was able to get what he needed from the woman from her twitches to negative questioning techniques. It was a win-win discovery.  Since Ricky had uncovered a plot against the family and an instant opportunity. Sean had sweetened the pot for their safe exit. 

"Kei. That's enough involvement with those families." Tyne issued his directive. "We've done what we've asked, but we can't do anymore. It'll be too dangerous."

"Does that mean I get to ditch you?" Kei eagerly asked.