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The drove for hours in silent thought through pastoral country roads. Snaking their way down through cleared dirt roads amongst lush green trees, cultivated fields and wild growing flowers keeping to their sides of the kerb. Darkness transitioned into a drab blue sky where crows flew their formations through thinning clouds and a glaring sun. 

Tyne wound down a portion of his passenger window, so he could feel a rush of nature's air to his cheeks. He closed his eyes to savour the sweet-bitter scent of himawari and iris wafting up his nose, and other hints of an onset summer.

Eiji's mind was preoccupied with concerns for his family's safety.  He hoped that Riku and Keiko were able to reach the shelter without detection, and that this family would be able to live their life like they did before his arrival. Somehow, he feared that his presence caused a change to their lives regardless. And for the worse.

"They'll be fine, Eiji." Tyne voiced his reassurance to thoughts he suspected Eiji was thinking based on the man's frown. Although, he had no certainty to back his statement.

"I pray so." Eiji sighed.

Sean huffed and expelled an uneven sigh. Clearly something bothered him.

Kei flicked the man sideways glances to be sure he wasn't going to receive a surprise attack from him when he was driving.  Instead, Sean leaned his head on his window. His eyes and thoughts lost to the scenery outside.

Tama made a soft mew and ambled out the bag to settle herself on Eiji's lap.  She resumed her deep sleep, lulled by the motion of the car.  Eiji tenderly patted her dark fur and frowned when it felt less sleek that her usual smooth coat. He hoped she wasn't ill.

"Is she okay?" Tyne asked.

The question drew Sean's mind back to the car.  He glanced at the men and Tama in the backseat through the rear vision mirror.

"I think so." Eiji chewed his lip.

Tyne inspected her fur, claws and teeth, ignoring her squirms and mews. They were clean, milky white and looked solid.  He was no vet, but he suspected cats would show similar symptoms to humans if they were sick. 

Despite being on the go, they had ensured to allow Tama stretch time in between. She got the best of every meal they shared. Most of the choice pieces of fish or meat came from Kei despite his complaints about her existence.

"She looks fine." Tyne stroked Tama's head when she resettled onto Eiji's lap to sleep.

Sean blew a sigh of relief and chuckled when he caught Kei's worried expression.

"What?" Kei snapped. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Nothing." Sean smirked and turned his gaze back to the evergreen vista out his window.

They resumed their pensive silence as Kei drove them further inland, slowing down every so often to check a sign and make sure they were progressing to their drop off point.

It was pitch black night when their travels ended at the entrance of a derelict cabin subtly lit by red lanterns.

Kei shivered at the sight of them, hoping they were to ward away evil spirits. He gulped at the malicious undertone the lanterns cast around the cabin's weathered wood and shoji doors almost off their hinges and runners.

He switched off the car.  Tama was left in the car to wait for them with a slit of window down to ensure she had air. He frowned at her agitation and skittish behaviour when he moved closer to the cabin. She had her paws pressed against the glass as if trying to push her way out.

"Tama is acting strange," Eiji whispered low to Tyne.

"I know. Like that time back at Iwo Jima," Tyne cautiously answered. "Stay alert."

They cautiously approached the cabin's low creaky porch, keeping eye out for danger. Eiji gripped the guns he still had in his pockets, preparing himself to flick the safety and fire rounds if that was needed. He hoped the drop was a hand off and run.

The porch's steps were almost impossible to see in the dark. Before they were able to step foot on the first rung, the main door creaked to an open and fell off the hinges to the ground. 

A young Japanese business man, in a pristine dark suit and fedora hat, boldly approached them with cocky strides and stopped a few steps at the top of the porch.  It has hard to tell more of his features from the sparse light. Obviously that was the intention.

"Stop there soldiers." The man ordered with a heavy American accent.

Tyne gave everyone a gesture to obey.

"Lieutenant Matherson, I presume." The man dropped Tyne's name and rank to reaffirm they had reached the right contact point.

Tyne confirmed by pulling out the resealed map from the back of his pants and handed it to the man.

The man received the map with a gloved hand. He took a quick check to validate its authenticity and nodded his head.

"Your superiors will be in contact with you." He turned and went back inside the cabin before they could ask more questions.

Sean rushed after the man, he found himself inside an empty shell of a building. The man was gone like a ghost.

"Damn spooks!" He cursed under his breath. 

There was no point in hanging around. The men decided to return to the car and find a safe place to rest for the night

Eiji sighed when he saw that Tama cleaning herself on the back chair. He shuffled in next to her and allowed her to climb onto his lap. Tyne resumed his spot at the backseat after having to play paper-sissors-rock with Sean for it. As both men were keen to pet Tama.

"Eiji. you sit in the front for a change." Sean grumbled to Eiji from the front passenger seat.

Eiji flashed him a no-go smile.

"What the f'ck is wrong about being next to me. I don't have cooties." Kei snapped at Sean.

"Tama lets me pet her." Sean answered. "If I pet you, I'll have my hand bitten off."

"Don't you forget that," Kei said as he started up the car.

"Where to now? Should we head closer to Kure City or back towards Hiroshima." Kei skewed his head around from the driver's seat as the car purred, warming up.

"Anywhere close, dry and won't draw attention. I need to use the radio," Tyne said. 

Kei thought for a moment. His face light up with a chuckle when the perfect rest stop came to mind. By his sense of direction and calculations. He figured he wasn't too far from some "friends" he could drop in on.

"Your happy face is creepy." Sean gulped, worried that Kei was up to no good.

"Relax. I know just the place for all of us to rest and have a good time." 

He crunched the gears into drive and headed back to the main road for the destination he had in mind.