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They sprinted in silence, following Riku's lead who was ensuring they kept to the shadows and cover of trees. Avoiding contact and raining bullets.

Shredded bark and twigs flew about the air and ground. Gunfire from above had unearthed soil to create timely dust cover for their plight. Albeit dangerous. Smoke and the stench of iron made breathing harder, but they pushed on. Determined not to fail and die. 

They reached the sight of the car and saw a group of men loitering nearby to keep a distant guard.

"This is where you go back to mother and uncle," Eiji said to Riku with a steely gaze.

Riku was about to protest, but was held back by Keiko who had noticed a change in Eiji's demeanour.

She held them back to the safety of shadows and observed the veteran soldiers discuss a plan.

Tyne discreetly handed Eiji his guns who pocketed them without the kids being the wiser.

Eiji stealthily moved around the guards on duty towards the beach. When he felt there was enough convincing distance, he created a racket with rocks and gunfire that made the guards think that there was an oncoming assault from the coast.

The men fled their posts after deliberation, leaving the car unattended.

Kei popped the boot and poured the bag of chips (he had retrieved nearby) to fill the tank.

Tyne set Tama into the back seat with him. Sean nabbed the front.

Eiji returned to his siblings.

"Nice work Eiji-niisan." Keiko approved of the diversion tactic.

"Take care of mother and uncle. Stay out of trouble." Was Eiji's parting words to them.

"That's my job." Keiko reassured Eiji.

Kei started up the car.

On cue, a fresh patrol noticed them as they had entered to take their posts.

Shouts and curses were rushing for them. 

"Quickly! Go." Eiji urged his siblings with his heart pumping with fears for their capture.

Riku and Keiko sprinted their way back towards the shelter, disappearing into the shadows.

"Let's go!" Kei called out to Eiji as he drove the car up to him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Tyne swung the door wide.

Eiji jumped in and slammed the door.

Kei drove circles around the rushing guards who were doing their best to stop the car with random rock throws or their bodies.

The patrol's efforts were futile. Unable to stop the car from kicking up dust to their faces and burning rubber to speed up the hill.

It entered the main road and was soon out of sight.