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Eiji's heart pounded fearfully against his chest as the group of black uniform kenpeitai led him out to the train car vestibule that was void of other kinds of passengers. One of them opened the car door and pushed him towards the small open platform.

"Hand back the stolen documents. We'll spare your life."

Eiji held his outer expressionless reaction. Inside, his mind was a turmoil of confusion and worry. Had they found out about his involvement with Tyne and Sean?

"Documents? Never seen any." He bravely answered with a cool and calm voice he could muster.

The kenpei before him released a sinister laugh and surprised him with a kick to his stomach.

Eiji doubled over, doing his best to hold in the pain and recover quickly for a means to escape.

The train was whizzing along its unsuspecting course too fast for him to brave a jump. The platform rails were at his waist, too high for a quick leap over. He'd likely have a bullet to his back as soon as he turned around to make a jump. He was cornered as the kenpeitai had planned.

"Eiji Takaki. I'm rather surprised you would be young. I guess being the Assistant to the Governor of Tokyo has made you a "free man" from this war."

Now Eiji was well and truly baffled. What had his father done this time? To think his father (once the modest son of a banker) would cause so many problems for his country. In his younger, naive days, he believed his father wanted to help people live a better life. His old man's corruption showed as he aged; the truth of his being a merciless and diabolical tactician, especially towards his own son.

"Where are those documents?"

Eiji faced punches to his face and gut from many brutal hands that forced his body to the floor, but he kept his mouth closed.


The cold muzzle of a pistol was pressed to Eiji's forehead. His heart slowed dangerously as his mind flashed through all his memories and thoughts with Hinata.

"Die then."

Eiji closed his eyes as the gun fired.

His eyes opened when rapid rounds were landing targets with thuds, curses and sudden drops to the ground. The kenpeitai before him were lifeless heaps at his feet.

"Miss me Honey." Sean beamed a smile at him with a smoking, hot revolver in his hand.

He quickly ambled down the side fire ladder and stepped around Eiji to continue his firing inside, eliminating the remaining enemy threats. This forced a silence and sudden stop of the train's motion.

Tyne caught Eiji as he stumbled forward from the train's jerky stop.

"Let's go." He ordered as he aided Eiji off the train with Sean following behind him.

"Tama! Kei!" Eiji managed to say as he landed onto the tracks into a run.

"On their way." Tyne said over his shoulder.

The three men ran into the thick cover of forest where the faint smell of the sea lingered about the air.
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Eiji sighed when he glanced towards the left and saw Kei running a head of him with a suitcase in one hand and Tama in her bag in the other.