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Futuba woke everyone before sunrise to ensure they all eat breakfast like a family. Since the men needed to be on their way early.

"I don't want you to go." Riku childishly cried as he hugged Eiji tightly near the Genkan when everyone was gathering their shoes.

"I'll be back. This time, I'll bring your stubborn big brother with me." He promised his younger brother in-law.

"I'll hold you to that promise Eiji-niisan." Riku reluctantly released him. "No take backs."

They did their secret handshake to seal the deal.

"No take backs." Eiji smiled and ruffled the boys head like an uncle, making Riku grumble with a curse.

Futuba fussed over Eiji with food rations, ignoring Eiji's firm rejections and concerns for their well being.

"Okāsan. Please, we'll be fine." Eiji tried to hand the rations back to her, but she held his hands tight.
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"Eiji-kun. Let me give this to you as your mother." She firmly said and gently stroked his cheek tenderly, his lips quivering with tears at saying goodbye to a man she revered as her own son.

"I will be back Okāsan with Hinata." He promised her, holding in his own tears.

"Here." Haru grumbled, averting his eyes as he handed Eiji a bottle of sake and bread.

"Haru-ojisama. Thank you." Eiji bowed respectfully to the man.

He gave his family his goodbye bows and left quickly with Tama, licking her lips from the fish she had finished eating, in the wicker basket bag.

The other men followed his lead away from the house, and back towards the place they had hidden the car.

Haru had given them directions on where they could purchase some fuel chips near the boatyards.

Fortunately, they weren't too far from the car, which they hoped was still where they had left it and in one piece.