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They hung about the car, waiting for the sun to charge up the radio for another day's use.

Kei had also stocked up the fuel tank with charcoal chips and mentioned he had to buy another bag from a shipping or transport depot, which were mainly found at large cities. He had enough for what they needed to do and a return to the nearest port at Hiroshima.

The men lazed about, smoking cigarettes, playing with Tama and enjoying the brief quiet before they had to hit the road.

Tyne got into a deep and meaningful conversation with Eiji as they leaned on the car bonnet, appreciating the untouched and refreshing view of nature all around them. They shared their pasts.

"I was a brat who got into a lot of trouble before the war." Tyne scoffed at a revisit of his stupid self.

"Make that a rich brat." Sean corrected Tyne's statement with his cigarette dangling off his lip as he joined them.

Eiji learned that Tyne was the only son to parents who came from wealth. His mother was the daughter of an oil tycoon. His father was the son to the president of a mining corporation. This afforded Tyne a luxurious life with allowances to live how he wanted. It was a reason he was also able to rank up to being a lieutenant at his age.

"I took up languages on a mere whim and way to impress the ladies." Tyne joked.

His face lapsed into a serious expression. "It ended up my calling. Like you, I got into a lot of trouble. When voluntary conscripts were being advertised, my parents signed me up."

Tyne had just finished college with his language's degree and eagerly agreed to his parents suggestion of being part of the war effort. He was at that age of feeling invulnerable and fed up with his privileged lifestyle. The idea of being a hero of war sounded like fun until he reached his first tour in Hawaii and got a hit of reality.

"My first assignment in the Peace Corp oversaw Nisei women and children affected by war." His voice and hands trembled at the disturbing memory.

"I realized how many people not fighting got caught up in line of fire or impacted by the after effects. Lack of the bare essentials was a real thing."

"War brings out the most shameless and despicable of people." Eiji soberly commented with a long drag from his cigarette. "It also reveals hope in striking contrast."

Tyne chuckled. "You're an amazing man. Shame we had to meet as enemies."

"Bastard. Since when were we enemies." Eiji shoved Tyne off balance, so he knocked into Sean who looked less than impressed.

"Why aren't you a brutal, diehard, Japanese?" Sean quizzed Eiji with a frown.

"Why aren't you a guns blazing, gung-ho, American?" Eiji coolly answered Sean's stereotype with his own.

The three of them burst with laughter at their absurd perspectives of each other.

"Well, it's settle that none of us are living up to the expectations of our countries stereotypes." Tyne declared on their behalf.

"Tell me more of yourself." He prompted Eiji for his story.

Eiji sighed, raising one of his brows with an expression of, 'really?'

"Come on. Don't be a spoil sport." Sean nudged Eiji's elbow.
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Eiji sighed again and decided he had nothing to lose any more. Considering he had already lost his original identity and honour.

"I also come from a similar family background to yourself Tyne. The parents I was born from, well let's say, they hold a lot of sway." Eiji carefully answered.

"And your Hinata?" Sean goaded Eiji for more on his man.

"He's Chikafuji-san to you." Eiji scolded Sean with a flick to his forehead.

"Hai, hai, Chikafuji-san. Tell me more. I'm curious."

"So, Japan's accepting of same-sex relationships?" Tyne asked out of curiosity.

Eiji groaned, feeling the uncomfortable situation he was sandwich in.

"No. It's not acceptable." Eiji's voice assumed a dark tone.

He told them about the sufferings Hinata's family faced for being supportive of their relationship. Eiji's father made sure that Hinata's parents lost their right to operate a business in Tokyo. They lost their livelihoods.

"Hinata will never see his parents again whilst he carries the shame of what our relationship caused them in his heart. He blames himself for their struggles even though they don't." Eiji ended his story and cigarette.

He moved off the bonnet to check on Kei.

"Have fun swapping your girly stories." Kei sarcastically said to Eiji as he discreetly kept Tama happy with light pats.

Tama was enjoying the attention on the back seat.

"You surprise me, you know that." Eiji chuckled at the sight of the man trying his best not to show he cared for Tama.

"Hey, um, sorry about your man's situation and all." Kei mumbled his sympathy.

"Thanks." Eiji enjoyed the silent moment with Kei.

Both of them appreciated the placid lull.

"My little sister would be twelve." Kei commented wistfully.

"When did you last see her?" Eiji asked with a respectful tone.

"Not long after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Tyne and certain connections, I was able to transfer them to here." Kei finished off his cigarette and moved away to round up the men when he saw the radio gauge was full.