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Rain drenched the ground making the path out of the inn muddy sludge. Eiji had hoped they were able to search the area for Tama, but with the rain coming down hard, it would be difficult. Who knows where she would have fled to?

Their search within the inn had proved useless with no one saying that they had seen a small kitten running around the place. Even if they did, it was likely no one would tell.

Eiji held the wicker bag tightly in his arms, determined to keep looking for her despite Tyne's order to make for Kei's car.

His head ducked and dived around holes, box openings or gaps a cat would likely take shelter as they walked through the paved streets. Some mice darted for his face when he was up close to their hiding spot near some crates against a food cart. He was too crestfallen to notice the weird glances some shopkeepers gave him when he passed their stores.

"I'm sorry." Tyne patted his shoulder with the same feeling of remorse for Tama.

"Probably for the best. She's probably found a clueless kid or delinquent to take care of her." Kei brushed off.

He hurried into the car, stroking the dashboard with a blessing. Nishigawa-sama had been good on making sure his baby was untouched when they were at the inn.

Eiji sighed, his head downcast in the rain with sadness. Tama was the one that gave them a chance to be something other than enemies. She was their comrade and friend. Tears slipped from his eyes.

"Eiji." Sean called out to him from within the car.

He nodded and went to step around the boot for his side of the door. A pitiful mew stopped his hand on the door handle.

"Nya, nya." The soft mewing became louder.

Eiji tipped his head to one side, so he could see under the car.

"Nya!" A little kitten cried out louder towards him.

Eiji's heart raced with hope and happiness when he saw the red strip of cloth fastened around the kitten's neck. It was the same cloth that Tyne had used.

"Tama!" He cried out, kneeling down to scoop her shivering body into his arms.
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He hurried into the car and grabbed Tyne's jacket hanging on the back of the front passenger chair to wipe her body dry.

"Tama?" Tyne's voice cracked.

"Nya!" Tama answered confidently as she shook water droplets all over Eiji and Sean.

The men cursed and laughed as they fiddled with their clothes to be as dry as possible, drying up Tama and helping her resettle back in the wicker basket bag.

"Thank you for finding your way back to us." Eiji whispered soothingly to her.

"Where to now, Boss?" Kei threw the question to Tyne.

"Let's head back out to the countryside, so we can make a call." Tyne answered, hiding his happiness.

Kei started up the car and slowly drove it out of Senda-machi, towards the roads that would take them further south and into the countryside.