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35 Tama's Fate, Sweets and First Names

Conversations between Nishigawa and the Americans were cryptic at most times with a few agreeable head nods on paperwork that Tyne and Hans had shown him. The aspects Eiji was able to decipher were "food" and "import goods". He didn't need to be a genius to realise what business was going on between them.

It was about an hour when Nishigawa addressed Eiji.

"Lemme guess Chibi-tan. Yah with these guys as a tagalong." He chuckled, regarding Eiji causally with a quick look up and down.

Eiji held his stoicism before the man.

"Dishonourable discharge?" Nishigawa probed for Eiji's reason to be there.

A poker silence ensued between the men before it was broken by Eiji with a firm yes.

"Hey, Weber-san. How about yah give him to meh?" Nishigawa casually threw out the request.

Tyne faced the man with a businessman's smile. "He's my Darling, Nishigawa-san. How about we increase shipment quotas to twenty-five percent, which you can mark-up to your hearts content."

Nishigawa laughed heartily aloud. "Yah Americans don't like to lose. Yeh, I'd take that twenty-five percent over a piece of tail."

Business shortly came to a close when Nishigawa stood to motion his leave. Everyone stood.

Nishigawa paused next to Eiji, analysing his features and body a lot closer. "Hmm. Shame. I like breakin' yah pretty-boys the most."
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He peered closer and stepped back with creepy laughter. "Seems yah already in the fold."

Eiji frowned, swallowing down his words of outrage and confusion.

"Enjoy yah time here gentlemen. See madam if yah want food or girls," Nishigawa said when he was at the door. He added last words over his shoulder aimed at Eiji. "Or boys."

Everyone let out a heavy sigh when they were sure he and his lackeys were gone.

"Matherson. What the hell?!" Eiji angrily snapped at Tyne, which woke Tama up in the basket bag with a startled mew.

He grabbed him by the collar and threw him down on the mat with a Judo move he had learned in his naval training. He punched the man's stomach.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" He yelled, struggling against Hans hold on his arms.

He headbutted Hans and elbowed him in the gut hard. His outrage was making him fight the men uncontrollably on the tatami.

"NYA!" Tama cried, frightened.

She scrambled out of the bag and sprinted out of the door Kei had opened for her.

Eiji stopped fighting, his raged turned to fear for Tama. He scrambled to his feet to go after her and was knocked back to the floor by Kei who looked down on him with contempt.

"Had your fun pretty-boy?" He kept Eiji down by one foot on his chest. "That cat is free to follow her own fate now. Who are you to deny it?"

Eiji sighed, suddenly exhausted. His heart was breaking for Tama. Kei was right to let her go before she became too involved with their dark and twisted path.

"Sorry," he whispered, covering his eyes with his arms to hide his pitiful tears that he couldn't hold back.

Kei released him and went to rest in the place Nishigawa had been. Hans closed the door and sat down next to Eiji, gently patting the man's head with sympathetic understanding.

Tyne turned himself over, so he was lying on his back to face the ceiling. His body was built for punches, but his mind was as delicate as Eiji's. The image of his beloved wife was the glue keeping him together.

"Hey Eiji. My wife. Help me find her please." His begged through a trail of tears.

"Eiji? Shameless American using my first name." Eiji scolded the man halfheartedly. "Fine, Tyne. No more dishonour. I find out your intention is to bring harm to my people, I will shoot you without remorse."

"I'll hand you my gun for the job." Tyne added on to the condition.

"Do not leave behind a name soiled by misdeeds." Hans absentmindedly spoke a segment of the Senjinkun that made Eiji turn his head to him.

"I translated the Senjinkun for my superiors when I was on a carrier to the country." Hans explained.

"What's your real name Hans?" Eiji gave the man a challenging look.

Hans chuckled. "I think I should tease you a bit, for the headbutt and elbow jab."

"Whatever." Eiji turned away.

"Pooty. You're no fun." Hans's pouted.

"Sean. His name is Sean Campbell." Tyne answered, which had a floor cushion thrown at his face.

"You're a party pooper, Tyne." Sean (formerly known as Hans) scolded his colleague.

"Should we go look for Tama?" Tyne asked, changing the subject.

"Do what? Kei is right to let that cat go." Sean answered with some common sense. "God protect her path."

"Hey! Wait one f*king moment! I didn't you give you sh*theads permission to use my first name!" Kei growled at the men.

His ranting achieved hearty laughter from the three men, which became louder as his ranting increased with theatrical gesticulation.

"Thanks Kei for stopping me back there," Eiji sincerely thanked Kei once his laughter had calmed.

Kei stopped his ranting, turning away to hide his embarrassed blushes.

"Stupid gits." He mumbled.

Eiji sat up and shuffled to Sean's sweets bag.

"Hey, hey, leave the bag or die." Sean scrambled after Eiji to protect his bag of sweets.

He frowned when Eiji scooped up the bag and held it ransom to his chest.

"Revenge." Eiji chuckled as he toyed with Sean's attempts to snatch the bag from him.

"Throw it to me." Tyne piped up, wanting in on the game.

Eiji tossed the bag to Tyne, who took over the playful tease. The game ended when the bag broke open on the ground after Eiji had failed to catch it from Tyne's throw. Delicately wrapped sweets were scattered about the floor.

"Now you've done it." Sean pouted as he picked up the sweets.

He placed them on the table and gestured for everyone to eat.

"Oh my. This is heaven!" Sean let out a dreamy sigh at the taste and texture of the soft jelly he had managed to unwrap and pop into his mouth.

"Are you a kid? You look stupid." Kei insulted the man's goofy expression.

"I know you love me." Sean teased Kei, throwing a wrapped sweet at him.

The sweets went fast down their bellies. Tyne left the room to order food and returned with a couple of Geishas who carried in plates of food and bottles of local sake.

The men enjoyed the rest of their night like all the other honoured guests of the inn.