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231 A Day with a Workaholic 3

By the time they arrive at the school, Yve has fallen asleep while seating behind Sylvan inside the car. He looked at the time through his watch and they still have 2 hours to spare. He decided to let Yve sleep for 30 minutes more before waking her up to eat lunch and review her school notes a bit. However, his phone rings and in a hurry he answered the call.

"Sylvan here." He answered casually.

"Sylvan…" As soon as he heard Vince's voice, he immediately regretted her tone. It's his Boss after all.


"Where are you?"

"I'm at the campus with the Young Madam."

"She's not answering my call. What is she doing?"

"Ahh… she's taking a nap. Maybe her phone is on silent mode."

"I understand. I trust that you know what to do."

"Yes, Boss."

"By the way, aside from school work and SkyMu, what are the other things she's been doing?" Vince asked.

Vince knew that something must be up to with Yve and Sylvan would definitely know the answer not only because he's the secretary but because he's the most observant member of Team Alpha. Sylvan instantly knew that his Boss was trying to fish out some details about his Lady Boss. He also understood that Yve insisted on taking up the issues of Stones from Edward. Once Vince gets a hold of this, he and Edward would be greatly reprimanded for stressing Yve out. So he decided to lie to Vince.

"There's nothing, Boss. It's just that there's a prestige award giving body and the Young Madam wants some of SkyMu's artists to be nominated if not at least perform on the award's night." Sylvan half lied to Vince.

"So what does it have to do with her sleeping so late? There's still enough time to prepare for it."

"Apparently, the juries would decide on the nominees and performers through their activities on the succeeding months. So the directors along with the Young Madam have agreed to make some changes on the activities of the artists."

"I see. You have to make sure that her welfare is being prioritized."

"Yes, Sir!"

The phone call ended and as Sylvan sighed a relief, Yve spoke behind him.

"You're quite good at lying to Vince. Thank you for the cover."

"Miss Yve…"

"Don't worry. I know that he is just worried about my welfare. Did you buy lunch? Let me eat it before I go to the classroom." Yve casually said and opened her palms to receive the food pack.

Yve ate her lunch and left the car an hour before her first class. As she walked towards her classroom, the students kept on looking at her.

'I wish I could just take down my picture from the academics wall. I don't want this kind of attention.' Yve thought.

The academics wall contains the latest bulletin for the school as well as the lists of achievers or role models the students can look up to. Vince is already in the Hall of Fame for his achievements before, during and after his academic years. Her name and face are currently on the wall because of her entrance examination result. She hopes to have her name and face removed but she doesn't want to have lower grades though.

Yve is left with no other choice but to bear with it.

'You need to get used to this as the CEO of SkyMu and soon to be for Stones as well as being the wife of a Vince Gray.' Yve thinks as she calms herself outside the classroom.

"Mrs. Gray, what are you doing inside the room?"

Yve turned around and saw one of her private tutors.

"Professor! Are you one of my teachers?"

"Yes. However, these are all basic things. I believe I have already taught these things to you before. With your high scores, this subject would be a piece of cake for you."

"Don't be like that, Professor. I may have learned the theoretical information but I also need experience. With my classmates here, I believe there are things I can only learn by mingling."

"I really like your attitude. Now, get inside first and inform your classmates that I'm about to get in."

"Yes, Professor."

Yve obeyed the Professor and her time as a student began. Like the rest of the students, she pulled out her notebook and pen and took notes of the important details the Professor has been discussing.

'The Professor is clearly right. I still remember these topics from our tutorial.' Yve thought as she looked at her notes.

Her classmates seemed to notice her uninterested look on her face and began whispering to each other.

"Yve seems to know the topics already."

"Of course! With the score as high as that, she would definitely knew these basic information."

"She's not like us."

"Plus have you heard that the ever elusive Mr. Gray personally taught her."

"Really?  I'm so jealous!"

"Do you think we can approach her and ask help from her?"

"Not sure though."

Yve can't help but hear her classmates. She decided not to give any response as the Professor isn't finished with the lecture. But she would definitely show them that she's an approachable person.

Meanwhile, in one of the corners of the classroom, someone is really agitated for being the talk of the entire campus.

'That spotlight should have been mine! Just wait!' She looks at Yve with jealousy and darkness.

Compared to the other campuses, the students don't need to transfer classrooms. The professors are the ones who would be coming in and out of the rooms. So in between breaks, Yve began interacting with some of her classmates. She also taught some of the tips Vince gave her during their review.

"WOW! This method really makes it a lot easier. Thanks!" One of her girl classmates complimented her.

"By the way, I heard that you're currently managing a company. Which one is it?" One of her guy classmates asked which caught Yve by surprise. Only the stock holders and employees of Stones and Gray Group knew that she's managing SkyMu.

The girls noticed the shock look on her face and said,

"Don't be shocked. This is Lester and his father owns a newspaper company. Moreover, he has inherited his father's knack for information."

Yve smiled and nodded, "I see. Well, I do manage a company but that's a secret for now. You will know soon enough."

"Is it not convenient to announce at the moment?" The guy named Lester continued to pry.

"Well, for now yes. But I promise you, Lester, you would definitely one of the people who get the information first." Yve answered and smiled.

As the day comes to an end, Yve was able to change her classmates' impressions.  They began to realize how friendly Yve is. They exchanged number and Yve had to admit that being at school made her forget the responsibilities she had outside. It made her mind feel relaxed.  

Together with some of her classmates, Yve walked outside where Sylvan is already waiting. 

"Miss Yve, let's go?" Sylvan casually said as he opened the door for her.

"Thanks, Sylvan. See you tomorrow, guys." Yve waved goodbye to her classmates before letting Sylvan close the door for her.

"Sylvan can you investigate one of my classmates." Yve ordered Sylvan which picked the interest of the young man.

"He knew that I'm leading a company and asked me which one. I only know his name which is Lester and that his father owns a newspaper company. Will that be enough?" Yve worried as she recalled how few her information was.

"Don't worry, Young Madam. That information is already a lot. Plus I can also look at the school files for his picture." Sylvan answered.

"Thank you very much. Do I have some free time?"

"Yes, Young Madam. You have about 3 hours before your meetings with the managers. Would you like to eat an early dinner?"

"Nope. I just want to go to the office so that I can review some files and maybe do some of my homework."

"I understand."

Yve sent a message to Vince.

"I only have two meetings left for the day. How are things on your end? How is mom?"

Not expecting an immediate response she closed her eyes a bit which led to another nap inside the car.