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223 Drive Her Worries Away

As Yve and Vince bid goodbye, Yve received an email from Slayne. It's the hypothesis they had come up based on the news reports and accounts from Maddie's team. Yve studied the information she got and based on how she understood Maddie's personality, the woman is indeed abducted.

Then she heard knocks on the door and as she turned her head, she saw Chrysthe.

"Lady Boss, do you want to go somewhere today?"

"Chrysthe, are you aware of this?" Yve handed the man the hypothesis Slayne sent. She printed it a while ago.

"Yes. But I was instructed that your ensuring your safety is my mission. Thus, unless informed, I will not be deployed to the area." Chrysthe responded.

"What if I go there?" Yve curiously asked. It's not like she has any plans though.


"Don't worry, Chrysthe. I know my limitations. I will be able to help Vince by staying here and be a good CEO and student. I only ask one thing from you." Yve pleaded.

"Anything, Lady Boss as long as it will not compromise your safety." Chrysthe promised.

"Don't lie to me. If I ask you to give me an update on Vince and Maddie, tell me everything that you know and heard, positive or negative, I will take them all."

"...." Chrysthe is not sure if he can bear the responsibility of making that promise. As he weighs the cons and pros of the deal, Yve added another clause which made her offer more irresistible.

"I promise to act rationally and accordingly."

"I understand, Lady Boss." Chrysthe finally gave in to the offer but made a note to observe her more just to make sure she will be able to act rationally.

With their deal in tact, Chrysthe left his Lady Boss inside the room.

Since Yve had originally planned to stay at home with Vince, she didn't prepare anything else. Bored to the max, she called Chrysthe inside.

"Chrysthe, tell Slayne that I wish to see Nyelle today and we're going out." Yve ordered.

"Where would that be?"

"I have no idea yet so we will just drive around. You and her guard can follow us but it should only be me and Nyelle inside the car."

"Miss Yve…."

"Don't worry. I'm not planning to follow Vince. I just want to calm myself and the best way is to drive around. You can have men following us behind if that will help." Yve offered.

Losing the debate against his Lady Boss, he obeyed her order. Within minutes, Yve found herself driving around the city with Nyelle beside her.

"I heard from the guys." Nyelle began.

"I feel so frustrated, Nyelle. Now that I got my father's connections and money, I'm still powerless when something like this happens."

"You're not powerless. It's just the connections are still your father's and not yet full yours."

"So what do you think should I do?"

"Work hard in your studies and CEO duties. Prove to them that the chance they gave you was not forsaken. Once you got their full trust, then utilize those connections." Nyelle suggested.

"But that will still take years. What about now? Am I supposed to just sit and wait for news?" Yve asked and frustration is evident from her voice.

"For now, yes. Just do what you can from this side. Let Vince handle those things there. He knows what he is doing."


"Trust his men too. Plus as soon as Vince heard that you're doing your best here, it will boost his morale knowing that you have confidence in him and will inspire him to return the soonest possible." Nyelle convinced her friend.

Nyelle knows that if Yve's thoughts aren't calmed down, she might do some desperate measures that will worry Vince and Edward over there.

"Nyelle, thanks. I'm happy that you're here by my side again." Yve sincerely said.

"You're welcome. Thank you for giving me the chance once more."

"This place has always been yours." Yve finally smiled. It wasn't her carefree smile but it's better than her look before.

"So where do you want to drive now?"

"If you don't mind, I would like to do a little bit of work." Yve whispered but was loud enough for Nyelle to hear.

"Drive to your destination, then." Nyelle answered.

It took them an hour to reach the office. As she parked the car outside, the staff gladly accepted the wheels as she and Nyelle went inside the building. As they pass by the employees and some trainees, Yve smiled and thanked them for their hard work.

Seeing that the two ladies came back to the office, Chrysthe was finally able to exhale a sigh of relief. He reported to his boss and Vince told him to keep the security tight.

"I hope you have finally calmed your thoughts, my Queen." Vince whispered as he arrived on French soil.


"We need to find my mother and make those people pay for messing with us. Contact our Italian men and have them deployed here instantly." Vince ordered.

"I understood." Edward responded and hopped on the car towards Maddie's original accommodation. Edward dialed a number and forwarded Vince's order.

In Italy….

In a place that looks like a military base camouflaged deep within the mountains, several men and women heard the rare SS class meeting. They all went to their stations while their superiors gathered inside the room.

"Primo ordered us to deploy our best men in France. I will be sending Team Bravo for this mission. You will be reporting under the supervision of Secondo. I hope you will not embarrass the entire branch."

"Yes, Sir!" The Team Bravo responded.

Team Bravo is the second best next to Team Alpha. While Alpha was assigned to missions ordered directly by Vince, Bravo was given the freedom internationally, particularly in Europe. They were just routinely checked by Vince. That's why receiving a direct deployment order from Vince was of great honor to them, As the meeting got adjourned, the team hurried to their quarters to prepare for their flight to France.

"It's not only Team Alpha that they should be worried about. Team Bravo is also here ready to aid the Primo." Their leader murmured as their plane took off.