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220 Proud Boyfriend 2

"Now Nyelle, you need to put into work the things you learned from Edward when he trained you shortly as a secretary." She said as she encouraged herself.

Nyelle is now at the middle of collating the files she gathered. She discovered that money weren't coveted and instead the supplies were. The construction materials were being stolen and incorrect numbers were placed in the records just to hide this anomaly. The woman really deserved some credit as she was able to trace what happened to the stolen items. Nyelle, then created a concept map for it. Sad to say that account books weren't included in the evidence presented. It would have made the report more convincing.

"Anyways, I hope Edward and Vince will believe these files and take action." Nyelle said as she printed the report she just made and extracted the USB from the laptop. With the evidences in her hand, she went out of the office.

She took a deep breath outside the main room where Vince, Edward and the rest of the managers are having their meeting. To her delight, Edward opened the door and stepped out with a shocked look on his face.

"What are…."

"Please tell them that I'm a secretary-in training at the moment." Nyelle pleaded.

"Why is that?"

"A loyal staff gave me these files while I was staying in your office." Her lines seemed to caught Edward's attention and so he asked,

"Did you make a report on it?"

"Yes. However, the details are incomplete."

"Do you think it is strong enough for Vince to hand a decision for an inspection and investigation?"

"I think so." She said as she gave two copies to Edward – one for him and one for Vince.

After doing a quick glance on the file, Edward smiled and whispered,

"This is what my bro has been looking for."

Then he opened the door for Nyelle. As they went inside, Edward introduced her to the mangers.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you, a secretary in-training." Edward announced which was received by a bow from them.

As Nyelle finally stood beside Vince, she introduced herself.

"Good morning. My name is Nyelle. Sir Edward assigned an assignment for me which is to be reported today." She said and handed the reports to each of the managers.

Vince whispered to Edward, "What is the meaning of this?"

"She received a tip from one of the staff about the anomaly we noticed in the account books."

"Raw reports?" Vince asked.

*Raw reports are used to refer to the information gathered but not yet interpreted and explained. (Unofficial meaning)

"Yes. But during our meaning, she interpreted the reports." Edward replied.

"Are you…"

"I did a quick overview outside and it was indeed quite strong. You can impose an investigation on this." Edward said.

"That's good, then." Vince whispered back before announcing to them.

"We shall now listen to Ms. Nyelle's report. I will not allow any intervention. One may only speak once she finishes."

With a 'go' signal from Vince, Nyelle began her report. Vince and Edward were indeed aware of this based on the accounts reported to them. However, they both failed to obtain the evidence she received. Now with both the puzzle pieces assembled, Vince made a bold announcement.

"I'm aware of this and letting you speak earlier was my final way of showing mercy. With this report, including the account books and reports I have with me, I declare an external investigation on this matter."

"External investigation?" Nyelle whispered and asked Edward.

"It actually gives the head office the jurisdiction to investigate what really happened. Furthermore, the matters of this company will be handled by the main office." Edward explained.

"By main office are you talking about you and Vince?"

"Not only the two of us but everyone from the main branch."

"Hmm… I see."

As Vince continues to explain the things that will transpire to the managers, the two new couple continued to talk to each other. However, Nyelle is deeply bothered by Edward's smile.

"What is it that you're smiling about, Edward?" Nyelle finally asked.

"I'm just so proud of you. I just taught you the basics and that was for a short while yet you were able to grasp the idea." Edward praised her.

"You're just saying that because…." Nyelle was unable to finish her sentence.

"Because?...." Edward continues to push her into confessing her feelings. But this time, Nyelle will not concede.

At last, Vince ended the meeting and hopeless with the CEO's decision, the managers left the room. Now, only the three of them remains.

"Thank you so much, Nyelle." Vince sincerely expresses his gratitude.

"Hehehehe I actually don't deserve your praise. There were some areas of my report which could have been better." Nyelle admitted.

"But without your report we would not be able to push through an investigation. Your report made this visit a successful one." Edward encouraged her more.

"You look like a proud boyfriend." Vince teases them.

"Of course I am!" Edward proclaimed and Nyelle blushed at his blunt response.

"Edward, stop being so thick-faced." Nyelle said in embarrassment.

"It's fine Nyelle. I'm used to it. By the way, I would like to ask, do you have any idea on who was the lady who gave you these files?" Vince asked.

"No, I don't. But if I will see her face once more then I'll definitely recognize her." Nyelle said with a hint of confidence in her tone.

"That's good! I will send you the pictures of the employees in this company who might have an access to the files." Vince said.


"That's enough, bro. Can we now focus on the main reason why you called Nyelle?" Edward asked in an irritated tone. His cousin has been talking to his girlfriend and stealing their time together.

"Thanks for reminding me. Let's go talk in my office then." Vince stood up and instantly Nyelle followed closely.

"Why is there a need to go to your office? Why does it have to be just the two of you?" Edward asked a series of questions.

Nyelle knew exactly where this is going to go to. So before the scenario turns any worse, she said.

"Edward, your cousin is married to my best friend. Don't you trust us to be loyal to our partners?"

Edward didn't give any response as he contemplated on Nyelle's words which were all correct. Vince also made an internal comment,

'Not a day has passed and she can control my cousin's over jealous attitude. Not bad, Nyelle.'

When no words were heard from Edward, Nyelle decided to add more reflective thoughts to him by saying,

"Remember what I told you this morning at the base?"


"Ms. Nyelle, good morning." One of the kitchen staff greeted her.

"Good morning." Nyelle responded as she fills her tray with food.

"Are you going out?"

"Yes, she is." Edward answered for her. Nyelle just smiled at the man in compensation for Edward's rude action.

As they sat down and enjoyed their food, Nyelle found the perfect timing to reprimand Edward for his rude attitude.

"Edward, you don't have to be rude to every man in the base." Nyelle said.

"I just want to tell them to lay their hands off you because you're mine." Edward casually answered as he continues to eat.

"I'm not a property and I believe there's no need to be that rude. You have already showed to them by your actions."


"They're your subordinates by this private life. You can't tell them to stop doing things out of your jurisdiction. Besides, they respects you a lot. They're wise group of people. One action is enough for them to understand."


"It would also make things difficult for me." Nyelle admitted and placed her hands on Edward's cheeks before adding,

"Lastly, no one's going to take me away from you. So there's no need to be always on guard."

Edward smiled and caressed her hand with his own before kissing it.

*** End of Flashback

"I'm sorry." Edward apologized after recalling what Nyelle told her just this morning.

"It's okay. Just always remember what I told you last night when you feel like getting jealous." Nyelle added.


"Edward, I honestly don't know where our feelings will lead us. It will not be an easy road that's for sure. Please take care of my heart as I try my best to do the same to you." Nyelle finally put her thoughts into words and let Edward listen to it.

"I will." Edward said before giving her a kiss, their first kiss.

The kiss was totally sweet yet full of different, contradictory emotions – uncertainty, gratitude, love and respect. When Edward pulled away from Nyelle, it took a lot of his control. He wanted to take things farther but knowing that it's not the best course of action at the moment, he decided to be patient.

*** End of flashback

Seeing Edward's face turned red, Nyelle's face followed as she also recalled the first kiss they exchanged as a couple. Now, the confused Vince can't help but react at the foolish couple's reactions.

"I felt like I missed something. I would love to hear what really happened between the two of you after I talk with Nyelle."



Still Vince got no response from the two people. He suddenly felt alone inside the room and missed his wife. Looking at the two of them, he just wants to go home and spend the day together with his wife on their bed.

"Excuse me, planet Earth to Edward and Nyelle?"

"We still have other things to do, so if you don't mind bro, I will just talk to her for a short time."

"…" Edward still didn't say a word.

"Don't worry. She will definitely return in one piece."


"I just want to give her the decision whether to tell you or not after we talk, okay?"

Finally, they both got a response from Edward. It wasn't a word but at least a nod. And that was all what they needed before Nyelle and Vince went to the CEO's office to talk about some highly classified yet personal information.

As the door closed, Edward murmured to himself,

"There's no need to hide it from me. I can read between the lines, my dearest cousin.

"I just hope that she will not leave me behind no matter the things that she will hear from you."

While Edward is waiting, he decided to go to his office and do some works for the rest of their plans today. As he opened his laptop, he saw the conversation between Nyelle and Yve as the latter forgot to log out her account. Edward became curious on the conversation exchange between the two ladies so even though he knows it isn't right he began scrolling up and reading the conversation.

** Flashback

"How was last night?" Yve asked.

Nyelle received a video reply from her friend.


Yve said the other languages for the same word.

** End of flashback

Edward smiled at the thought that Nyelle kept their kiss a secret even to her best friend. It's an event that only the two of them knew and Edward promised to keep it that way.

"I will add more important and exclusive memories so stay with me, Nyelle." Edward pleaded as he stared at Vince's door which is still close hoping that nothing will change after their conversation.