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215 Give Yourself A Chance

"Ms. Nyelle, please wake up. You haven't eaten breakfast yet and lunch is about to be over." One of the female agents said as she knocks at the door.

Her knocking was consistent and quite loud enough so the other agents can't help but ask her.

"Is there anything wrong?"

"I'm not sure. The kitchen told me that Ms. Nyelle hadn't eaten anything today and it's already 2PM. They were worried that something might have happened to her so they sent me here."

"So what did you find out?"

"Nothing. She is not answering and not a single noise can be heard."

"Isn't that a bit serious? Why don't you just infiltrate the room?"

"You know I can't do that. She's Secondo's and Primo's important guest."

"I guess you have a point." Why don't you go to Sir Slayne and inform him of this matter."

"Why I haven't thought about that?! Thanks." The female agent said and ran as fast as she can towards Slayne's office.

(Knock, Knock, Knock)

"What is it?"

"Permission for entry, Sir. I have something to report about Ms. Nyelle."

"Get inside." Slayne said.

"Sir! Ms. G hadn't eaten….." The female agent reported the events chronologically to Slayne and the latter instantly stood up and ran to Nyelle's room with the spare key in his hand.

As soon as Slayne arrived at the room, he knocked three times before introducing himself.

"It's me, Slayne. Is everything alright?" He asked.

"S—Slayne? Ahmm… yes. I'm fine. Why?" Nyelle finally replied but Slayne wants to confirm if she's telling the truth.

"Can you please open the door?"

"But…." Nyelle can't find the appropriate words to say why she can't open the door for him, when she heard a different voice.

"Slayne, what are you doing outside her door?" Eybelle asked.

She just arrived from guarding Emika back when she heard the commotion near her room. She decided to take a look and saw Slayne which led her to this position. Slayne in return informed her of what happened. Instantly she got an idea on what might went wrong. After all, Team Alpha has their group chat. This allowed her to be updated on what's happening.

"Let me talk to her, Slayne. There are some things which aren't comfortable for ladies to talk to men." Eybelle said.

Hearing this, Nyelle instantly opened the door without letting the people outside see her face.

"See?" Eybelle eyed Slayne.

"Okay. I'll take your word on this. I want to see your report on this incident on my desk by nightfall."

"Really? I haven't finished my report on Emika and now this?"

"I believe Ms. Emika is now safe. So take this mission as your top priority." Slayne ordered.

"Yes, Sir!"

Eybelle went inside the door and closed it before looking around the room.

"What happened here?" She said as she approached the desk with so many crumpled sheets of paper surrounding it.

"Eybelle, I know his story now."

"Yup, I heard."

"You heard? How?"

"Chrysthe was with you when you confided to Yve. The blabbermouth informed us via chat." Eybelle answered.


Hearing nothing from her, Eybelle sighed and said.

"You know you're older than me so I don't really understand why adults need to complicate things when they aren't. He likes you and by how you acted with Emika around, it was obvious you like him, too. Why not say yes and give your feelings a chance?"

Nyelle didn't expect her response and so eager to hear the rest of the youngster's opinion, she kept quiet.

"In all honesty, everyone here has forgiven you for what you did to the Lady Boss. It's just you who's feeling guilty. But let me tell you something, your actions right now will never change the past. Moreover, it would only make Ms. Yve guilty. What she wants for you is to do anything and everything you want."

"What do you mean?"

"In the past, you were forced by Airis to do the bad things even though you didn't want to. At this moment, Ms. Yve wants you to make a decision for yourself. You love Sir Edward, right?"

"I'm not sure if it's love…"

"Okay. Then let me change it. You have feelings for him, right?"

Nyelle can only nod her head in response.

"Then give it a chance."

"Do you think these feelings are enough to give it a try?" Nyelle asked.

"Nyelle, I heard from others that for a relationship to work, the people involved should have mutual efforts. Just do your best and I'm sure the other will also give it all. If in the end the relationship doesn't work then at least you gave it your all." Eybelle explained.

"But it will hurt ."

"Only if you fail. On the other hand, feelings such as love and pain make us human. Don't deprive yourself and other the chance of obtaining happiness just because you're scared. That's what I heard from the other female agents." Eybelle added.

Nyelle smiled and said, "Thank you very much."

Then they heard growling stomachs which made them laugh.

"Let's go to the cafeteria and eat?"

"Okay. I suddenly felt hungry." Nyelle agreed.

"Now, who told you not to eat? Even the kitchen staff was worried." Eybelle remarked.

"I'll make sure to apologize." Nyelle noted.

After freshening up, the ladies went to the cafeteria and eat. Upon receiving the food from the staff, she remembered to say sorry. They were fine with it and said that as long as nothing is wrong with her. Then Nyelle remembered Eybelle's pending report on their conversation. She wanted to ease the burden on the younger one knowing she just arrived from her mission and that she still has other matters to attend to.

"Eybelle, there's no need to do a written report on me. I will talk to Slayne myself. I also need to ask him a favor." Nyelle said.

"Thanks. Good luck. If you need any help, just call any of us."

The two smiled as each other with full understanding on what the other is planning to do. With no words, other agents can't seem to comprehend what they have in mind.

'As long as everything is okay.' They all whispered in their minds.