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214 Our Own Space

"So I think it would also be impossible for us at the moment…" Yve whispered to herself but still it was loud for Vince to hear.

"What do you mean?" Vince asked his wife.

Yve sighed before answering her husband.

"I was hoping to go back to the house you bought prior to moving in this suite." Yve revealed.

"You're fine with it?" Vince asked.

The reason why Vince never sold the house was because she was hoping that Yve would be willing to stay in their house. After all, staying at his workplace, even if it's a hotel isn't doing Vince any favor.

"Hmm… I think I can handle it if it will not be just the two of us."

"…" Vince didn't understand the set-up so he wanted Yve to explain it further.

"It would be good if we have at least a maid who will be there with me in case you're still at work or on a business trip? We can also have Chrysthe stay there. Maybe you can build a maid's or personnel's quarters around the vicinity?"

"Go on… I'm listening." Vince said as he felt like there is more behind Yve's unexpected decision.

"I want to be able to cook for you at will and without disturbing the work of other people. Besides, I want to experience a normal day with us in our own space. I want to serve you as your wife well." Yve explained.

At first, Vince was happy when he heard the word cook but then his face turned sour upon hearing the word, serve.

"Yve, you know that there's no need for you to serve me that much. I just want you to do the things you want." Vince said.

"Precisely! At the moment, this is what I want. But if you're not up to it because of our safety, I can understand." Yve said with sincerity. However, disappointment is definitely evident on her face.

"It's not what you think. I can actually have Jaleb and Chrysthe stay in the vicinity as your body guards. But about the other staff, such as maid… I'm not really sure." Vince honestly answered.

"You can interview them if you want or if you know someone who's fit for the job I'm fine with it. But please, I want a woman companion. I mean I already have male bodyguards… I hope you understand."

"Noted." Vince replied.

With that, a smile of Yve's face is now on display which made Vince happy as well.

"Good! I already asked Sylvan to hire a cleaner to prepare the house. As soon as he gives the 'go' signal we can move to the place."

"You seemed really excited, huh?"

"Mostly." Yve responded.

"Okay, then." Vince said and handed her a CD.

"What's this?" She wondered as there's no name of label.

"The edited interview. They gave me a soft copy around lunch time and I gave them my feedback. They edited it once more and here's the okay version for me. You can check it and have some scenes deleted if you don't want others to see." Vince explained.

"There's no need. You already checked it so I trust that it's better now. Besides, I don't want to make it difficult for the team. I also want the interview to be as natural and sincere as possible."

Vince can only nod at his wife's decision. He can't say that Yve's decision wasn't what he expected.

"Okay, then."

"When will it air?"

"This Saturday at 7PM." Vince answered.

"Then let's watch it together." Yve invited him.

"I'll tell Edward to make sure that I will arrive home by that then."

"Hmm… Okay." Yve said.

With that, the couple makes themselves comfortable and sleep on their bed. They were still aware of a dangerous plan that is about to unfold to the people they care in the coming days.

--- in Paris---

"Sir, everything is okay on our end. People will have something to talk about at the day of the Fashion Show."

"Are you sure that we will not discovered."

"Affirmative Sir! Mr. Gray's group may be prominent in Italy but they aren't that established in France."

"That's good! Then I'll be expecting a big bomb to pop here in Philippines on the day indicated."

With that, the man staying in Paris ended the phone call. The latter comfortably sips from his glass of wine.

"Now, enjoy the time you have with your wife, Vince. Let's see how you will deal with the late wedding gift I have prepared."


The following morning, Yve and Vince woke up and began their usual morning routine. At breakfast, Vince asked,

"When will be your first day at school?"

"This Monday."

"Hmm…. so what's your plan about SkyMu?"

"I haven't planned my class schedule yet so I don't have any specifics." Yve answered as she finished her meal.

"It would be better to schedule your major subjects in the morning. With that you can deal with your business meetings in the afternoon. After all, you only have Foreign Language 1 and 2 as your minor subjects." Vince suggested.

"That's a great idea. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks."

"What languages do you plan to pick?"

"I'm considering Japanese and Korean." Yve answered.

"Why is that?"

"I'm hoping to infiltrate their entertainment markets once SkyMu is stable. Aside from that other companies from Stones haven't infiltrated theirs due to language barrier. Knowing the language and culture will give us a huge advantage." Yve explained.

"Wow! You're already thinking of the future. Just like a true entrepreneur." Vince exclaimed.

"Of course! I have a very good role model in front of me." Yve exclaimed and she stood up and put their dishes in the serving cart before heading to the bed.

Vince followed her to get his coat but then Yve went out with the cloth he needed and helped him wear it. After fixing his, Yve also wore her coat ready to go to their respective offices when his wife noticed something.

"You're not going to wear your tie today?"

"Nope. I'm going to conduct the annual inspection in the different operations department under Gray Group."

"Hmm… So you'll not be at the office."

"Yes. But if there's anything you need just give me a call or you can send Edward a call."

"Okay. Take care." Yve said.

"You, too. See you later." Vince bid farewell to Yve as his personal elevator arrived and Yve went in to go to the lobby with Chrysthe.