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213 Yve, What should I do? 3

"Yve, tell me. What should I do?" Nyelle asked her friend.

"What do you feel about him now?" Yve asked her back.

"It never changed. Instead, it became deeper. I felt that I'm…."

"in love with him." Nyelle said the last phrase lower than usual.

"So what's with the indecisive attitude?"Yve asked.

"I'm afraid. He has been through a lot and seeing you and Vince, I know the road ahead will be tough." Nyelle said.

"You were also through a lot. Please, don't compare our hardship with yours. It's just a possibility."

"…" Nyelle didn't say anything as she was trying to think of the words which might win against Yve's argument.

Knowing that she has the upper hand in this debate, Yve continued to push through. "Would you let a mere possibility affect your decisions in the present? As well as confirm the real truth at the moment?"

"…" Still no words from Nyelle.

"I will not push you any further. I know this is not the advice you were expecting from me." Yve said.

"This is something that can't be dealt with thinking it logically. You need to think well considering what you really wish to accomplish."


"Just keep in mind that I will be here to support your decision – whether you plan on staying away from him or accepting his feelings and pursuing a relationship with him." Yve said.

"So for now, we should enjoy the things around us. How about after this drink, let's shop around?" Yve asked her.

"Is there anything you wish to buy?"

"Hmmm nothing in particular. But maybe you will encounter something for yourself?" Yve replied and ate her donut while drinking her frappe casually.

"Yve, will it possible for me to live outside the base now? Airis is not in the status to do anything harmful to me, right?" Nyelle asked.

"Does it have something to do with Edward?"

"No! I just don't feel the need to be sheltered anymore."

"Hmm… I know what you mean. I will ask Vince if that will be okay. But you have to do the explaining to Edward yourself. He might take it negatively." Yve expressed her thoughts well.

As soon as they have consumed their food, they went to the mall and explored the things around them.

Chrysthe thought it would be a big problem and thankfully, the agents Slayne assigned were of great skills. They were able to change their disguises into people who can freely roam around the mall.

Meanwhile, Edward is currently bothered while they are talking to their new client. Vince noticed this and instantly took the initiative to lead the talk. When it was finished, they all went to their respective ways. Inside the car, Vince asked,

"What bothering you, Edward?"

"Nothing. I'm sorry about being useless tonight. I will be fine by tomorrow, Bro."

"I know you will. In the meantime, why don't you go and fetch Nyelle while I will fetch my wife?" Vince suggested.

"That won't be necessary. Yve said that she will drop Nyelle on her way home."

"Hmm…. I see." Vince said and pulled out his phone.

He sends a message to his wife, saying

"Edward seemed lost after dropping your best friend. Is anything wrong?"

Yve replied instantly.

"Nothing that you should worry about."

"I think I need to worry as it affected his performance."

"Let's talk about it when we reach home then."

"Hmm…. okay then. Are you on your way?" Vince asked via text.

"Yes. We have already dropped Nyelle back to the base. We're almost at the hotel. I can see the silhouette of the place."

"That's good. I will see you then." Vince ended the exchange of messages.

"Ed, if you need anything with something that's bothering you, remember that I'll always be here to gladly lend you my hand. Got it?"

"Yes, Brother. Thank you very much."

"You're always welcome!!"

Just like Vince arrived at the hotel and Edward found himself on the way back to his apartment. Yve and Vince began talking about what really happened to their respective days. Yve shared a little about Nyelle's sentiments and got an idea on where the other two are in their relationship.

"You're really the same with your friend. Why are you trying to complicate things so much? If she loves my cousin then go for it." Vince remarked as he changed his clothes.

"That's one of the differences between men and women. Don't take it against her." Yve defended her friend.

"I know that I just hope she will decide to risk everything in my cousin. I want Edward to be happy as well." Vince went out of the dressing room just to see Yve approaching her and hugging her.

"By the way, Nyelle asked me something but only you can answer." Yve asked while looking at her husband.

"What would that be?"

"Will it be finer for her to move out? Airis is already powerless to be able to harm her." Yve explained.

This brought Vince to weigh things over. It's Airis that he's worried about. There are other people plotting against them because of him. Although, they were silent the past few days, he can't risk putting their lives in danger.


"Ahh… about that…" Vince gently dragged her to the bed to explain.

"Can't we wait until the arrival of Eybelle and Jaleb?" Vince asked.

"Why? Are there new threats?"

"Not exactly. But do you remember the attack at the amusement park?"

"Of course. How can I possibly forget?"


"Do you know who are they?" Yve asked with worried look on her face.

"Yve calm down. As of the moment, I don't have any information. But I don't want to put your lives at risk."

Yve nodded her head and smiled at her husband. Even if she's feeling scared nothing that Vince and the rest of the team are always watching over her, she felt a little safe.

"So I think it would also be impossible for us at the moment…" Yve whispered to herself but still it was loud for Vince to hear.

"What do you mean?" Vince asked his wife.

'If there's anything she wants, I will do my best to have it in front of her.' Vince thought to himself as he waited for Yve to answer his question.