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212 Yve, What should I do? 2

"I need your help." Nyelle exclaimed at Slayne as soon as she opened the door.

The man was a bit startled and abruptly stood up and asked.

"What happened?"

"Can you drive me to café where I'm supposed to meet Yve?" Nyelle asked.

"Why? What happened to Secondo?" Slayne curiously asked.

"Ahmm… Uhh.."

"Are you that desperate to avoid me?" Edward suddenly talked behind her back causing her to hastily turn around and lose her balance. Luckily, Edward was there to save her. The latter wrapped his hand around her waist and prevented her from falling on the ground.

"No, I'm not!" Nyelle replied as she stands up properly.

"Hmm… Then it's settled then. You may continue with your work Slayne. I will be the one to drive Nyelle." Edward proclaimed.

"Yes, Sir!"

Let with no other choice, Nyelle walked with Edward towards his car which was temporarily parked outside the building. As they hopped in the park, nothing was heard from the two of them. Nyelle is just too nervous to say anything while Edward was afraid to scare her further. With the tension in the air, the two of them arrived at the café.

As soon as Nyelle saw Yve inside the café, she instantly run towards her without waiting for Edward.

"You're really affected by what I did that night. How cute!" Edward murmurs to himself as he walks towards the  two ladies.

"Yve…" Edward greeted her.

"Edward. Thanks for driving Nyelle." Yve greeted back and noticed the change in her friend's reaction.

'Something did happen between these two. But why is it that only Nyelle looks affected?' Yve thought.

"My pleasure, Yve. I have a favor to ask."

"What would that be?"

"I would like to fetch Nyelle after you finish. Can you inform me via text?"

Yve looked at her friend once more before deciding. She needs to know first what happened to fully decide. In the meantime, it would be safer to decline his offer.

"Ed, let me drop Nyelle in the base instead. I know that you still have to return to my husband and accompany him." Yve said.

"I got it." Edward left with a sad look on his face.

Once Edward left, Sylvan also bid his farewell. So the two ladies were left with Chrysthe sitting on the table beside them with other disguised agents.

"Now, Nyelle can you tell me what's with the awkward tension between you and Edward?" Yve began  the interrogation.

"It all began in your wedding reception." Nyelle answered.

"Because of the wedding garter?! Okay. So what happened next?" Yve curiously asked.

"After your wedding, Edward told the rest of Team Alpha that he would drive me back to the base. As expected they agreed without a question.  At that time, I thought it was just like the usual. But then…"

"But then?"

"He brought me to a viewing deck on the mountainside and we talked there." Nyelle said.

"What did you talk about?" Yve asked.


"Okay. I know you're imagining it as you're now turning tomato red. I need to know what happened if you want my help. Filter your thoughts as I buy our usual order." Yve stood up and did as she said.

A few moments later, Yve returned to the table with two frappes and honey glazed donuts on the tray.

"So have you thought it out?" Yve asked as she placed the food on their table.

Nyelle nodded in response and when Yve sat down the latter continued.

"He told me why he reacted that way about my betrayal and that he felt bad about it."

"…" Yve didn't say anything to allow her friend to continue her story confidently.

"He said that he was once betrayed by the only woman he loved. Ever since, he devoted himself to helping Vince both in business and finding you. When he met me, he was in doubt whether he was ready to face his feelings or not."

Nyelle stopped and drank a little of her frapped before continuing her story.

"Then I betrayed you and all of you learned about it. He said he was furious as it happened at the time when he was willing to let go of the pain. With what I did, everything – the pain, the events with his first love came flashing back in his mind."

Tears are flowing from her eyes now. Certainly, Nyelle is still in regret despite the forgiveness she received. Yve handed her friend some dry tissue but kept quiet. She wanted her friend to pour it all out. It has always been effective and Yve knows it will continue to be effective at the moment.

"After knowing the whole truth, he said that he began to understand me. He doesn't even know why he was eager to discover the entire truth to the point of not getting enough sleep. He was torn between punishing me and helping me at that time I was in the base with Airis." Nyelle continued amidst her tears.

"Then he said the three words I hoped a man would tell me someday."

"Did he say I Love You?" Yve asked and saw Nyelle nod her head in confirmation.

"I still can't believe what I heard so lost with all his confessions, I remained silent. Then he kissed me…"

"HE KISSED YOU?!" Yve suddenly stood and raised her voice loud enough for most of the customers to hear causing them to turn their heads to them.

"Yve, don't shout. Look, everyone is looking at us. Take your seat." Nyelle said as she pulled her friend back to her seat.

Yve looked around and noticed how embarrassing her actions were. She coughed a little before sitting down as if nothing happened.

"So? What did you say?" Yve asked her friend.

"Nothing." Nyelle confessed which shocked Yve to the core.

"Ha?! Why didn't you say anything? I thought you said that he was your type way back when you first saw him?" Yve inquired further.

"YES!! But now it's just too complicated. After his revelation of his past and knowing mine as well. I don't think….." Nyelle didn't continue her explanation. Instead she asked Yve a question.

"Yve, tell me. What should I do?"