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After the tiring but fun interview, the couple finds themselves inside the car once more. This time, Vince has planned something special which can be considered as their celebration for Yve's acceptance at St. Michael's.

"Vince, where are we going?"

"You will know once we get there." Vince mysteriously answered.

"Don't worry, Madam. We're already here." Chrysthe answered making Yve look outside where she gasped when she saw Noble's restaurant still in operation and so bright.


"You said you wanted to try gourmet food. I asked my mom to have some of the restaurant's staff to work overtime."

"We can actually have dinner at the hotel."

"But we have been eating in the hotel." Vince answered which made Yve think of something.

'Now that I think about it. The past few weeks we have been too busy. Aside from Haru's cooking, we have been eating hotel's food or ate outside. I haven't cooked for him in a while.' Yve recalled and made a mental note to cook something for him in the coming days.

"Let's go in. I'm also famished." Vince remarked and escorted Yve to the restaurant.

Inside, there was a table romantically set just for the two of them. As the waiters serve there dinner, the couple ate silently enjoying the food and the calmness of the restaurant. Vince once more fulfilled her selfish wish to eat gourmet food. He even pulled some strings.

Just like that, the couple sat back inside the car as Chrysthe drives the car home. Inside the car there was a complete silence which shows how tired the couple was. When Chrysthe looked behind through the mirror, he saw his boss gently placing the head of his Lady Boss on his shoulder. It seemed that Yve fell asleep and Vince wants to make sure that she's comfortable. After making sure she's comfortable, Yve subconsciously wrapped her hands around Vince. The two men smiled at her cute gesture.

"Primo, it seemed that the Madam can tell that it's you even when she's asleep." Chrysthe remarked.

"Your Lady Boss has always been observant. The only thing she failed to notice was her evil stepmother and stepsister." Vince replied.

"Which reminded me that you should be careful. If you have any missions, make sure she will not notice it."

"Yes, Primo."

With that additional order from Vince, Chrysthe drives the couple back to the hotel. When they arrived, Yve was still asleep. So instead of waking her up, Vince gently carried her in his arms in a princess style. The staff inside the hotel stares at their gentle CEO and sleeping First Lady.

"I wish I was the lady in Mr. Gray's arms."

"Mr. Gray is the perfect husband – rich, loving and supportive."

"There's no such thing as perfect person." Some of the male employees exclaimed.

"You're just jealous of Mr. Gray because let's all be honest as his wife is also pretty."

"Aren't you also jealous?"

The staff stopped gossiping when they noticed that Chrysthe was looking intensely at them. They resumed walking as Vince walked peacefully towards the elevator. Shortly after, they reached their room and before entering, Vince dismissed Chrysthe and let the other two men from the base take over.

Meanwhile, when Sylvan returned to Edward's apartment, he looked at his phone before heading to his room to change his clothes. He saw a message from Yve and opened it.

"Do I have any vacant schedule tomorrow? If I do, please reserve it as a date with Nyelle and inform Edward about it. As for the place, let's talk about it tomorrow."

"Even if there's none, I have to find one as that's boss' ultimate order." Sylvan sighed and walks to his room.

Instead of changing his clothes, he immediately checked Yve's schedule. He needed to push the internal meetings forward to give time at around the afternoon. Once finished, he sent emails to the respective heads for the change in meeting time and duration. He also informed Slayne to have additional security around the two of them tomorrow. They want to prevent the amusement park attack to happen again. Then he went to Edward's room. He knocked three times and waited for a response.

"Come in." Edward said without standing up and opening the door.

"Secondo." Sylvan said.

"What is it?" Edward continues to type in his keyboard.

"The Young Madam wants to see Ms. Nyelle tomorrow." Sylvan calmly said but this caused the other to stop typing and to just look intensely at him.

"Why?" Edward asked which caused Sylvan to see the different expressions of Secondo within a minute.

"I'm sorry, Secondo but I can't answer your question. The Young Madam just informed me thru text tonight. I felt that it was improper to send a reply asking her why which might also cause a disturbance in her sleep and …"

"STOP! Okay, Sylvan. I got it." Edward said as he stopped Sylvan's long explanation.

"How about their security?" Edward asked in a serious tone.

"I have already informed Slayne but as the Young Madam didn't disclose the place, he can only give an assign some men."

"Then inform him as soon as you get the details. I don't want either of them to get hurt." Edward stated with a firm voice.

"Yes, Secondo. That's all, sir."

"Okay. You may go now." Edward said and dismissed Sylvan.

As soon as the door closed, Sylvan sends a message to Yve.

"I have already scheduled your date with Ms. Nyelle tomorrow afternoon. I have also informed Sir Edward about this."

Edward also sent a message to Nyelle.

"Yve wants to see you. You will meet each other tomorrow afternoon. As for the place, just wait for her message. By the way, I will drive you to the place so make sure to inform me. Good night."

"What?! Why do you have to drive me when you can just order the people around here to do it for you?!" Nyelle exclaimed and squeaked like a teenage girl while rolling on the bed.

"Anyway, Nyelle you need to calm down. Your married friend will be able to help you." She said to herself as she tries to calm down to sleep.