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208 Give the Spotlight to Her 3

The crew members can't help but felt being forced fed with dog food. Once again, they witnessed how this couple loves each other. As the interview continues, they're topics allow them to know more about their personalities.

"Mr. Gray, how do you feel about the surprise wedding?"

"From your word, I'm actually surprised. We were actually planning for the wedding already and we both went to the food tasting, clothes' fitting together."

"But we never talked about the fixed date of the wedding." Yve added.

"So, why did you decided to have it on his birthday?"

"As his birthday gift. For a man who has everything, I ran out of ideas on what should I give him." Yve answered.

"So you decided to give yourself to me?" Vince jokingly said.

"Don't phrase it that way. Other people might think of indecent things." Yve said as she lightly tapped his chest once more.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA" Vince laughed his heart out which shocked not only the host but the entire crew.

They have never seen this powerful man laugh this way. They began to rediscover how powerful love can really be. The host got more curious as she sees the actions and glee in the couple's eyes.

"Mrs. Gray, another question for you before we further talk about the wedding. Has Mr. Gray always been like this?"

Then there was a moment of a little silence which made the host regrets her question. This also made the entire team worried that they have offended a man they shouldn't.

"Yes, he has always been like this. But I also know that he has a different side when he's the CEO and I think that's the usual Vince for you." Yve answered.

"One can say that he might have shown a different side to different groups of people?" She added.

"What's your take on this, Mr.Gray?"

"She's actually right. I was like this when we were together. Then I lost this young, naughty side when I had to face the harsh reality of business world. As of the moment, this naturally shows when I'm with her. It's fascinating, isn't it?" He asked the crew and the camera lens as well.

"Hmm… I see. Now let's go back about the wedding. So how did you plan it out?"

"I had some help from his mom, I mean our mom, his friends and our secretaries. You can say that it was also a team effort." Yve responded.

"Was there a time that you got an idea about this wedding?"

"Not a single clue. She was just so busy that I had an idea that she's preparing something. I even thought it's for SkyMu." Vince honestly answered.

"Now about your wedding vows. They were the most heartfelt promises I have ever heard and witnessed."

"Thank you." The couple said at the same time.

"In all honesty, I did prepare so many vows and at that time I was writing it, I already thought they were good. It never occurred to me that at that moment, I will forget everything and that my heart will just blurt everything." Yve said.

"In my case, I just let my mouth express what I feel. I think that's why you guys felt it because it's not scripted. We just said whatever's in our hearts." Vince said as he looks around the team before staring longer at his wife for an agreement. Yve nods her head in recognition.

"I think so. Let's talk about the reception wherein both of you performed. Did you plan for it, Mrs. Gray?"

"Yes. I actually planned to perform but I never expected for him to do something in return." Yve responded.

"Of course! My pride as a man wouldn't let me stay on the receiving side. I also felt that I have to do something." Vince honestly said.

"It's amazing Mr. Gray that you were able to play the guitar and sing a song without any practice." The host remarked.

"That might be because I have been playing the instrument ever since Yve and I got back together."

"I see. Let's talk about the famous yet sensitive topic. You may choose to keep quiet if you don't want to share anything about this. Now for the question, what are your plans for the honeymoon?"

The couple remained silent for a moment while looking at each other. Then finally as gentleman as he is, Vince answered the question.

"As of the moment, we don't have any plans. The wedding was planned without taking the honeymoon into consideration. Besides we both felt that it wasn't the right time. She has to go to St. Michael as a student and a President at SkyMu. I also need to supervise the two corporations."

"We are just too busy in our own plans and that our vacant time are just enough for each other." Yve added.

"Plus, Yve let me handle the honeymoon. So I need time to think and gather ideas on how to defeat her surprise wedding idea." Vince concluded.

"Hehehehehehe. I understood. So what's in store for the both of you?" The host asked.

"I'm going to school while handling the matters as President of SkyMu. Ahh, by the way stay tuned in our official page as one of our groups will be having their comeback." Yve happily answered.

"Really? You promoted your group through this interview?" Vince remarked on his wife's efficiency.

"Why not? I don't want to miss an opportunity.

"Okay." Vince shortly responded to his wife before answering the question.

"For me, I will continue overseeing the projects for both corporations. I hope that the business world as well as the consumers will continue to show your love and support." Vince respectfully said.

"Mr. and Mrs. Gray thank you for this opportunity once more. Here's a small token from the entire staff." The host said and gave a red box with gold ribbon to the couple which they both accepted happily.

"We wished you both happiness and success." The host concluded.

"Thank you very much." Yve and Vince replied before they heard the director shouted,


And that marks the end of the interview. There were small talks between the staff and Vince as Yve went back to the dressing room to change into a more casual outfit.

"Chrysthe!" She shouted loud enough for the other who was waited outside to hear.

"Yes, Madam?"

"Why do I still need to change? I'm just too tired to go to another place." Yve honestly said.

"I'm sorry for this late night adventure but I promise that you will enjoy this." Vince replied when he opened the door wearing the white polo and navy blue pants from his former uniform with the coat in his hands.

"It won't take a while?"

"It actually depends on you." Vince replied.