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205 Speech Battle 3

"To the school's administration, alumni, media personnel, family, relatives and my fellow new students, good afternoon." Yve began her speech.

"I am standing in front of you not only as Yvory Smith-Gray but as a representative of the newest batch. Today marks an important event not only to me but to everyone who passed the exam. We may have different goals as to why we came here but I hope we can work together in our stay here as we strive to be the best entrepreneurs we can be." Yve gave her message to the students which were applauded well.

"To the faculty and alumni of this institution, thank you for the warm welcome and we hope to learn from your knowledge and experiences. To the family and relative who came to support their loved ones, please continue looking over at us as we strive to fulfill our dreams. "

Yve's message to the faculty and guardians were received well. They started to talk about her more.

"As what we should expect from the top applicant."

"This year ought to be an exciting one as we supervise her growth in our school."

"I hope my daughter will become one of her friends. That relationship will benefit us."

"Regretfully, she's already married and to a strong and powerful man at that. I would wish my son to marry someone like her."

Finally, it was now time for Yve to give her message to her loved ones.

"I know that most of you are aware that I'm an orphan and that my husband and his family are now considered to be my living relatives. But I never felt alone. I would like to thank my parents for letting me meet my husband at a young age. They also let me have a beautiful education which gave me a strong foundation. Aside from them, I would like to thank my mother-in-law, Maddie for this outfit and her full support. My secretary who has been working hard ever since I began my review for the exam. My cousin-in-law, Edward for his support to my husband. Lastly, I would like to thank my husband for being there for me, for the support and business lessons even after working hours."

Vince smiled as his wife mentioned the word husband in her speech. As she went through the memory lane, he did as she recalled her sacrifices just to make it here today. They've really gone a long way but they still have a longer way, a lifetime ahead of them.

"I will not lie and say that the exam was easy. It was really difficult. Without studying well and lessons from Mr. Vincent Gray, other professors hired by our family lawyer passing the exam let alone acing it will be possible. So to my fellow new students, be proud of yourself for passing the exam."

"I'm looking forward to knowing a lot from you as well." Yve ended her speech with a bow.

The people once again clapped their hands in recognition to Yve's bow as the lady went down the down escorted by Chrysthe. The host proceeded with the rest of the program's flow. Vince and the principal were once again called on stage to give the students' uniform. Each of the student were given a chance to take a picture with Vince. When the last student returned to his seat, it also marked the end of the program. The host thanked everyone for coming.

With that, the guests slowly move out of the hall while the media try to get their respective scoops for the day. As per Edward's instructions, the couple was able to sneak out of the school without getting ambushed by the media. It was already dark when the program ended. They still have their interview with their contracted journalists.

"What time is it, Chrysthe?" Vince asked.

"7, sir."

"Are you tired?"

"Are you hungry?" They both asked each other at the same time which was followed by silence as they wait for each other to speak first.

A few minutes after, Chrysthe can't take the silence anymore so he said to Yve.

"Lady Boss, I think you should speak first."

With a deep sigh, Yve took Chrysthe's suggestion.

"Are you tired from standing on the stage for a long time?"

"Hmmm.... I'm fine. I can still answer the questions they will ask me in the interview. How about you?" Vince replied.

"I'm not tired. After my speech, I spent my time sitting down."

Vince smiled and said, "That's not what I mean. I'm asking if you're hungry."

"Ahh.. that. Yes, I am but we don't have much time before the schedule. We can always eat after the interview."

"What do you want to eat?"

"I want some gourmet food.... But it would be late so anything will do. Just order some take out." Yve said.

"Hmmm..." Vince said and took his mobile phone and key in some details.

In a short while, Chrysthe's phone vibrated. The young lad looked at his boss through the car's mirror. His Boss' look verified that the vibration was caused by a text message from him.

'It has probably something to do with eating gourmet food tonight. I'll read it as soon as they arrive at the location.'

Chrysthe made a mental note to himself.

Then, the silhouette of SkyMu's building has come to view.

"Chrysthe, why are we in the building?"

"Sylvan sent me a message that the interview will be conducted here. The TV station contacted him about the change. He thought you wouldn't mind."

"Of course not. I wasn't informed but it was fine."

Just a few seconds before they arrive at the building's entrance, Yve's phone vibrated and it was a message from Nyelle.

"When can I see you the soonest? I need to talk to you....."

Upon reading Yve can imagine Nyelle's sense of urgency. Afraid something bad happened, she turned to Vince and asked the man.

"Is something wrong within your base?" She asked.

Vince was caught off guard and instantly looked at his wife. He first analyzed the look on her face.

"I didn't receive any report." He lied and passed the question to Chrysthe.

'Primo, why are you giving the question to me?'

"Miss, I haven't received anything of sort. The fact that Sylvan and I are still here means that everything is under control. Why do you seem so worried?" Chrysthe simply answered.

"Nothing. It's just a lady thing." Yve avoided the question and thought,

'Maybe it has something to do with their moment at the reception.'