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204 Speech Battle 2

The program started with a welcome address from the principal of the school. Then the principal introduced Vince to the crowd before he gives his speech.

"The past few years, this man made us proud by getting the highest score in the entrance examination in all of St. Michael's Group of Schools. Right now, he's leading the internationally acknowledged Gray Group of Companies. He is even handling the affairs of Stones Enterprises. Let's all welcome our alumnus, Mr. Vincent Gray."

The crowd clapped their hands as Yve's husband walks to the stage. Yve clapped her hands in admiration of her husband while looking so happy and proud which were caught on camera by the media without her noticing. The rest of the students clapped their hands as they welcome their goal and role model. Despite their different thoughts on the man, the alumni clapped their hands in respect to their principal.

As Vince reached the podium, he shook the principal's hands and bowed before facing the crowd.

"Thank you for that warm welcome and that exaggerated introduction." Vince started his speech with humor to settle everyone.

"New students, Guardians, Alumni, Media, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to St. Michael. This ceremony has been the school's tradition in appreciation for the students who passed their initial exam. Being a student is just one step closer to your goals, dreams, plans and idols. I hope you will continue to do your best and strive for the things you believed in."

Yve looked at Vince with amusement in her eyes. Aside from their wedding yesterday, this was the first time that Yve saw him this serious. After he finished his humorous introduction, he has been emitting an CEO aura. She looked around at her fellow new students and saw the glitter in their eyes. Each pair was filled with different emotions towards the man standing on the stage. Yve turned her head to face her husband and listened to his speech.

"Back in my day, I never thought of getting the highest score. I was focused on doing my best to help my father's company and return into the arms of the one I love. The things I did in school, the awards and fame I received for my achievements and records were all to finish school at a faster rate. I wanted to be with my lover at that time. It took awhile but now here I am. I accomplished my mission to save my father's company and marry my lover which is now my wife."

Yve blushed at her husband's shameless proclamation while the students and other guests clapped their hands.

'You're that desperate to have the best speech, my dearest King?' Yve thought.

"I'm not telling you these things to brag. Instead, I wanted you to remember that things will eventually happen at the right time and place with the right people. If there's one thing I regret when I was still a student of St. Michael, that would be I failed to enjoy the simple days."

"So to all of you, forget all the pressure that you're a future entrepreneur or an aspiring one when you're inside this institution. St. Michael's walls aren't there just for decoration. Now that you're one of us, we will certainly do our part to support you. Just do your best without forgetting the joy of life. Thank you and welcome to St. Michael." Vince said and bowed his head.

His short yet powerful speech was humbly received by attentive ears and garnered standing ovation from some of the guardians and alumni.

'Lady Boss will be pressured by this amazing response. Why do you have to do extravagantly, Primo?' Chrysthe worried in his head while trying to get a glimpse of his Lady Boss' face.

"Thank you very much for that wonderful speech, Mr. Gray. Now I would like to ask to remain on stage as well call our Principal once more." The host said and as soon as the principal came she handed an envelope to him.

"Now let's continue another important tradition. We now welcome the new students of St. Michael. They will each be called by their names and receive their uniforms as well as their classes which were designed in accordance to their results." The principal announced.

"This batch is lucky to have Mr. Gray give his speech and to witness a new prodigy who beat his record and aced the exam. Should I say birds of the same feather flock together?" The principal asked and earned small laughter from the audience.

"This young man said that he has now a wife and this institution is more than happy to nurture her knowledge. Let's now call her to give her speech in front of us. The new record holder, Mrs. Yvory Smith-Gray. Let's welcome her with a warm, round of applause." The principal said and was immediately followed by the crowd.

Chrysthe was quick to escort her to the stage. She received her uniform from the principal and shook his hand. Vince suddenly got the microphone from the host and said,

"Now, I don't know how should to act. Should I be an alumnus or a proud husband?"

People laughed at his remarks while Yve sneakily pushed her stomach using her elbow.

They took a commemorative photo while the media hurried to take their best shot of the most talked couple. The other students did the same thing.

"She's really pretty in person. The ugly photos uploaded when she just took over SkyMu didn't do her any justice."

"Not only that! They said she's useless but look how smart she is."

"She has Mr. Gray wrapped around her fingertips. She must have..."

"You know that not's true. If by doing that we'd become Gray Group's First Lady we would have done it a long time ago."

"You know that's not possible."

Other students began to gossip both in positive and negative way.

After a few more shot requests, Yve finds herself standing by the podium. As Vince passes by her, he whispered,

"Break a leg."

"To the school's administration, alumni, media personnel, family, relatives and my fellow new students, good afternoon." Yve began her speech.