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203 Speech Battle 1

It's finally the time for the press conference of St. Michael University. Prominent people from the business sectors are expected to come to flaunt their heirs as passers. Throughout the years, having their heirs pass the entrance examination at St. Michael's is a way to assure the investors and partners that their corporation's future is already secured. Unknowingly, this has also become the case with Yve. As she beat Vince's record, the Board of Directors and investors as well as partners were instantly assured that if Yve would really pursue to manage Stones, she will not be a liability. For their competitors though, this marks another difficult wall to overcome – with their wedding, eternal partnership between the humongous corporations is confirmed.

Yve arrived at the event with none other than her husband, the prominent alumnus Mr. Vincent Gray as her escort. Lily is wearing a black tube dress with layered cut, exclusive from her mother-in-law's new collection which is to be released next year. Her dress has a shorter cut on the left side exposing her beautiful legs when she walks. The fit of her dress showcased every girl's dream body. On Vince's request, Yve let her hair down and paired with round earrings. To complete the get-up, there are black block-heels on her feet while black with diamond beads on the edges made the entry as her clutch bag.

Following the news that morning on their magnificent wedding, everyone has a complete idea on who she is and with her stunning husband looking more stunning than before, their entrance is undeniably formidable. Contradictory to his usual black office suit, Maddie delivered a gray suit with white polo and black necktie. The highlights of this suit are the three black lines encircled around the right sleeve of the coat and around the right leg of the pants. At first, Vince doesn't want to wear this too fashionable outfit but with Yve's persistence and sweet attack, he succumbed in defeat. To complete his look, a neat CEO hair was styled by non-other than his wife.

Closely behind them is Chrysthe as Edward and Sylvan need to address the company matters in behalf of their CEOs. To fit in the event, he is wearing a light gray suit with vertical stripped polo inside. He paired it with black pants and white rubber shoes. His look is a lot more casual than the other two.

The media can't take the eyes off them and tries to get an ambush interview from them. Chrysthe was quick enough to guard his bosses as Vince gave them a short statement.

"Please listen to my wife's speech later and as this event is not about us, we will not be accepting any personal interview in this prestigious event."

With that being said, Vince wrapped his arm around Yve's waist and went inside the school's event's hall.

"Thanks. I'm not really prepared to talk to them."

"Anytime. But you know in the future you have to be always prepared." Vince said it in a senior-mentor tone.

"I know."

"Mr. and Mrs. Gray, I regret to inform you that there will be different seats allocated for both of you, following St. Michael's tradition." The receptionist informs them as different colored flowers were given to them.

Yve is given the white flower with ribbon to tie it indicating that she is one of the new successful applicants. She wore it as a bracelet which made her look more sophisticated. Vince, was given an option whether to be a relative which will receive a pink rose or an alumnus which will have the red rose.

"Which department will be seated closer to them?" Vince asked.

"My dear pupil, you should choose the alumnus. You still need to give a speech, remember?" Vince and Yve turned their head to see the principal.

"But I want a seat…"

"I know. The alumni are seated closer to them." The principal pointed the area where the other alumni are seated wearing their red roses using his mouth.

"Then, I'll take the alumnus then." Vince said and as he was about to receive the rose, his wife caught it first and said to the receptionist,

"Let me put it on him."

The receptionist let her be and this sweetness of the newlywed couple didn't escape the eyes of the observant business minded guests and the privileged media who took the chance to take pictures of the latest real couple in demand.

"You know that you're making a scene by doing this, right?" Vince asked his wife just to be sure.

"Hmm… but you haven't told me that you will be giving a speech today."

"I don't want you to feel pressured as it is. Besides, the purpose of my speech is to welcome the future business successors."

"Hmm… Then may the best speech be the talk of the town?" Yve smirked as she finished placing the rose on her husband before walking towards the space reserved for her.

Vince just smiled at his wife and signaled Chrysthe to guard Yve over there when the principal commented,

"Let's go now lover boy."

Then they went to their respective seats.

Following them were Steve and Jenny who looked envious of the couple. Jenny failed big time as she not only didn't get the highest score, she didn't even manage to come close to Vince's score despite all the preparation that Steve gave her.

She planned to steal the fashion spotlight by wearing a light blue lace see-through long sleeved blouse with an inner tube paired with a shiny short skirt of the same color. Her heels were stilettos which complement the dress. She even let her hair down to flaunt her silky, smooth hair. Most of all, she bought this dress from Paris just for today. But as the media focused on Yve, she even got more furious.

Steve, on the other hand, liked seeing Jenny getting all jealous of Yve's attention. He wanted to motivate her to do things that will hinder Yve's success in school. Unlike Jenny, he doesn't mind not being on the spotlight today even though he is wearing an expensive suit made in Paris as well. His get-up is a mix of black and yellow. His suit, pants and inner shirt are black while the black, unbuttoned polo is yellow.

'Soon, I will have the spotlight so I don't mind having Vince enjoy it for now.' He thought as he went to the alumni section while the jealous, Jenny headed her way to her reserved spot.

Upon arriving at her seat, she got angrier upon realization that the arrangement was according to their scores. She's not even in the second place. She was seated on the second row while Yve enjoys the first seat, nearest to the alumni.

'Just wait, Yvory Smith-Gray. In this school, not even your husband can save you when something bad happens to you.' Her evil-self smiled inside.

However, Chrysthe was quick to notice her amateur animosity. This made him take a mental note of the lady.

'Hmm…. Jenny. I'll let Sylvan investigate you tonight.' He thought as a shutter sound was heard from his improvised camera pen placed on his chest pocket.