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200 Wedding Day 6

"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen." The principal began his speech.

"I believe most of you knew that Mrs. Yvory Smith-Gray had recently taken the entrance examination at our school as her preparation for taking over her late father's empire in the future. Yesterday, we have sent the letters to the rest of the applicants. "

The principal's words made Yve more nervous than ever. Now that the wedding was a success, the only thing she's been wishing for is to pass the entrance examination. She looked up to her husband only to see a calm Vince. Somehow, this gives her the courage and will to act the same way.

"As per Mr. Gray's request, the letter was sent to his office yesterday. However, he called me to ask if it would be possible to announce the result myself."

"Why would you do that?" Yve whispered to him and slightly tapped his chest.

The other caught her hand and pressed it between his hand and chest before answering her question, "Trust me on this one."

"There is another reason for couples out there to envy Mr. and Mrs. Gray. In main branch back in Australia, Mr. Gray holds the record of passing the exam with the highest score which was one mistake. However, today..."

The principal paused and looked at the people's tensed faces before staying his gaze to the loving couple.

"Mrs. Gray broke the record with a perfect score!"

His announcement was happily received not only by the couple but by the people around. Yve's tears flowed once more and jumped at her husband in happiness. Vince was alert enough to hugged her back and hold her in his arms. She looks like a koala once more. Yve didn't seem to notice that they were in public. The guests smiled at her cuteness and was purely happy for her. This announcement has piqued the interest of the invited businessmen.

'This shows she has what it takes.'

'It's not an easy feat to ace the exam of St. Michael.'

"With Mr. Gray helping her, it's quite possible. How I wish I can hire Mr. Gray as my tutor, too."

"You can't afford him."

"He's not even for hire."

"Let's give a toast to my wife for passing the entrance examination with flying colors." Vince as he handed a glass of champagne to his wife while the other hand raises his glass. The rest of the people followed him and shouted, "CHEERS!".

It was indeed a joyous occasion and the guests enjoy the roller coaster turn of events. As the event comes to an end, the couple decided to approach the principal.

"I formally welcome you to St. Michael's, Yvory." The principal said and initiated a handshake.

"Please call me Yve, sir."

"Will that be okay?" He asked while smirking at his former student.

"Of course. I don't think my husband is petty enough to be jealous of his mentor." Yve replied and Vince was at a loss for words.

"You really have a way with your words. Let's nurture that natural weapon of yours."

The principal was indeed happy with the results.

"I'm sorry to destroy our honeymoon plans but you have to give a speech at the press conference tomorrow afternoon."

"What? Tomorrow afternoon?" Yve exclaimed.

"Which is why we gave the letters earlier but then your husband...."

"It's fine. I'll do the best I can. Thank you very much." Yve promised.

Then the couple bid farewell to some of the other important guests when finally it's time to greet the media.

"Thank you for coming to the event. " Yve said.

"No need. We should thank you for this exclusive chance."

"We're looking forward for a positive and great news in the coming days then." Vince told them.

"Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Gray. By the way, we would like to ask for an exclusive interview with you if that's fine."

"But we still...." Vince was about to reject the idea when Yve stopped her.

"If you don't mind, can we schedule the exclusive interview tomorrow evening? Around after the school's press conference? I will ask our secretaries to inform you of the time."

"Of course. Thank you very much. Congratulations!" The media exclaimed before leaving the ballroom.

Vince looked at his obviously tired wife and said,

"You could actually reject the interview, you know."

"It's part of the deal. If not only I need to make a speech for tomorrow's conference, I would still be able to do it." Yve explained.

"What?! Then how much energy will be remained in you to do our exercise?" Vince whispered a little louder in her ear.

"Exercise? What kind of exercise are you planning to do at night?" Yve asked.

"I'm referring to the thing that's bound to happen after the wedding….."

"VINCE!!!" Yve pushed Vince strong enough for the latter to stumble at the table behind him.

Maddie and the rest of Team Alpha with Edward and Nyelle turned their head to them. Maddie approached them as the rest let them be and returned to their respective posts.

"My dear son, please don't tease your wife so much. Please remember that she still has a speech tomorrow."

"Mom! Don't tell me you don't want any grandchild any time soon!" Vince said in frustration to defend himself.

"Of course, I want to! But you also have to remember that being husband and wife doesn't give you the right to satisfy your needs alone. It has to be mutual." Maddie lectured her son.

This discussion was too much for Yve to take so with all her might, she runs to the elevator and presses the number of their floor. Maddie gestured for her son to follow his wife upstairs. Vince looked at Team Alpha and they nodded their head in acknowledgement. With this confirmation from his team, he ran after his wife just in time for the elevator doors to close. At first he thought, it would be better to let her calm down and waiting for the next elevator will do just that. However, he began to remember that his wife has the tendency to overthink so he hurried to his private elevator and activated it with hopes to reach the room faster.

'I must not let this memorable day gone to waste.' He thought as the door of his private elevator opened.