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199 Wedding Day 5

Everyone clapped their hands in recognition of Yve's talent in singing and playing the piano. Vince can't let another moment passed by so he stood up and went to the stage and whispered something to the host before approaching his wife.

He scooped Yve and wrapped one of his arms around her waist and whispered,

"You prepared so many things for me. I'm very happy and can't wait for the honeymoon night."

Yve blushed at the thought of the words which came out from Vince's mouth.

Edward suddenly approached them and whispered something to Vince which the latter nodded. Vince escorted his wife back to their table to enjoy the show and in  a few seconds, the host made a surprise announcement.

 "At this juncture, let us now welcome the groom to say his thanks to all of you."

Vince was welcomed by a loud applause from the guests.

 "Thank you for coming to my birthday party which turned out to be my wedding. I wish you could have warned me." Vince jokingly began his speech. Every one laughed with him not noticing the tears that are threatening to fall down from his eyes.

 "On a serious note, I'm more than touched with what my wife, my one and only Queen, Yve did today." Vince turned to look at his wife sitting on their wedding table before approaching her to kiss her on the lips.

"AAAAAAAYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE!!" The guests cheered, made loud noises as the couple fed them with dog food.

 The kiss was quick but unforgetabble.

 "But of course, I wouldn't want this occassion to end with me on the receiving side alone. So I would show you a rare and impromptu performance of mine." Vince said and showed everyone his guitar.

As he prepare for the performance, he said,

"I used to perform when I was in university with Yve but only my wife and mom have seen me play now that I'm a working adult. I hope you will also not mind the mistakes I might make in this performance."

 He positioned himself and sat on the chair at the center of the stage, then an acoustic melody from the guitar is heard all over the ballroom. Just when they all thought that Vince was going to only play the instrument. the man opened his mouth and a wonderful, manly voice was heard.

Loving you

Is easy because you're beautiful

Making love with you

Is all I want to do

Loving you

Is more than just a dream come true

And everything that I do

Is out of loving you

Lalalallala lalalalalla

Lalalallala lalalalala

Dumdum duru Haaa...

Everyone in the hall was shocked to hear how sweet yet manly his voice can be. Maddie, on the other hand, was shocked to hear her own son voluntarily singing and playing the guitar.

 'He's really head over heels with the Yve.' Maddie thought.

 Maddie is undeniably filled with happiness as she witness her son all smiles and happy tears.

 'Yve is truly the one for him as only her can change my son effortlessly and naturally.' Maddie continues to think as her tears fell from her eyes as well.

 Yve, on the other hand, smiled at her King with her tears of happiness flowing from her eyes again. The words seemed not only to touch her as even the other women can be seen wiping their tears away.

 There is her King in the middle about a meter away from her, singing and playing his heart out only her in his eyes.  He continues to serenade as he sang the second verse.

No one else can make me feel

The colors that you bring

Stay with me while we grow old and

We will live each day in spring time

Because loving you

Has made my life so beautiful

And every day of my life

Is filled with loving you

Yve can't contain herself with all the happiness she's feeling inside. She stood up and walked towards the stage. The guests knew that they are about to be served with dog food but nobody dared to stop the loving couple. Afterall, it's their wedding day. Yve hugged her King and now husband from behind and kissed him on the left side of his cheek. They smiled at each other and sang the final chorus together.

Lalalallala lalalalalla

Lalalallala lalalalala

Dumdum duru Haaa...

Loving you

I see your soul come shining through

And everytime that we ooh

Is more than loving you

Lalalallala lalalalalla

Lalalallala lalalalala

Dumdum duru Haaa...

As soon as the newly wed coupl finished the song, the guests stood up and clapped their hands not only because of the performance, but because of the overflowing love they felt from the two. In the world of rich, few people are married because they are sincerely in love. Majority of them were for business deals and expansion or to avoid bankruptcy.

 Other people might argue that they were both lucky to be born in the same circle. But inside the couple's hearts, they knew their roads to each other's arms weren't easy and the future might be harsh, too. The only difference would be they now have each other's back.

"I LOVE YOU." They both whispered to each other.

"I also have my own surprise for you." The latter added and hushed the crowd inside.

"What is it?" Yve curiously asked Vince on what is he up to.

As if on cue, the spotlight was on to the principal of St. Michael's. Yve looked at his husband to check for any confirmation or anything of similar but his poker face was perfect. Yve looked a little worried and held her husband's hands tightly. Vince looked at his wife and he instantly knew that his wife must be nervous.

The host handed the microphone to the principal which began his speech as well.

"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen." The principal began as the people calmed down in their seats and the media are busy taking pictures.

'There is really a no dull moment in this wedding.' They all thought.