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196 Wedding Day 2

Finally, it was time to hand over the gifts. To begin it, Yve stood up on the stage holding a microphone. Everyone looked at her curiously waiting for her to announce the surprise.

"Ladies and Gentlemen" She begins.

"Thank you for gracing us with your presence today. This celebration marks another year to the man I loved the most next to my father." She continued her speech. While saying the last phrase, she looked earnestly at the eyes of the birthday boy.

 "He's the man who endlessly cared for me even though I left him years ago.  Back then, I was a fool to believe the words of the people who lied to me and my father." The people she mentioned didn't need to be named for them to know who they were.

 "I am lucky to have him in my life once more. Unknown to all of you, I was scared to show my face to him as I fully acknowledged how I hurt him. Despite all of this, he pursued me and made me realize that when you love someone you just need to risk it all. As the newspapers had published, Vince and I became husband and wife legally." Yve continued her speech.

Her sincere words filled the entire ballroom and unknown to him, tears started to fall down. Only his Queen can make him cry like this.

'What is she trying to say?' Vince thought at that moment.

Yve continues her speech as she walks down the stage.

"On this special day, in front of the people special to us and with all of the important business partners, I would present the best present I could think of. I would like to ask the guests to follow the staff."

With this cue, Edward drags Vince outside and brings him to a room where his wedding suit is waiting. As the guests leave the ballroom, Yve goes to another to change with Maddie and Nyelle helping her. Haru, with some help from Emika, took command of the kitchen staff. The members of Team Alpha also took their positions with at least one of them guarding the family and the special guests.

When Vince entered the room and saw a mannequin wearing the wedding suit, he instantly knew what Yve's gift was. He turned around to look at his cousin.

"Yes, your brain is correct. Yve planned your birthday to be your wedding date as well. Your mother, Haru, and the entire team helped her prepare everything without you knowing." Edward explained.

However, it seemed like Vince didn't hear the remaining words. Only the fact that today is also their wedding day as well as that Yve planned everything remained in his mind.

Inside the bride's room, Yve tightly clasped her hand just above her chest. She can clearly hear her heartbeats. They were fast and erratic and she definitely knew the reason – she was nervous and excited.

"Yve, stop worrying so much. I bet my son is smiling like an idiot in his room. Besides we don't have enough time to idly stand here." Maddie said as she mouthed her staff to help Yve dress up.

With so many assistants helping her, she finished dressing up. Within 15 minutes, she was able to go to the hotel's garden where the guests are waiting. In contrast to the traditional wedding, Yve wanted to wait for Vince on the aisle. So the groom will be the last one to walk the aisle.

When the wedding coordinator announced her arrival, all of them turned their heads and were rendered speechless by Yve's beauty.  Her hair was styled the same way and her make-up was retouched but what caught their attendance was the beautiful wedding gown.

Her gown is a mixture of silk and lace which made it a traditional one. What made it elegant are the elegant blue lace and instead of the usual sequences, it seemed like artificial blue gems were used.  The gowns upper hemline is of tube design with a choker made of the same material. It also seemed like she has a coat which begins at the end of each shoulder. Then it fells at the back to give credit to her beautiful curves emphasized by the corset. Then like all the gowns, this coat became which measures about 6 feet long.

'As expected!'

'Maddie must have designed that gown.'

'Not only that gown. I think all the gowns and suits in the entourage are designed by her.'

'I can't wait to see the suit of the groom as well as his reaction for this wedding.'

Both the video grapher and photographer were busy taking videos and photos of not only the bride and the groom but as well as the guests. The reporter and journalist assigned were also busy observing all their reactions.

'What an extraordinary wedding….' They all thought.

'But certainly depicts the couple – they are really a couple that loves to surprise the world.'

On cue, the musician began to play the song with the wedding coordinator announcing the entrance of the bride followed by her maid of honor. The guests and the media are both shocked by the extraordinary set-up.

As the song continues, Eybelle, the flower girl walks the aisle wearing one of Maddie's exclusive designs. Eybelle is already old to be considered as a flower girl but her baby face and height betrayed her. Next in line are the bride's maids which comprises of Rose, Hyacinth and some other staff of Maddie and from Vince's base.

Then the wedding coordinator announced the arrival of the groom. Once more the people were silenced but this time, by the groom. Everyone knew him as the stiff and strict-looking yet handsome CEO but now he looks like a Prince.

'Oh no! The Prince has found his Princess and sad to say, it isn't me.'

'I heard from the news what Yve had to go through, but my! The heavens are trying to make it up to her.'

'When will I find my own prince?!'

 The ladies who are the daughters or dates of the invited guests were filled with envy and best wishes for the couple.