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Yve woke up in the arms of Vince. She smiled as her man has seemed to recover from the small fight they had yesterday. She lightly kissed the sleeping Vince on the lips only to realize that he's already awake the instant Vince deepened the kiss.

The kiss they share this time is sweet.

'This is the Vince that I know.'

As the kiss ended, Vince whispered,

"If only you would stop stealing kisses when I'm asleep. You can actually kiss me upfront. I don't mind."

Yve's face turned red and pushed the laughing Vince away. Successfully, she ran to the bathroom to freshen up.

As the couple's mood returned to how it was the day before, Edward and Sylvan felt grateful. The group began their working day in a normal way. Everyone was busy with their jobs and the secret mission they have.

Maddie is meeting Nyelle and Edward for their fitting around lunch time while Yve and Vince eat together at a French restaurant. Eybelle has forwarded the details on the media coverage to Slayne who informed the coordinator. As soon as the TV station received the news, they began interviewing the prominent people who will be coming to the birthday party. The couple will made the headlines once more tonight and tomorrow morning.

Team Alpha was also busy finalizing the security plan for their boss' biggest event. They want to make sure that nothing will go wrong. Haru, on the other hand, flew back to Japan using Vince's private plane to get the appropriate amount of ingredients for the banquet he will prepare for the wedding.

In the afternoon, the couple resumed their respective jobs as the CEO of their companies. Yve also met with the PD team and the manager of the group they planned to relaunch after her wedding. The songs in their album were already approved by her. They are now finalizing the group's schedule as well as the concept of their music video.

"Ms. Yve, the songs in this album were amazing! You did an amazing job in creating them."

"I'm not the only one who made the songs. CEO Vincent Gray also helped a lot." Yve said to her staff.

'Wow! What a talented couple they are. I wish my lifetime partner would be as capable as them.' Each of the staff thought in their minds.

In Vince's office, he signed the last report handed over by Edward. So he finalized a plan of his own for his birthday party. He wanted to surprise Yve with a good news on the university's exam. The principal sent him an e-mail. He opened the e-mail and with a porker face, he read the contents. He was able to mask his emotions perfectly that even Edward was unable to figure out whether the content is a positive or negative news.

Everyone was busy with their respective responsibilities and just like that the day ended. The soon-to-be-wedded couple lay on their bed enjoying the company of each other. They were able to find safety and peace in one another's touch. As they close their eyes, they feel comfortable and nothing else mattered.

The following morning marks the final day of Yve as a single woman. She attended to her responsibilities. Little did she know that Nyelle and Eybelle planned a Bachelorette party for her while the boys planned a Stag Party for Vince. These secret planners decided to have their parties as discrete as possible to avoid unwanted attention.

Nyelle and Eybelle organized the party and invited Maddie and her secretary, Rose. More than a Bachelorette party, one would call this a pajama party. The events included eating dinner, watching movies and sharing secrets over wine.

On the other hand, the boys planned an exciting stag party for Vince. Considering his loyalty to Yve, the party is mostly an adventurous one. They decided to have it in the base. From target shooting to paint ball shoot-out, they decided to do everything.

Lastly, to ensure that the couple will have enough time to prepare, the two teams decided to temporarily separate them tonight. Yve will sleep at Maddie's place with the other ladies while Vince will spend the night with the boys in the base.

Amidst the excited and supportive people, a pair of sinister people is planning something bad against them.

A man opened the envelope and as he read the contents the gaze on his eyes changed. He threw the paper to the woman sitting beside him.

"You're useless!! I helped you prepare for this and still lost to that nobody!"


"I don't want to hear anymore from you. I want you to prove yourself more. Make me believe that it wasn't a mistake to get you back from that slumps."

"Bro, please don't..." She pleaded.

"I'm not your brother! I don't have a sister! Enough of the pleading act. I need actions!" The man exclaimed.

"I will certainly let you see wonderful results! Thank you for the second chance."

"I don't need you to be grateful. I want you to beat that woman in all aspects. Defeating her means defeating Vincent Gray."

The man drank her cola and continued his meal as the lady beside him eats her food in a meekly way.

'Enjoy your birthday and the company of your wife while it lasts. Soon, I will defeat you and obtain all of your possessions- company, fame and social status. Your wife will also be left with nothing, not even her dad's company. Let's see if you can still stay together despite of your impending doom.'

'I need to defeat that Yvory Smith-Gray! I don't want to go back to that disgusting place. I want to remain the pristine second-in-line heir.'

The couple is unaware of their evil thoughts as they are enjoying the surprises by their family and friends.

'Tomorrow is the day!'

Both of them exclaimed in excitement but with different reasons reasons - one of them contains a little anxiety brought by her surprise while the other is pure happiness for the success of the partner.