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192 Three Days Left 2

"Haru? Are you still on the line?" Vince asked him worried that his friend isn't responding.

"Yes, I'm still here. By the way, is Yve already asleep?"

"Nope. But she's in the bathroom." Vince answered him.

"Then just tell her I called. There's no need to call me back tonight. I'll call again tomorrow."

"Is it something urgent?" Vince asked to try and get some details from his best friend.

"Nope. Good night, Vince. Bye!" Haru hurriedly ended the phone call.

'Something is really odd. Even Haru is included in whatever Yve is planning. Well maybe it has something to do with my birthday's menu. I will not pry on it further.' Vince told himself and took note that he will tell Yve about Haru's call tomorrow morning.

On cue, Yve came out from the bathroom looking refreshed while wearing her pajamas.

"Is everything alright, Vince?" Yve asked.

"Yes. Don't worry. You should sleep early." Vince replied.

"Hmm…" Yve said as she approached the bed and lay on her side of the bed.

"Vince, have you heard on the examination results?" Yve asked.

"Not yet. Why?"

"I'm just….."

"Don't worry too much. By this time, they must be sending out the letters. You will receive one soon." Vince assured her.

"I hope it contains good news." Yve voiced out before closing her eyes to sleep.

Vince kissed her forehead and whispered, "It will be. Now, don't worry and sleep tight."

"Hmm…" Yve answered.

The couple retired for the night.

The following morning, Vince told Yve of Haru's phone call and in an instant, Yve texted Haru to ask for the reason.

'Why did you call last night?'

'I forgot to ask for the interior of the reception especially the serving table.' Haru replied instantly.

'I see. I will send it to your email the moment I arrived at the office.'

After a few minutes, Haru replied and asked a question.

'Did Vince ask you for the reason why I called?'

'Nope. But I guess he's considering it might have something to do with the menu for his birthday party.'

'And you're not bothered by it?'

'Nope. As long as he still doesn't have a clue on the surprise wedding, I am fine with it.'

Vince noticed the frequent exchange of text messages at that time. He got curious and asked.

"So why did Haru call last night?"

"He made a minor change in the taste of one of the dishes. He will send me a sample during lunch time."

"Hmm… only you?" Vince can't help but get a little jealous. His friend is his fiancé's idol after all.

"Ahmm… I requested a special dish for your birthday so yup, only me for now. You will have a taste on your birthday."

Showing dissatisfaction on Yve's answer, he pulled her closer to his body and wrapped his arms around her before kissing her. His kiss was different than all the other kisses he gave. This one is fierce and full of strong emotions. His movements were fast and disrespectful. He forced his way inside my mouth and dictated the pace.

'What's wrong with him?'

'I don't like this kiss.'

'He is like a different person.'

'I don't know this man.'

Yve wondered as she tried to push him away. When she was unsuccessful, she bit Vince's lips and pushed him once more.

"Why did you bite me?!" Vince shouted.

"Because you are hurting me! Your kiss…. It's like you're a different person. I don't know what's gotten into you. I'm leaving!" Yve exclaimed and walked out of the room.

Vince sat on the couch and brushed his hair with his hand.

'What did you just do, Vince?'

'You just forced your kiss on her! Of course, she would get mad!'

He reflected on what he just did.

On the other hand, Yve left the hotel and silence filled her trip to the office as Chrysthe didn't dare say anything based on the aura that Yve has been emitting. As soon as she arrived at the office, the staff noticed her foul mood. Even Sylvan was left with no other choice but to ask Chrysthe. The latter revealed what he heard.

'Stupid Boss.' Both of them thought.

Despite the foul mood, Sylvan acted as if he didn't notice anything. So he went inside her office and reported her schedule for the day. Before going out, he handed out Eybelle's suggested TV station and newspaper. Yve received the documents well but before she starts reviewing the details, she opened her computer to email the layout that Haru asked. Yve buried herself with work and the finalization of the invitation for the chosen media in an attempt to forget what Vince just did to her.

At the hotel, Edward was shocked not to see Vince in his office so he went to his personal suite and saw his cousin drinking a scotch at broad daylight. He ran towards his cousin and stole the glass from Vince's hand.

"What are you doing Edward?!"

"That should be my line! Why are you drinking scotch when you should be working?!" Edward's frustration is evident in his tone.

After stealing the glass and removing the bottle from the table, Edward sat on the couch across Vince to listen to his cousin's sentiment. Edward knows that it has something to do with Yve. But as to what the specific reason was, he couldn't help himself but get curious.

"Now, without the scotch, can you tell me what happened?" Edward asked as he tries to pull out some information from Vince.

"I did something bad." Vince confessed.

"Something bad….. to Yve?"


"You failed to control yourself?" Edward asked with a tiny smile on his face.

"A different kind of control…. But at the end, I'm a failure."

"I'm lost. Can you please speak normal language? A statement that I can understand." Edward desperately pleaded.

'With the wedding just around the corner, we can't afford the groom to back out!' Edward thought.