Wuxiaworld > This Time You Are Mine > 189 Sudden Fear

Yve woke up way too early. She looked for her phone and saw it was still 4 in the morning. She get up from the bed and noticed she was still in her formal attire minus her coat and shoes. Then it hit her,

'I didn't took a shower last night.'

She went to the bathroom and washed her face before changing her clothes into her gym attire. She's now wearing a pair of pair of pink and black jogging pants. She covered herself with a hoodie and tied her hair in a ponytail. Lastly, she placed her phone and wore her earphones before heading out of the room.

"Ms. Y, where are you going?" Two from Chrythe's team said at the same time.

"I'm going for a jogging inside the hotel's vicinity." 

"Then we will...."

"There's no need to follow me. I know that there other men inside the hotel. You can easily hear news about me from there." Yve tried to convince them.

"But, Ms. Y, this is our only time to guard you. We don't want anything bad to happen during our time of duty. Please let us guard you. We promise not to be obvious." They pleaded and seeing the sincerity and fear in their eyes, she gave in.

Yve continued  her jogging and enjoyed the music from her phone. 

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'I can't even feel that there are people following me. If only they were not posted outside our room and asked me if they could follow me, I wouldn't have noticed.' She continued to think and suddenly came to a stop.

'Are all of his enemies the same as these two?' She began to fear and ran faster towards the hotel. 

She didn't dare use the elevator and ran up to their room using the emergency staircase.

"I can't believe Ms. Y's stamina and endurance." One of the body guards said.

"Me, too. But I think that would be a given a Primo's wife." 

Soon after, all of them arrived at the floor and without looking back, she drastically opened the door and looked around their room. This noise startled Vince and was forcefully woke up just to see his Queen gasping for breath and filled with sweat. He hurried to Yve's side and cupped her face before asking her,

"What happened?"

Seeing him in front of her, fear for her King's safety surfaced and she can't help but hug him. Worried with Yve's reaction, Vince hugged her back and remained silent. He wanted to allow her to recover. He knew that she will gather her strength to tell him her thoughts.

"Vince, promise me that no matter what happens, you will do your best to return to my side in one piece? Okay?"

"What's wrong with you?"

"Just promise me that."

"Hmm… I promise." Vince hugged Yve tighter and made a silent note to ask the team what happened during his wife's jog.

Despite her morning breakdown, Yve went to work and attended all her meetings. Vince, on the other hand, interrogated his men and figured out that their showcase of their skills brought fear in her thinking that their enemies are also of the same caliber. He knew that this day would definitely come still Yve did pretty well in coping up. To avoid making it worse, the substitutes are ordered to hide and conceal their presence at all times. Only Team Alpha will be allowed to appear and guard her on sight.

Their works ended as the sun prepares to rest. As they have initially planned, they're on the way to taste the new set created by Haru and his team just for their wedding.

"Are you worried?" Vince asked Yve whom he have been staring for quite some time now.

"Nope. Sylvan, Chrysthe and you are with me so I have nothing to fear."

"Then why are you so quiet?"

"I'm just very excited. I just can't wait to taste the foods that Haru will serve us." Yve said with a smile.

"Hmm…" Vince uttered not fully convinced by Yve's answer.

His tone put Sylvan and Chrysthe on guard. As they have always known the meaning behind the tones that Vince frequently uses. Despite the heavy air inside the car, the group safely arrived at Haru's to taste the food he and his team had prepared.