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188 Everything is Set! 3

The curtains opened and Vnce came out wearing another suit. The look is almost the same as his usual business suit except for the color. She was a bit doubtful of the color combination but since she already used white for the wedding suit and his every day color was black, she experimented on this. Having gray and blue in one outfit seemed new to her. She never thought it would be possible.

"I like the color combination. It's not as flashy as other suits but it's also not the same as usual suit I wear." Vince complimented grasped a piece of the coat before looking at his mom.

"As expected of the great fashion designer, Maddie." Vince smiled at his mom.

"I would love to hear that compliment from my very own son but it wasn't me who thought of the color. It was your wife, Yve." Maddie admitted.

"Really?!" Vince looked at her.

"I just wanted to try out new combinations. I even prepared a back out pair in case this one will not work. I asked mom to make a different one if this looks too bad." Yve explained.

"I also never thought it will be this good." She added.

"Maybe because of the person who's wearing it?" Vince jokingly said.

"Hahahahahaha!" Everyone inside laughed once more.

"Okay. Now that both of you agreed, remove that suit for it to be packed." Maddie said.

"Right. We still have dinner with mom." Yve said as she gently pushed Vince to change.

As soon as Vince finished changing, Maddie and the couple went to a restaurant. As requested by Maddie they went to a Chinese restaurant. It was also Maddie who named the food which were ordered.The food served were sweet and sour pork, dumplings, chopseuy, wanton, fried rice and chow mien.

"Mom, all of these are too much for just the three of us." Yve honestly said.

"Sorry. I was too happy with the compliments I received that I ordered too much."

"Don't worry. We can have the left overs for take out and have them for breakfast tomorrow." Vince honestly said and began eating.

True to what Yve feared, they didn't finish the food they ordered and requested for take out. When the packs arrived, they head out and waited for their car. Before heading home, the couple dropped Maddie to her place.

"So many things happened today." Yve said before heading directly to bed.

"That's true. How about tomorrow?" Vince asked as he followed her.

"After work, we will have another taste testing with Haru." Yve casually said as she removed her shoes and coat and was about to lie down when Vince asked,

"You will not take a shower?"

"You go ahead first. Just wake me up once you're done."

"Okay." Vince went ahead and turned the shower faucet on."

On the other end, Yve was about to sleep when her phone rang. It was an update from Sylvan telling her that Haru and his team have arrived safely. On Edward's command, rooms for the team were reserved without Vince's knowledge. She replied to Sylvan and sent the same text message to Jaleb.

'Great Job!'

She sent another message and this time, it was for Haru.

'I heard you have arrived with your team and the necessary ingredients. I look forward to tomorrow night's meal. Thanks in advance and good night.'

Yve smiled as she placed her phone on the bedside table before taking her nap.

"Yve, it's your turn to take a shower." Vince said as he came out from the bathroom.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Hearing no response from Yve, he continuously walk to the bed and saw his Queen calmly sleeping on it. Even though she looked so calm, it was still evident that she was really tired. Instead of waking her up, he walked to the dressing area and changed into his pajamas before gong back to the bathroom. He came back with a wet towel dipped in a basin of warm water and a dry towel. He started wiping Yve's face and dried them. He also did the same with her exposed hands and feet.

"I know you still have some secret that for some reason, you can't afford to reveal at the moment. But more than sharing it with me, I hope you will not neglect your health." Vince whispered and kissed her forehead before cleaning up the materials he used.

He went to bed and retired for the night.