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At Yve's signal, Sylvan leaked Vince's birthday party to the media. News spread easily like a wildfire that Vince also caught up to it. He was a bit flustered by the event and called Edward for verification.

"Ed, what is this birthday party of mine on the news?"

"Ahh… I verified it just now and the sources said they received the information from Yve's secretary."

"Sylvan?" Vince wondered and the pieces of the puzzle are all there.

'Is this the reason why she looked so busy?'

'She was also being secretive because of this?'

"Ed, contact Sylvan and asked if everything is already okay with the party. I don't want this event to tire Yve. If they still need any assistance, give it to them." Vince ordered.

"Yes, boss."

Vince called Yve as soon as he finished his order to Edward.


"Yve, are you the one behind the birthday party that the media reported just now?"

"Ahh, you found out." Yve acted as if she didn't expect Vince to discover the truth.

"You gave the information to the media so definitely hear about it. Was it supposed to be a surprise?" He asked.

"Hmmm…. Not really."

"I told Edward to help you in the preparation. It's only two weeks from now. How is the planning going?"

"Everything is almost ready. I will definitely know by the end of this week." Yve answered and gasp as she remembered something but her reaction got Vince worried.

"What is it?"

"It's nothing bad. I just want to inform you that Haru has already finished the menu for our wedding and want to have another taste test tomorrow."

"That's quick. Okay, I'll inform Edward. By the way, what would be the menu for the birthday party?"

"Ahh, I chose last night's set as the menu as it was his latest creation."

"I got it. Remember not to tire yourself so much. I'll see you at SkyMu after work before we go to Noble's office."

"I got it."

"I love you." Vince casually answered but was caught off guard by Yve's reply.

"I love you, too." She said before the sound of the end call was heard from his phone.

He smiled at his wife's cute response and thought to himself,

'I need to prepare a surprise for her, too.'

Then he called his mentor and the current president of St. Michael.

"Hello, this is Vincent Gray. May I speak to the president?"

"Speaking. What's with the formal tone?" The president answered.

"Precautionary measures? I don't want other people to think that because I was your student I don't show any respect to you now that you've reached that position." Vince explained.

"I got it. So to what do I owe this prestigious phone call from Mr. Gray?"

"Come on… stop using that tone on me."

"Hahahahahahaha!!! See! You also don't like it. Be casual with me, Vince. I know you more and despite your achievements in the business world, you still remained your humanity."

"Thank you. About the entrance exam result.."

"Vince, some of the examinees exams aren't checked yet. I can't…"

"I know. I just want to change the address where the response letter will be delivered." Vince honestly expressed his reason.

"Let me check the details." The president said and typed in his computer to open the files of Yve's mailing information.

"It's set to be delivered at SkyMu." The president shared.

"As expected. Can you change it to the hotel's address and put my name on the outer envelope?"

"Why is that?"

"You heard the news on my birthday party, right? She planned it all on her own and I was only informed through the news which was going around."

"Hmmm….. so you want to counter it with the results of the exam?"

"Exactly! I want to give her the results on my birthday party. As the best birthday gift I could have is her happiness."

"But, you wouldn't know if she pass or not."

"I know she will pass. As for the score, I'm quite confident it's pretty high."

"Hahahahahahaha! I see. Then why don't I personally reveal the result on your birthday party?"

"What do you mean?" It was now Vince's turn to get a little confused with his mentor's offer.

"Ms. Yve sent me an invitation to your party."

'And to your wedding.' The president answered excluding the wedding phrase.

"Ahh, I see. Then I'll leave that special task to you."

"Of course. It's a pleasure to see my student happy on his birthday." The president smiles as he imagines the happy life he will experience with his soon-to-be-wife.

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As Vince placed his phone down he turned his chair towards the window behind his desk. He opened the blinds revealing the beautiful, clear sky as he exclaimed with a smile,

"It seems like you have done a lot of research to make my birthday party a special one."

"I'll make sure to reward you with a lifetime filled with happiness."