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180 Stalking the Double Date 1

When Vince was about to approach the EdNyelle couple, he was stopped by Yve with a statement,

"We might disturb something of great importance. Let's observe them for a short while."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Okay." Vince agreed and pulled a seat for Yve two tables away from the couple.

Yve accepted the gesture and excitedly sat down the chair without removing her eyes from the couple.

"Nyelle, are you okay now?" Edward anxiously asked.

"Yeah, I'm feeling better now. Thank you so much." Nyelle answered in a lower tone than usual.

"Are you sure? Do you need water? I'll buy it for you. Just wait." Edward was about to turn around when Nyelle stopped him in his tracks.

"I'm fine. I just need to sit for a while. So you just need to calm down."

"Are you really sure?"

"Yes. So take your seat and relax."

"Okay." Edward dejectedly answered.

Then there was a moment of silence from the two of them.

'I'm really worried and curious on what happened out there. She was fine with the Drop Tower.' Edward is dying to find the reason.

'I shouldn't have pushed myself back there. I knew that I can only handle nerve-wracking rides if I do them alternately.' Nyelle said to herself.

Meanwhile, the stalkers finally found their target after losing them for some time.

"This is your entire fault, Haru!" Emika pushed Haru away from her as she ran towards the tables and chairs were the two couples were.

"I know. I'm sorry, Emika. Look! There they are!" Haru exclaimed when he saw Yve and Vince in one of the tables.

'Are they here to stalk those two as well?' Haru thought to himself when a brilliant idea came to his mind.

'Why not observe this soon to be wedded couple?!' Observing the subjects has always been his method of creating wonderful and delicious sets for his clients.

On cue, Yve and Vince stood up and approached the other couple.

"VINCE!""YVE!" The shocked Edward and Nyelle shouted at the same time when they saw their cousin and friend.

"What are you doing here?!" They both said in perfect sync with each other.

"You guys are acting more like a couple than the two of us." Vince teased them.

Nyelle wanted to change the topic so she approached Yve and whispered in her ear.

"Did you plan this?"

"Of course not. Vince brought me here for a date and we were enjoying some of the rides when I saw that heroic scene near the Swing Ride." Yve honestly answered.

"Ah… why do you have to see that?! " Nyelle shyly exclaimed which earned a smile from her friend.

"That shows that he really has feelings for you, my dear friend. Don't worry! Vince and I are here to help the two of you."

"Yve, you don't have to do this. I don't deserve all the things you are doing to me now. Have you forgotten what I did to you?" Nyelle sincerely asked.

From her point of view, she can't understand how her friend can be so forgiving. She did bad things in the past. Even if she was being forced to, she plotted those things to her instead of telling the truth to turn the tables on Airis.

"I didn't but I also knew the reason behind it. If it happened to me and without a man like Vince or Edward supporting me, I might have done the same thing, too. There's no need to feel so bad." Yve comforted her friend.

Truthfully, Yve feels a little pain from the things which Nyelle has done but she understood Nyelle's feelings more than anyone else. When you're weak and knew no one else to lean on, you tend to choose between the bad and worse. Obviously, the first choice will be picked. Nyelle just did it. Deep inside she knew that Nyelle wasn't faking all the good deeds and the wonderful memories they shared together. On that alone, she is willing to give their friendship another chance.

As the ladies were chatting, Edward put his hand on top of Vince's shoulder and whispered in his ear.

"Bro, why do you have to come here? Are you planning to sabotage my date? Nyelle initiated this."

"In all defense, you never told me you were going on a date. I took my wife here for our own date but she saw you epic romantic scene earlier and wanted to stalk you." Vince answered.

"What?! Bro, you have to stop, Yve." Edward begged his cousin with all his might.

"I tried but I can't. Instead, she managed to convince you to have this as a double date." Vince whispered in defeat.

"Good! The Almighty CEO of Gray Group who is also the leader of CONFERENCE has nothing to say to his wife." Edward mocked him.

"Wait till you marry Nyelle. You will swallow what you just said to me." Vince counterattacked which rendered Edward speechless because his cousin might be right.

"Don't worry. Yve promised you won't notice our presence and I also promise to do my best to fully gather my wife's attention during this date." Vince raised his right hand as proof of sincerity.

"Do I have another choice?" Edward answered back with a question.

The males have already reached an agreement but there's no need for the ladies. They are already on a mission mode as Yve gives pointers to Nyelle. Nyelle has to admit that she never knew this naughty side of Yve. As she stole glances at Vince and Edward, her best friend's wife doesn't seem to bother by her attitude. Then something came to her,

'This must be the young, carefree Yve when her father was still alive.'

"Nyelle? Nyelle! Are you listening?!" Yve asked as she waves her hands in front of her friend's face.

"Yes! I heard you. There's no need to wave your hands like that." Nyelle said as she put Yve's hands down and pulled her to walk closer to their respective pairs.

The two couples began their interesting and fun filled double date as their stalkers continue to observe them for different reasons. Behind these friendly people, lurked unknown men who were busy taking pictures of Vince and Edward with their respective partners.

"These ladies will be your downfall." The man who received the pictures on his tablet smirked. He picked up his glass of whiskey and drank some of it before he flipped some important sheets with Yve's picture on it.