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176 Taste Testing

After her sneak attack to Vince, it took another hour for Yve to finish all the documents and finalize her decision on which group will have another album and music video soon. She closed the last folder and looked at her husband-to-be who's still sleeping on the couch. Little did she know that Vince had woke up and hour ago and was just giving his eyes some time to rest.

Yve stood up and walked towards him.

"If not only we didn't have an appointment with Haru, I would have let you lay there."

When she finally reach the couch, she bent a bit and whispered in Vince's ear,

"Please wake up. We still have a feast to eat."

Then she kissed Vince's ear.

Vince never thought that he will get a sweet attack from Yve, how much two in one day. The heavens must have decided to reward his perseverance and good deeds. These attacks are too much for him to handle in one day. He opened his eyes and saw the smiling Yve in front of him.

Acting like he didn't know what the lady did while he was so called asleep, he asked

"Is there something funny on my face?"

Yve smiled while shaking her head sideways in denial.

"No, nothing's on your face."

Vince was afraid to ask other things from her as she might launch another attack so there was silence inside the room when Sylvan came in.

"Vince? If you're not in the mood, I can talk to Haru and cancel tonight's taste testing." Yve offered.

"There's no need. I just woke up so my brain and body aren't that coordinated yet. Don't worry about me. What about your work?" Vince changed the topic as he didn't want to lie more.

"I finished everything for today. So shall we go?" Yve answered and snaked her arm around one of Vince's arms.

The latter liked the act and kissed her forehead before heading out of the office where Sylvan is standing by the door.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

They arrived at the indicated place where there are so many small servings of dishes placed on the long table.

"WOW!! There are so many foods to taste. Will our taste buds be able to take it and differentiate them from one another?" Yve wondered as she continued to walk by the table.

"Don't worry about that, Ms. Yve. I have arranged them in accordance to the set meal." Haru came in with another dish on his hands.

"Set meal?'

"Yes. Haru's full course meals are always on a set in accordance to what the customers prefer."

Vince explained. He's very knowledgeable of Haru's style as he always has his friend as the chef in all the events of Gray Group and Noble. Even for their family events, Haru is entrusted with the task.

"For example?" Yve is lost with the explanation.

'Set meal? Like a promo deal? But this is a wedding.' Yve wondered on the details.

"Let me take it from here, Vince." Haru said and handed the first set meal he has prepared.

Some waiters placed the food on the small round table prepared for them. Initially, the couple told Haru they wanted a fine dining for their wedding so it was arranged that way then.

"For the first set, we have the ocean inspired set. The food served to you will have the delicious ingredients from the seas." Haru began and served a crab and corn soup for the couple.

The soup was indeed creamy and looked the same as the other ordinary crab and corn soup. So Yve looked at Haru as she waits for further explanation.

"Yes, it's simple as the purpose of the soup is to prepare your stomach for the other dishes to be served. Sea foods can easily make you feel full and I want to avoid that because you can't finish the entire course then." Haru continued to explain and served another food.

As Haru serves the dishes to them, Yve has begun to understand the meaning of the set meal. It may be referred to as the theme of the food. They have only finished one set and she has to admit she really loved it. However, this is not just an ordinary event. It will be their wedding and her husband's birthday celebration. She wanted it to be special.

"Haru, do you have any new set which wasn't served at any other events?" Yve asked Haru promptly.

Vince and Haru were both shocked by her question. Haru never thought that Yve would ask him as soon as he finished serving the first set. However, he had indeed planned a new set for the special event but it isn't completed yet. Vince looked at his friend to check if he was offended by the question. He was about to say a follow-up statement when Yve beat him first.

"This set is definitely delicious and I'm sure that the other sets are the same. However, I wanted a new set that one can say was created just for our wedding."

Haru smiled at the lady's explanation. Definitely the love in their relationship isn't one sided.

"I'm in the middle of creating a new set. But it's not yet finished." Haru answered.

"Hmm... Then I'll have that then. Whatever the final outcome, I trust you on that. I do believe that you will not endanger your friend's wedding, right?"

"Of course. I'll finalize the details before this week ends. "

"When can we taste the food?" Vince curiously asked.

"Next weekend." Haru confidently answered.

"Are you sure you can do that by that time?" Yve worriedly asked.

"There's no need to hurry." Yve added.

"He's not in a hurry. That's how he does his work. Trust him, Yve." Vince explained in behalf of his friend.

"I do trust him. He's my idol chef, remember? Which is also why I don't want him to overwork."

"Don't worry. This is how I really do my work. Besides the extra three days are to check the availability of the ingredients I need." Haru explained.


Vince instantly stood up and said, "We should go now."

Yve was shocked and asked him, "Where are we going?"

"On a date."

"Tonight? At this time?"


"But we just finished our dinner."

"Don't worry. I have everything under control."


The couple went on their way to their date. But as Haru was about to finish his new set, the special ringtone was heard from his room where he left his phone.

He swiped the icon on his phone screen to answer the call.

"Come to the amusement park in 10 minutes." The voice on the other end ordered and ended the phone call.

"I haven't even said anything and you just go and end the phone call. " Haru nodded his head sideways but changed his working clothes into casual attire anyways.