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The darkness inside the room welcomed the tired and worried Vince when he arrived.

'Jaleb said that she is inside. However, why is the room so dark?' Vince thought.

He continued to look around the room without turning any of the lights on.

'Don't tell me...' These were the only words which came out from his mouth the moment he saw Yve hugging herself while lying on the bed.

'Mom was right!' Vince thought as he carried the woman into his arms and straightened her body on the bed. When Yve's body felt the warm touch subconsciously, she wrapped her arms around Vince's neck. She then whispered,

"Vince….. don't leave me."

After making sure that her body is comfortable with the position, Vince hurriedly lay beside Yve and hugged her tightly before replying to her request,

"I will never leave you alone, especially at night."

The he kissed Yve's forehead before closing his eyes.

Yve opened her eyes and saw her man in front. Thinking that she was hallucinating, she touched every part of the man's face.

"I know you're not real. You must be in the other city, working hard for my father's company."

As she brushed her hands on his lips, Vince woke up but decided not to open his eyes. He knew that there are times that Yve can openly share her thoughts when the other person doesn't know.

"I want to be selfish and ask you to always go home at night and for us to spend the night in each other's arms. Yet, I can't because it's my fault for entrusting you with the future of my father's company. To make my wish come true, I need to study first and become its CEO afterwards."

Vince can't take Yve's self-pity so, he opened his eyes to witness the change in Yve's reaction. She instantly removed her hand but Vince was faster. He held her hands tightly and said,

"You know you can always tell me that. I will always consider you as my priority." Vince said.

"I know but I don't want to be of hindrance." Yve protested.

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"Yve, look at me. I promised your father that I will cherish his company like our family's. But more than that, I also told him that if I have to choose between the company and you, I would definitely give up Stones to prioritize you."

As Vince said those words, the tears started flowing from Yve's eyes. She is indeed lucky to have this man beside her and she silently promised to himself to make him happy for the rest of their lifetime together.

"Shhhh... stop crying now. You still have a test today."

"This is all your fault saying those things to me." Yve said in between her sobs as she tries to stop herself from crying more.

"Okay, it's my fault then. Stop crying, okay?" Vince hugged Yve to help her stop crying.

They stayed that way for a few more minutes.

"I'm fine now. I will take a bath." Yve said and walked away from Vince

"Hmm.." Vince could only respond.

But as soon as the woman is inside the bath room, he dialled Edward's number and informed her of the changes in schedule. Despite their small argument, he wants to fulfill that sweet wish he would call it.

When Yve came out, the breakfast is already served and Vince told her to eat already as he will take a bath. Yve obeyed the man and enjoyed the food placed on the table.

Few minutes later, Vince came out fully dressed to impress.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"If I say no, can we postpone the exam? I feel so nervous." Yve honestly said.

"You always fell nervous but I know you definitely can do it." Vince tried to calm her down as they went out of the suite.

Inside the car, Yve held Vince's hand so tight that one might scream. For the tough Vince, he takes the pain silently as he knows this is Yve's way of showing her dependence towards the man.

The entire road trip to the university was filled with tension and silence. Then, Chrysthe announced,

"Here we are."

Yve can't believe her eyes on how big the university is.