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170 Before the Exam

The following morning, the invitations have arrived to its respective receivers. They were both excited and delighted by the big celebrations. During the day, different socialites went to famous clothing houses to find the appropriate attire for the day. Business partners of both Stones and Gray were invited.

While the socialites are busy planning their looks, the groom has no idea of surprise that he will receive. He continues to work hard and solve the financial matters of Stones while ensuring that the current projects of Gray Group is in tact.

Yve, on the other hand, was forced to take the day off under Sylvan and Vince's requests. This decision was to allow her to rest and relieve her mind from all the stress of work. She has to admit that she badly needed this rest for her examination tomorrow.

"Stop being such a worrywart." These words kept on echoing in her mind. These were uttered by Vince before he left this morning to go to another city.

Just as Vince left the hotel, Slayne and the rest of Team Alpha went to the suite where Yve is staying.

"Miss, what is your announcement?" Eybelle asked while Slayne handed the remaining 5 unnamed invitations to her.

"Take your seats first." Yve said and sat down across them.

Despite knowing that these people are the best in Vince's mafia group, she doesn't feel scared or hostile towards them.

'It must be because I know how much they care for Vince.'

"Okay. Now that you're all settled, in behalf of your boss, my fiance and future husband, I would like to invite you to our wedding." Yve humbly invited the group while giving the cards to them.

"Miss...." They all uttered in low voice.

"You're all important people in Vince's life and earned the same spot in mine as well. It certainly a must for you there, not as our body guards only but as invited guests."

With unspoken words, the group come to realization how lucky they really are to have both Vince and Yve as their bosses. Sylvan has also made a decision to firmly stay as Yve's secretary until the counterpart says otherwise.

The entire team was happy when they returned to their responsibilities. As they left the room, Yve sat on the couch and reviewed some of the former examination questions which were prepared by Sylvan. But soon, she got tired and fell asleep on the couch.

"Son? I can't reach your wife. What is she doing at the moment?" Maddie called and asked her son instantly.

"She must be studying or sleeping. I told her not to go to her office today as her entrance exam will be tomorrow."

"Good thing she agreed."

"She didn't. Sylvan forced her by canceling all the meetings for today." Vince said.

"MY!! That might be bad for SkyMu." Maddie was shocked in disbelief.

"Don't worry. It was all a pretend. Sylvan is currently attending the schedules of Yve. I told him to do that to make sure that Yve will rest. "

"Hmm that's my son. Very good!"

"Thanks, mom."

"By the way where are you son?"

"I'm in another city."

"Is that for Stones?"

"Yes. They have weakened their bond with the local cities and tried to carelessly branch out internationally."

"You're trying to draw their trust as the new CEO, right? So how's it going?"

"Well, I would be lying if I will say every thing is okay."

Vince released another deep sigh which was clearly heard by his mother when a voice shouted in excitement.

"Bro, some of the clients we talked to prior this meeting wants to request another one from you."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know the reason but by the tone of their voices, it must be a positive news."

"Okay. Have you arranged everything?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Yes. The only vacant day for you will be the day after tomorrow."


Maddie who was listening on the line knew why it happened.

'Those people must have received the invitations already along with Yve's sincerity. My son, aside from yours, those people wanted to make sure that the mistake made my Amira will not be repeated. They needed to know Yve's attitude and feelings. The invitation to your birthday and surprise wedding allowed this to happen.'

'While thinking of your condition first, Yve can do so many impossible things.'

"Mom?" Vince's voice returned her back to reality.

"I think something good is about to happen."

"I think so too. But son, with your busy schedule do you still have time for your wife-to-be?" Maddie asked.

"Mom, I do. I will be with her the entire day tomorrow. I know you already heard it."

"I did. But what about tonight?"


"Tomorrow is an important day for Yve. Aside from staying with her on the day, you should also be with her the night before. You even told me that she can be pessimistic at times."

The words that came out from his mother's mouth made him think of his plans for tonight. His mom has clearly a point. With no one beside her tonight, who knows what might that woman of his thinks.

The scene from last night came back in a flash.

'I shouldn't have left her behind.' Vince stood up and called Chrysthe.


"Where is she?"

"She hasn't left the room sir but during lunch time a kitchen staff came in with her order. I have the list if you want to." Chrysthe is prepared this time.

"No need. Just answer my question. Did she ordered anything for snacks?"

"Yes. She ordered an American snack bite meal?" Chrysthe's eyebrows arched as he read the words.

'What kind of food was that?'

"It's fine. By the way, I will be coming back tonight."

"Tonight? I thought it will be..... Why?"

'Stupid, Chrysthe. Do you even need to ask the reason when it's obvious?' Chrysthe scolded himself while listening to the beep sound on the other end. His boss has ended the phone call.

"Edward, as soon as this meeting is settled, we're going back. I want to spend the night with her."

"As you wish bro." Edward said but deep inside it was also for him.

'Yes! I have more time to prepare for my date tomorrow.' Edward thought.

Ignorant of Vince's arrival that night, Yve woke up with a hungry stomach. She looked at her snacks and placed them on the desk as she reviews questions once more.

"I did everything I could, Dad, Mom. Please help me pass the examination tomorrow." Yve whispered to herself as she closed all the programs related to the exam. She walked towards the bed and sat on it.

"Definitely smells like him."

"I want you to always be by my side, literally."

"But I can't be that selfish."

"Please come back, tonight."

Yve's rants continues as she lay down embracing Vince's pillow.