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169 Earn my Respec

Yve was a little disturbed by the arrival of the food ordered by Vince. It was none other than her idol, Haru, who cooked and delivered the food.

"Come on, future Young Madam Gray. You need to eat the food and tell me your reaction or else, your dear husband will end my career." Haru pleaded and fully knowing how real his statement might be, Yve stopped studying and ate the food.

"This is really delicious!"

"Thank you very much. Now, if it's not too much I would like to ask you some questions."

"What would that be, Mr. Haru?"

"Please just call me Haru. You're my friend and manager's soon-to-be-wife. " Haru said.

"It's my pleasure to call you Haru. Please begin your questions."

"Why are you studying hard for the exam?" Haru asked his question which caused Yve to stop eating to analyze the look on the face of Haru.


"Don't get me wrong for this. It's just Vince is a great CEO and I bet he can handle both. Plus I heard that you really wanted to be a doctor." Haru added further.

"It seems like someone did a thorough research on me." Yve said as she continued to eat her late dinner.

"Don't you trust Vince's skills?"

Yve put down her spoon and fork to answer Haru's question.

"I trust Vince and I know that he would exert everything to make all things possible but I don't want him to do it alone. That's true I wanted to be a doctor and I still do. But my future career will not mean anything if Vince is suffering alone. I know I can be happy despite whatever I do as long as Vince is with me."

'This woman is really in-love with Vince. Now I know why Vince instantly knew that breaking up with him was a sacrifice she was forced to make.' Haru recalled the story that Vince told him in the past.

"Will that answer do, Haru?"

"Yes. Thank you very much. I can fully prepare for the menu in your wedding." 'You have earned my respect.' Haru replied but excluded the last sentence.

"I can take my leave now. " Haru said while walking towards the door.

"Haru! Thank you very much."

After eating, Yve continued to study and failed to remember the time she fell asleep on the desk. The following morning, Sylvan woke her up informing her that it's time to go to work.

Both Yve and Vince were so busy that they only have time for each other at night. Vince would often force Yve to stop studying for them to talk to each other. But when Vince is sound asleep, Yve would go back to the desk. First thing, she does is to check the updates on the wedding/ birthday party.

Slayne proved to be a very reliable person as he was able to plan the birthday party.

Tonight, they decided to have a video call as the first step of the event will take place tomorrow.

"Tomorrow is the day that the invitation will be sent out.'" Slayne said.

"Yes. Have you made sure that everyone is aware of the hidden occasion?"

"Yes, miss."

"Good. I heard from Jaleb that you have a new additional to the event?"

"Yes, miss. It's actually a video. I have attached it to the email. If you want to include it, I also indicated the changes in the program."

"Okay, I will check it later and give you a feedback."

"Miss, I would also like to ask something from you."

"What is it?"

"There were 5 extra invitations without names."

"Oh, that. Give it to me by tomorrow morning. Please bring the entire Team Alpha with you. I have some announcements to make."

"Yes, miss."

"That will be all, Slayne. Thank you very much. You can go back to sleep now."

'You can do it, Yve. Tomorrow will be the sending out of invitations while the day after will be your entrance exam. you have prepared for this. You will definitely pass.' Yve said to herself as she released a deep sigh.

"Is everything alright?" Vince asked when he saw Yve's sigh.

"Yeah... I'm just nervous for the entrance exam. What if..."

"Don't start there." Vince interrupted Yve's negative thoughts.

"The most important thing is that you did your best to prepare. Trust your instincts. You have saved Gray Group and SkyMu. Those accomplishments will never be replaced." Vince encouraged Yve as he approached his Queen.

"Vince," Yve started as she stood up and hugged the man who was shocked by her sudden sweetness.

The present Yve is the kind of person who can't show her affection much in front of the person. For her to take initiative like this, Vince can't help but smile. He felt that his Queen is returning to her former self, way back when her father was still alive. He has to admit that he like it.

"What is it? Are you worried that much?"

"Hmm... I badly want to pass this exam. I have the feeling that because of the recent events in my favor, the heavens might not give this to me."

Yve honestly showed how nervous she was but not only because of that. The big event is giving her confidence a big blow.

"No. The heavens will continue to reward your sacrifice and hard work. Besides I'll always be right beside you whenever you need me." Vince assured her as he tightened his grip on his woman.

"Thank you so much." Yve said and Vince felt the wetness on his chest.

'She must be crying.' He thought and rubbed her hands behind his Queen.

"Shh... Stop crying now. You should get some sleep now. Stressing yourself too much will also not be good for you."

Yve nodded without breaking her grip so the man carried her bridal style with her face glued on the man's chest. Carefully, Vince put her on the bed. She temporarily removed her grip to allow Vince to settle comfortably on the bed. They sleep the night in each other's arms.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.