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Yve is in the car waiting for Sylvan as she needed to go back to the office. With the change of plans for tomorrow, she needs to finish some of the paper works tonight.

"Ms. Yve, why are we going back to the office?" Sylvan asked as soon as he got inside the car.

"I need to finish tomorrow morning's reports and have the afternoon activities transferred in the morning." Yve said as she gestured Jaleb to start the car to SkyMu.

"Ms. Yve, there's no need to rush. The company is stable for now because of the recent press conference. We need to be very careful with our next plans, though."

Sylvan said as he began to worry and wonder why their Lady Boss is in business mode once more.

"It's nothing as severe as what you're thinking. I'm just going on a female date tomorrow with Nyelle."

"Ms. Yve, it would be....." Both Sylvan and Jaleb expressed their thoughts but got interrupted by Yve.

"I know it would be dangerous which is why we are doing it at one of the mall owned by Stones. Plus I'll take Eybelle and Chrysthe with us."

"But in an open space like that, the two of them would not be enough." Sylvan expressed.

'Lady Boss, do you want us to die at the hands of Primo?!'

"Then maybe you can have some of your men hide around the area without us knowing? I only want Nyelle, Eybelle and Chrysthe noticeable around me. Sylvan, pretty please?" Yve pleaded.

Sylvan sighed in defeat and uttered, "I'll coordinate with Slayne and see if we can arrange that by tomorrow."

"Thank you very much." Yve showed how grateful she is to the two men inside the car by treating them to a good dinner take out by the time they arrived at the office.

Yve started working on the papers scheduled for tomorrow morning. Sylvan is also in his office researching about Emika as ordered by Yve along with her relationship with Edward. Jaleb, on the other hand, sat on the couch as he monitors the CCTV cameras all over the building. They were too focused with their work that they failed to notice a person calling their phones.


In Vince's personal suite


'She said she will be back by dinner time. It's almost 9PM. Where could she be?' Vince thought as he dialed Yve's number.

However, it continued to ring until it reached the voicemail. He decided to give Sylvan a call but the same thing happened.

'Maybe he's already working on something else at the base. Let's call Jaleb.' Vince is a little bit worried but knowing that his team are with her, he tried his best to calm down.

But the moment that even Jaleb didn't answer his call, he became so worried that he dialed his cousin's number.

"Edward, where is Yve?"

"She left awhile ago. Sylvan and Jaleb were with her. Haven't they arrived at the hotel yet?"

"NO!! No one is answering my call."

"Bro, relax. Remember the last time that you were worried, she turned out to be in the basement of her office."

"But neither Sylvan nor Jaleb is answering their phones."

"Stay on the line a bit. I will pull out the CCTV from our base to the hotel."

Meanwhile, Yve has finished all her tasks and realized how late it has become. It is now 8:30 in the evening. She looked at her phone and saw many missed calls from Vince. She knew instantly that Vince must have been in a panic state because of this. She called Jaleb and Sylvan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Did your boss called you?"

"Primo?" They both asked and pulled their phones out from their pockets.

They look at each other then to Yve. The latter understood that the man must have called them. On cue, Yve's office door opened in a flash and a man with an unexplainable aura came rushing in. The man hugged Yve so tight.

"Vince..... I can't.... breathe..." Yve said as she tried to loosen Vince's embrace.

"You deserve it. Don't you know how worried I was when you didn't come back at the time you said. You didn't answer my calls, too." Vince ranted as he continued to hug his Queen.

"Primo... we're..."

"We'll talk about your punishment later." Vince coldly answered them.

"Vince, there's no need to punish them." Yve defended the two gentlemen.

"No need?! Their mission is to protect you and give me updates!"

"They protected me by staying at my side all the time. They were just too busy to give you an update." Yve explained.

"And that's where they failed."

"Leave the two of us alone." Vince ordered Sylvan and Jaleb.

As soon as the door closed, Vince removed his hands around Yve. When she thought that the man has finally calmed down and let her go, Vince kissed her ferociously. He cupped Yve's face as he continued to lavishly kiss her.

'It hurts.' Yve felt the pain and tasted blood on her lips but she can't find the strength to stop this man.

Then the man who was hurting her by a kiss suddenly stopped and turned his back away. Now, Yve is confused with his action.

"Why didn't you stop me?" Vince asked angrily without looking at her.


"I tasted blood and I finally realized that my kiss must have been painful for you." Vince explained.

Without him knowing, Yve smiled. She walked towards him and hugged him from behind.

"Yes, it hurts but I can't blame you for acting that way. You must be so worried earlier."

"Still, it's not a valid reason to hurt you." Vince reflected on his action as he intertwined his hands on Yve's.

"Hmmm.... But now, we're even. I hurt you by making you worried and you with that kiss."


"Now let's forget about it and go home, okay?"

This time, Vince turned around with their hands tightly in each other's touch.

"Aren't you afraid that I might do the same thing?"


"How could you..."

"You snapped out of what you just did on your own. That shows that you never lost yourself. I know that my dear King will never do it again." Yve assured Vince with a simple kiss.

With that, they went back in each other's arms. The two gentlemen, on the other hand, continuously hope that their Lady Boss can protect them from the wrath of their Boss.