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164 He is the Reason

'I need to know what's keeping Nyelle stressed.' Yve's thoughts recalled her best friend's face when she arrived earlier.

"So what's stressing you out?" Yve asked her best friend as soon as the door closed.


"If you don't answer me, I'll have one of Team Alpha find out the reason why." Yve threatened her.

Inside, she never thought of doing that. However, she just can't help but feel desperate that somehow her Nyelle isn't trusting her with her problems. Yve just wanted to be there for her friend. Especially now that she has the money, power and means to help her.

"Your engagement ring is beautiful." Nyelle tried to divert the topic to Vince's proposal.

"I know that your opinion was considered that's why I liked everything - from the food, activity and lastly, the ring." Yve boastfully said.

"But enough about me. Can't you tell me the reason for your insomnia?" Yve worriedly asked her.

"Actually it has something to do with the ring." Nyelle began.

"Go on. I'm listening."

Nyelle narrated how she met Haru and Emika and the final moments she and Edward shared at the lobby of the hotel.

"WHAT?! YOU KISSED?!" Yve shrieked like a young girl.

"Not exactly a kiss. It was more of a smack." Nyelle defended.

"But still your lips touched."

Nyelle could only nod her head to confirm Yve's statement.

"So do you love him?" Yve continued to pry.

Yve knew that Edward is attracted to her best friend and if the latter feels the same way, she's more than happy to act as a cupid. Since she and Vince found each other and about to seal their promise of a lifetime, these two deserve to find theirs too.

"I'm not sure if I can call this love. But..."


"I think I like him."

"So, what do you have in mind? I'll gladly help you."

"You sure about that, Yve?"

"Of course, Nyelle. You're my only best friend."

"But I betrayed you."

"Which you regretted. You suffered enough and I'm fine and happy. So, what do you want me to do?"

"Emika....." Nyelle shyly uttered.

Even if it's just a name, they have been friends for so long tha they knew what does it fully mean. Nyelle wants to know everything there is about Emika and what happened that day after they kissed.

"I'll certainly get to the bottom of it."

"Please don't let him know."

"Of course! I have my ways. By the way, where is your phone?"

"It's with Slayne. He told me I can't use the same phone and number anymore, for safety reasons."

"Hmmmm..... But I can't always come here just to see you and inform you of the updates. Vince will get suspicious." Yve exclaimed.

"Ahh.... how about you go out with me on a lunch with Vince's mom and let's get yourself a new phone?!" Yve sounded so excited.

"What about your work and security?" Nyelle anxiously asked.

"I'll handle those things on my own. All you have to do is get ready, okay?"

Nyelle could only nod in defeat. Yve stood and was about to open the door when she turned and teased Nyelle once more.

"So, Edward is the reason for your insomnia attack?"

"YVE!!" Nyelle shouted and earned a laught from Yve.

Instantly, Yve ran out and told Jaleb to follow her while Nyelle is still inside the room. Her face turned red from all the teasing she received. She was trying to calm herself when she saw Edward taking a peek.



Edward stood properly and walked inside the room.

"Is there someone bothering you or maybe threatening you?" Edward asked.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What makes you think thay way?"

"Your insomnia? Plus Yve seems so worried."

'Can't you realize it's because of you?' Nyelle wanted to shout these words to the clueless man in front of him.

"Never mind. Yve will take care of it."

'I wish you would depend on me. I know I hurt you before. Can you give me a chance?' Edward said to himself as if he was speaking to Nyelle. Yet he can't find the courage to say it out loud.