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163 Planning with the Lady Boss


Vince's Private Base


The entire base became very busy when they received a memo that an important person will visit and have a meeting with the Team Alpha. Each man and woman in the base cleaned their respective areas and stayed in their rooms as instructed. The people left roaming around were on-guard duty.

Upon arriving in the base with Sylvan and Jaleb beside her, Yve was still shocked to fully see how big the place was. The first time she came here, she failed to notice how secretive the entire place was built. She didn't even notice that a gate existed until a man approached them. They gate was perfectly camouflaged. However, she noticed a big change in the place compared to the first time she visited.

"Why are there fewer people? Do you have a mission?" Yve asked.

"No. We didn't receive any notice like that." Sylvan looked at Jaleb and the latter shrugged his shoulders.

"There are no missions but I ordered them to stay in their rooms if they have nothing else to do."

Edward explained as he came out of the building to welcome her. Walking behind him is her best friend who seemed to have just woke up. Yve approached Nyelle and whispered.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. It's just I can't sleep the past few nights but so sleepy in the morning." Nyelle answered.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Is your insomnia back?"

"I don't know, maybe just because of the stress."

"What is stressing you out?" Yve asked.

"I'll tell you later. In the meantime, would you mind telling them already why you decided to come here without their boss?" Nyelle whispered to her while looking at Team Alpha.

"Ahh... yes!!" Yve exclaimed.

'She still has the habit of losing track of time especially when she sees the people close to her.' Nyelle told herself.

"Edward, do you have a room where we can talk privately?" Yve asked.

"Of course. Follow me." Edward instructed and the two ladies walked behind him followed by Team Alpha.

They were led in a meeting room, or at least that's how it looks like. There is an oblong-shaped table in the middle with chairs surrounding it. Each of them took a seat and Yve took hers, Edward stopped her and told her to sit on Vince's chair. The chair is totally different from the rest.

"No, that seat if for your boss."

"But you will be our Lady Boss, right?" Eybelle asked.

"But..." Yve was interrupted by Slayne.

"Maybe we should another another chair similar to Primo but with a feminine touch."

"I agree with you on that." Chrysthe said.

"Then I will order that chair." Jaleb said.

"In the meantime, please bear with it and sit on Primo's chair." Sylvan pleaded.

Admitting defeat to this group of people who are helping Vince and recently her, she sat in Vince's chair.

"I came here to talk about your boss' birthday." Yve started the meeting.

"That will still be next month, though." Edward said.

"Yes, but I'm planning to have our wedding on the same day."

Yve casually said like it was a normal thing but this news shocked everyone except Chrysthe and Sylvan who were with Yve at the office.


"Yes and I'm planning to keep it a secret from him. The only thing he will now is that it will be his birthday party and not our wedding." Yve announced the mission.

'Boss is in trouble.'

'And our Primo's surprise proposal just got defeated by a surprise wedding.'

Different thoughts linger across the minds of the people in the room.

"Are you planning the wedding alone?"

Nyelle asked her friend. Her voice sounded so worried. She knew that preparing for a wedding won't be easy even for common people. How tiring would it be for Yve when she has so many things going on.

"I'm not planning it on my own. Vince helped me earlier and we have a wedding coordinator." Yve said.

"But it was suppose to be a secret, right?" Eybelle asked.

"Yes. I made two invitations - one is for the birthday party and the other is for wedding. I will be showing the birthday invitation to Vince."

"So what can we do to help you?" Slayne asked.

"Plan the birthday party with our events coordinator and make Vince believe that it's only a birthday party." Yve said.

"That would be easy, Ms. Yve. We can lay out the final plan to you as soon as we hear the details from the coordinator." Chrysthe, the prankster, said.

"How about the clothes?" Edward asked.

"Ms. has an appointment with Madam Maddie tomorrow. I believe that will be the agenda, right?" Sylvan answered.


'Wow!! Primo is smart but for unconventional ideas, our Lady Boss nails it.' Eybelle thought.

'Now, I know how it became possible for this lady to save Gray Group in the past.' Edward said to himself.

'Stones is really in safe hands as soon as she finishes her degree.' Slayne's eyes smiled in thoughts.

"Now that will be all. I hope you will help me with this." Yve said.

"No need to be formal with us. We will gladly help." Edward received the friendly mission in behalf of the entire team.

"Let me escort you back to the hotel, Miss." Jaleb said.

"Thanks but before that, I need to talk to Nyelle. Could you leave the two of us here?" Yve asked them.

'I need to know what's keeping Nyelle stressed.' Yve's thoughts recalled her best friend's face when she arrived earlier.

Without answering the Edward and the team left leaving the two ladies behind.