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151 Unanimous Decision

The video is still being played in the meeting room and everyone is already shocked by the secret marriage of Yve and Vince. But greater secrets are yet to be told by Levi.

"Many of you might question the legitimacy of this video especially if Mr. Gray's secretary will show this to you. He's the one I approach for this because I know that he's on Mrs. Yvory Gray's side. Moreover, I would like to confess the sins I committed as the Vice President of the company."

Edward handed out folders to each member of the Board including Yve and and Vince. Vince doesn't need to open the folder as he already knew the contents. Yve, together with the rest opened the file and read the details silently. The video was paused to give them time to read and understand the information.

The folder contains how Mr. Williams had used some of the funds of the company for his family's extravagant living. It also indicated the circumstances wherein they even increased the budget for personal use and falsifying the documents to make things correct.

The reactions of the board were what Vince and Edward had expected. Maddie and Yve were too shocked by what they just read and looked at Vince at the same time. Seeing the man they are staring at act indifferently, they decided to silence themselves and observed the rest. The 3 members who invited Yve were not as shocked as the ladies. They seemed to have an idea about this but didn't have the means to obtain the evidence. Meanwhile, the people who supported Mr. Williams are beyond dismay. They followed Mr. Williams because they thought that everything he did was for the company. They were blind with all the corruption that he was doing.

"Now you see why I am not the correct choice for the position of CEO." Edward played the video.

"As to Mrs. Smith and her daughter, it's up to your investigation. I believe the current president of SkyMu can also give you an idea about this." Williams continued in the video.

Murmurs among the board members were evident in the room. They have their own questions which they hoped to be answered by the man in the video.

"Why is he confessing this now?"

"Where is he now?"

"Why not do this personally?"

Then the man in the video spoke once more.

"Members of the Board, I am deeply sorry for the things I have done and for putting the company in great jeopardy."

Finally the screen turned black.

Various reactions are seen on the faces of the Board. Edward controlled them by saying,

"Now you heard from the man in question. Time will be given to all of you to think for any suggestion. Meeting will be temporarily adjourned and it will resume in 2 hours after."

"There's no need for that!" One of them voiced out.

"The company's stock value is fast decreasing as we speak. We need to act fast. Let the voting begin."

"You have a good point. Does everyone agree?" Edward asked and when heard nothing in response, he proceeded with the votation.

After 5 minutes, the votes were gathered. And as Vince expected, everyone wrote "Agree". The Board Members of Stones Enterprises had a unanimous decision to have Yve as the new CEO of the company. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Everyone clapped their hands and welcomed Yve in front for her speech. Yve approached and the people in the room listened to her.

"I know what you all have in mind With Mr. Williams retreat and revelation of misconduct, I am the only option left and it would help the company if a new CEO is announced and confirmed." Yve began.

"I don't have the formal education to serve as foundation nor the experience to prove my capabilities. All I have is that one chance my proposal helped Gray Group."

With her continuous degrading statements to herself, Maddie got worried and looked at her son. Vince was still indifferent as he knew where this would lead. He had seen Yve in a lot of university meetings as an underdog yet became the hero afterwards. Maddie finally realized that this couple must have planned today's events. So she continued to listen to her daughter in-law.

"So do you have any solution for that?"

"Yes! I will go to school and study Business Administration. While doing so, I will gather experience as the President of SkyMu."

"So where do you put Stones in all those plans?"

"My husband, Mr. Vincent Gray will handle Stones Enterprises in the meantime." Yve declared.

Vince knew Yve would introduce him as the new CEO but never as her husband.

'The word husband has a really nice ring to it.' Vince thought as he stood and walked towards His Wife.

Vince tried to hide the redness of his cheeks by the sudden proclamation but still his mother, cousin and subordinate noticed it.

"With his education in Australia as his foundation and Gray Group's success as his experience, I doubt his resume should be doubted. Am I right, ladies and gentlemen?" Yve asked the Board.

They murmured and talked amongst themselves while the couple stand in front. Sensing that Yve is getting worried as the discussion is taking a while, he grabbed her hand and mouthed, 'Everything will be alright'.

"Gentleman and Ladies within Stones, why are you making things difficult for Yve. We all know that all this lady wanted is to protect his father's legacy. For that love and respect, she is willing to let go of her dream as a medical practitioner. Why don't we give her a chance? Plus have she failed us? SkyMu is doing quite well not under her management." Vince made his speech and this convinced the members more.

"Mr. Gray is right."

"Okay, we fully agree with your decision. Let's discuss the rules about this turnover, next meeting. We first need the PR to announce this news."

As soon as these words were heard from the members, Vince looked at Edward and instantly got the message.

"There's no need. We have arranged a press conference for tonight at Cozy Bell Hotel and Resort."

Yve had no idea but still it was Vince and Edward, she's fine with it. She will ask them later.

"Now, with that quickness we don't need to worry of Stones' future."

"Thank you very much but I hope you will continuously support me and most especially my wife." Vince said and put his hand around Yve's shoulder, the same hand that held her hand earlier. This earned applause from the people inside and teasing smiles from Maddie, Edward and Sylvan. Seeing the three people, the couple turned red and headed out of the meeting room.