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150 Williams“ Message

Vince and Yve are getting ready for the meeting while waiting for Sylvan to arrive. Edward was even summoned by Vince as Slayne will take charge of the base for now.

Vince got the letter of invitation for the Board Meeting and contrast to what was on the news, the Board hasn't made any final decision yet. Of the 15 Board members, 6 approved of Yve's ascension, 5 disagreed, 3 were neutral while the last count was Mr. Levi Williams. They have a rule that for the appointment of new CEO at least 70% should approve. With these numbers, even if they convinced the 3 who bailed out the votes will not make it.

"Vince, what should we do? The people who disagreed are probably Mr. Williams' people."

"Don't worry. I know just the perfect way to deal with these people." Vince said and called Edward.


"Have you prepared our gift for the Board today?"

"Yes! We didn't need to do anything. As soon as the man saw the video clip, he admitted to everything and turned his shares to Ms. Y."

"Good!" Vince said and ended the phone call.

"A gift?" Yve asked.

"Yes, I knew this would happen, the moment I didn't receive the letter at the same time as yours."

"Do you have a plan?"

"Yes. But let me handle this, okay?"

Yve nods in agreement to her King.

Just in time, Sylvan has arrived and saw his Boss and Lady Boss fully dressed for the occasion. Yve was wearing a white sleeveless pencil cut one piece overlapped with a beige three-fourth cut coat. She ended it with a red stiletto heels for an exclamation point and let her hair down for an approachable vibe. Her attire was simple yet elegant just like her personality.

His boss had a different attire than the usual. Vince was wearing a beige pants with white long sleeved polo. His coat is colored black paired with the same colored shoes and belt. This was the first time he saw Vince wore light colors. Majority of his suits and office attire were in dark colors.

'Ms. Yve must have prepared the clothes for him.' Sylvan thought.

"Are you ready?" Vince asked.

"Hmmm…. Let's go." Yve answered and they left the suite.

Outside the hotel, Edward was already waiting for them with Vince's car. Their matching clothes didn't escape Ed's observation.

'Who would have thought that my cousin would wear light colors to work?'
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'Love can really change you.' Edward silently teased the couple. But one simple thought made him blush.

'Will Nyelle and I look good in couple clothes, too?'

Yve, Vince and Sylvan saw how red Ed's face changed into. Vince knew what was going on his cousin's mind and decided to tease him.

"What dirty work are you thinking in your mind?"

Edward turned his face away from them but still the redness was evident in his ears. Yve instantly got the joke and laughed in front of them and released her tension. Sylvan understood his Boss' intention. He felt bad for Edward as he became the sacrifice to help Yve feel relaxed.

Finally, they are on their way to the building. The 3 members of the Board who favored Yve and Vince's mother were already waiting for them. Yve hugged Maddie as soon as she got out of the car and Vince can't help but smile at the sight of them.

"Are you ready for the meeting?" Maddie asked.

"Yes, mom. Besides, with you and Vince by my side I have nothing to fear." Yve confidently answered which earned her a smile from the woman.

"We should go in." Vince said and with one of his arms around Yve, he led the way to the elevator.

As they went inside the meeting room, the gossips around the room silenced and all eyes were on them.

"In behalf of Mr. Williams, I would like to reside this meeting." Edward began.

Many of them were shocked including Maddie but seeing the calm reaction of her son and daughter in-law, she relaxed and went to her seat.

"What makes you qualified to be Mr. Williams' spokesperson?! You are Mr. Gray's secretary!"

"Well, Mr. Williams is a close friend of the late Mr. Smith and Mr. Gray here is the fiance of Ms. Smith. I think that is a valid reason? Plus, you don't need to worry. I have here a video recording of Mr. Williams himself." Edward explained and showed the USB to them.

He placed it on the laptop and as the video is still processing, Yve looked at Vince. Sensing that Yve is staring at him, he held her hand tightly underneath the table. Yve understood the message and calmly waited for the video to play.

"Hello, I am Mr. Levi Williams. Today, I know that you have removed Mrs. Amira Smith from the position of CEO and is deciding whether to choose me or Ms. Yvory Smith as the replacement. Although Ms. Yvory doesn't have the background, she can perform well and let's not erase the greatest factor why you should choose her. She's not just Ms. Yvory Smith but she's now Mrs. Yvory Gray. With Mr. Gray and the Gray Group, along with the support of Noble Clothing Line, she can bring the company to greater heights."

Yve can't believe her eyes and ears. Levi is praising him for whatever reasons and however means it was made possible, she really don't know. She exchanged looks with Edward and Sylvan and though they showed poker faces, their eyes can't lie the happiness they feel.


"Shh… Let him finish. It's not yet the end." Vince hushed her to silence as they continue to watch the video.